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Wormwood guide: The bats and the bees (a year 1 beginner guide to Wormwood)

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This is my first guide so it will be ugly...

What this guide is about:

I have been meaning to make a guide about Wormwood because there just so few guides out there on how this character can actually heal. The bat bat is so great on Wormwood it almost feels like this item was made specifically for him. Unfortunately, some people seem to think this character does not have an easy time healing and that the bat bat is niche. Even the first time I brought up the item on this forum a member, won't mention names, accused me of using a niche item and that just because I used it, it did not mean it was the most optimal. Yes, the item has flaws but you will find that Wormwood + bat bat synergy will take your Wormwood play to the next level. Because Wormwood has so many "hidden" perks I wanted to make a detailed guide of a potential year 1 playthrough. 

What this guide will contain:

This guide is a foundation full of tips I use in a normal play session but easier. I took my time with a lot of things and even made tons of mistakes. I also did not go after some bosses I usually try to take out like the guardian, the chess pieces boss and fuelweaver (I cheese him so...), so that the average person has some breathing room and can improve upon from this guide. The plan is to use as many perks as possible to show the character's advantages as he progresses to kill Bee Queen and make life easier past year 1. 

Why Bee Queen? Bee Queen has two items that are super important to Wormwood: The bundling wrap and jelly beans. 

Even if you do not plan on killing Bee Queen, I hope you can utilize this guide to save both on time and headaches as you play Wormwood. This guide will be limited as a sort of list of potential things to do throughout the year, so you can refer back to it at your leisure (plus I'm doing it from the ps4 and it has limits...)

Days 1-5: Prep for the ruins

The first thing you will want to collect is a stack and a half of grass and 30 sticks (collect sticks as you need them). Once that is done begin exploring the map.

The things you will want to prioritize are: 14 Silk and 6 marble as you explore the world. As soon as you find any silk and a pond craft the fishing pole!

Here are the things I've gathered by day 2 and have set my science machine as soon as I found a pond. 


Collecting 5 fish morsels on day 2 will ensure they are rotting sometime in day 5 and will help Wormwood save any time wasted on gathering silk with his speed increase.

Find a central area to place an alchemy engine, the deciduous biome is great as it contains pig king (gold), ponds, moleworms, trees, sinkholes, and pig houses (destroy 5 pig houses). You will then want to drop excess items and collect:

2 moleworms 

4 rabbits

3 basilisk wings

A fresh ham bat and the materials for 1 more

Here I am prepared with everything I need. 


A precrafted prestihattinator, a precrafted tent, 2 moleworms, got some some carrots and monster meat (to induce insanity), 3 basilisk wings for bat bat, some left over grass and twigs, almost rotted fish morsels, two doodads for moggles, a lantern, and half the materials for precrafting another alchemey engine. If you did not find enough marble for a suit then I suggest crafting 2 wooden armors for tanking the bishops (save the pinecones!). 

At this time you will want to craft some walls and a thermal stone (i forgot the thermal stone oops!) as you'll need them later. Destroy the alchemy engine and pre-craft another one.

Days 5-7

Apply the rotten fish to start the blooming process and start looking for the ruins. Apply 1 rotting fish only, when you revert from phase 3 to phase 2 of blooming, apply 1 more and continue the cycle. (Aka only apply 1 at phase 2)


Once you find the ruins, kill some depthworms (I recommend 6 but don't take too long looking for them). Place an alchemy engine back in the muddy biome and craft your moggles. 


After collecting the moggles and some glowberries invade the ruins and tank 2 bishops. Collect the nightmare fuel and purple gems and set up your tent. You can collect nightmare fuel from nightmares spawned at fissure, shadow splumonkeys, and/or going insane from eating monster meat. When ever you need to get out of insanity in a pinch use a few seed or pine cones, but just enough to become sane again. You'll need 12 nightmare fuel, 6 living logs and two purple gems for a shadow manipulator, the bat bat and a darksword. When you need hp for the 6 living logs or are badly hurt you can use the tent to turn the monster meat to hp to heal.


Days 8-?? Try getting out by day 12-15

Once Im back to full hp for the last time I will never use a tent again except for decoration. Equip your marble suit and your bat bat and kill every bishop you see while your sane from the tent. After doing that remain insane for the rest of the ruins pillaging. Everytime you have full hp from using the bat bat craft living logs but never go below 75 hp or a sneaky terror beak might kill you (use darkswords for damage when you're done healing)!

Try getting your hands on 2 green gems for an construction amulet and a deconstruction staff. Use the amulet for the decon. Staff (if only 2 green gems) and a star caller (if only 2 yellow gems) the rest of the uses make 3 thelucite suits. Then use the decon. Staff on those suits to profit 9 thelucite. 


My ruins where small but the point to to try to make it out with 2 uses of a decon. Staff, 5 thelucite crowns (may need less if you're good at kiting DF), lots of purple gems (2 min), 2 red gems, and a magi. Amulet. I always spend more time then I need to in the ruins. I also try to obtain a stack of nightmare fuel and living logs.

Here is everything I left with.


Bananas are Wormwoods favorite food so if you're low on hunger eat some! Make note of bunnymen homes on your way back but dont hammer them yet.

You will have enough rot to remain blooming throughout Autumn. Drop anything you don't need at a good location on your map above ground (you'll need bat bat, crowns, star caller, magi, and your living logs + nightmare fuel).

Days 12/15-20

I will continue to be insane the entire time I am above ground until I find DF and collect a full stack of nightmare fuel.  Collect carrots on the way but DONT EAT THEM. If you need food collect berries, eat monster meat, or craft the bramble husk and collect cactus flesh. When you're ready, kill DF. Dragonfly and klaus are a good source of purple gems and I usually use the same bat bat for both. Killing them is self-sustaining unless you need more than 1 bat bat for each.

Everytime DF leaves to spawn larvae you can plant seeds nearby to regain sanity. Make sure you have 3 seeds remaining for a bird+ bird cage.



Unfortunately the video of me killing it didn't save so I made another video on another world showcasing the fight.

I apologize for my horrible kiting, I haven't made a new world since the halloween event. I basically only use the double bone armor strat in my 1500 world.

Don't Worry about the seeds burning. They don't matter. I used the bramble husk to collect cactus flesh before hand because I ran out of food.

You want to base near a sinkhole that is also near some spiders nest for spring time grinding. As you look for your base continue gathering carrots but don't eat them.


My base near a sinkhole. I placed an ice box soon after and placed my carrots inside but I did not unblock the sinkhole because I didn't find any nearby bunnymen homes on my way back.

When you get the scale craft the scaled flooring and not the furnace. Use the uses of the decon. Staff to get two scales instead of 1 and place the scaled furnace at base and the other either: near Mactusk (I recommend) or where ever you want. I placed mine near the triple mctusk camp in my world. This makes it easy to swap thermal stones with one that is already preheated by the furnace. 


Make your search for Klaus with the remaining crowns+ a bat bat+ and a magi.

When looking for Klaus I will place a dwarf star in the middle of the biomes where it spawns and drop one of my thermal stones. When I explore one half of the biome I will drop the thermal stone I was carrying and pick up the preheated one. You dont need Winter gear If you didn't get any beforehand, but if you didn't find the biomes where klaus spawns, it may be harder. Carry a torch to burn trees and reheat the thermal. 


Once you find klaus defeat it for another purple gem (blue + red).

I use a ham bat for the first stage just because, you can use a darksword or none at all, Its up to you. As you can see I have the same bat bat that I used on DF.

After killing it I drop off my goodies at base and prepare for Deerclops. Deerclops is great for chopping down trees and is my source for my first few chests. Let him run wild and when you're satisfied let the treeguards catch up and kill it. 

I suggest this method for Wormwood to avoid the constant insanity of chopping down trees. I wasted two days getting him to the forest biome because I initially took him to the wrong biome lol.

On your way back collect the parts for a bird trap + birdcage I get my gold from giving pig king wires which I always leave near him. Turn your carrots to seeds before they rot. You can do this when ever you have time but not before they rot, of course. We will be weaponizing carrot seeds against bee queen, haha. Don't anger the plant farmer!


Days 20-52

I finally made some time to get some bunnymen homes and relocated them for auto farming bat bats.


Now go in search of any marble you have discovered in your world. Planting shrubs days 1-3 of spring will usually allow them enough time to make a profit, in time for the bee queen fight. PS_App_20210514_092753.thumb.jpeg.c9b0c043c355f83e9f14d1e6842ed007.jpeg

Now Ill start farming silk, living logs, monster meat, carrot seeds and nightmare fuel while waiting for lure plants to spawn. When lureplants spawn your map will be updated automatically so don't go looking for them, check your map! (I didn't know this at the time, guess who wasted a bunch of time looking for them lol).

Once I collected 48 silk this is everything I had. You only need to run through your carrot patch (blooming) once to guarantee the seeds. This allows Wormwood to offset the penalty of monster meat and the bat bat. I got greedy and ended up collecting too much stuff so I wasted more time. When you are insane farming nightmare fuel and spiders at the same time, don't forget to plant carrot seeds in a pinch if you are swarmed (craft living logs at full hp).


Place your lureplants 2 days before the fight starts, as it takes 2 days for the lureplant to spawn eyes. I planted them on day 50 but the sooner the better. As soon as the lureplants are ready, mine your marble trees and fight BQ.

I used 7 marble suits (1 was at 40-50%)

7 beekeeper hats

2 bat bats

40 NF chester has more inside of him

I wasted too much time over preparing but that's ok because I ended up making tons of mistakes in the fight itself.


Days 52- 55

Mistakes I made in the fight:

1. Didnt guide BQ AROUND the eye plants for the grumble to lag behind.

2. Didnt always set up BQ well so she tool multiple eyeplant damage, while I attacked her.

3. (My biggest sin was) Didnt recognize when BQ went into phase 2 making me waste half a day. She goes into phase 2 when she speeds up after you and spawns twice as many grumbles.

4. I got wet... Yeah... Should of used the eyebrella since I had more than enough marble suits.

Remove the lureplants in phase 2 or they will kill the grumble which will cause BQ to spawn more on top of you. I hope you guys can forgive this messy fight because as you can see, playing on the ps4 is messy as hell. My items jump all over my inventory due to the lack of an item wheel.

Everything left over from the fight.


What now? Id make an extra bundling wrap and wrap the royal honey because Im in summer now (smoldering starts on day 2 of summer I believe) and place a lure plant near my base so it smolders (and possibly burns down) first. Then you can craft a miners hat and use the bundling wraps to gather bunnymen homes all over the caves to start farming bee queen starting year 2. Wormwood doesn't need much in the caves, just eat red shrooms or monster meat, and heal with the bat bat. You can also use a husk to uncover the atrium during summer. For sanity bring a stack of pinecones that deerclops so gracefully knocked down for us. Taming a beef starting year 2 is also a good idea.

I hope this guide helps at least one person because this took way too long and I don't think Ill make another guide again lol. 

If you have ideas to improve my guide let me know! Just remember this a beginners guide so I tried to keep it simple and without using expensive items like the panflute method for bee queen. This guide lets you make tons of mistakes like I did. 

You can stop at any time too. You can only use the bat bat if you want (instead killing bee queen) and prep for fire proofing your base if you'd like.

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4 hours ago, HowlVoid said:

When lureplants spawn your map will be updated automatically so dont go lookingg for them, check your map!

seriously?!? I need to check this, I have never noticed this before. 

Great guide!  You have inspired me to try wormwood on my next run. Been playing early for a while now and just really getting comfortable. Looking for a new challenge with normal damage modifiers. 

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3 hours ago, 1moregame said:

seriously?!? I need to check this, I have never noticed this before. 


According to the wiki. Hopefully they're not wrong but I do believe this actually happened during my run. 

3 hours ago, 1moregame said:


Great guide!  You have inspired me to try wormwood on my next run. Been playing early for a while now and just really getting comfortable. Looking for a new challenge with normal damage modifiers. 

Good luck :) .

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This is the best (and only) Wormwood guide I have ever read, thank you for sharing this amazing, incredibly insightful guide on how to play Wormwood, and I loved your use of the Bat Bat and double lureplant strategy on the bee queen, that was awesome to watch, and to think this is all done on the console and without mods. :o I give my hats off to you, very well done guide. :wilson_goodjob:

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1 hour ago, Spep said:

"a year 1 beginner guide to wormwood"

"Days 1-5: Prep for the ruins"

its a good guide and all but im feeling some slight dissonance here.

Sorry, its more of a beginners guide to the character and not the game itself. The ruins becomes less and less scary the more times you decide to visit them. Thing is, most things down there can be out run and won't follow you save for nightmares and the shadow splumonkeys. Both of which can be avoided with the moggles and a bit of patience. 

Moggles makes the whole thing a walk in the park imo. Side step rooks and allow them to do all the mining for you, depth worms can be grouped and kited, knights are kited just as easily as they are aboveground, and bishops can be tanked and blooming cancels out the penalty of marble armor.

I suggest for those who are inexperienced with the ruins to look up guide for that first. Not knowing how to ruins rush is missing out on a huge advantage early game imo. 

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Loved every bit of that BQ fight. No mods, no exploits. Just your wits and your character perks. I could feel the struggle trying to land those hits with a slippery weapon. Well done!

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On 5/14/2021 at 5:46 PM, HowlVoid said:

Apply the rotten fish to start the blooming process and start looking for the ruins. Apply 1 rotting fish only, when you revert from phase 3 to phase 2 of blooming, apply 1 more and continue the cycle. (Aka only apply 1 at phase 2)

I am a little confused about the blooming mechanic.  How does this work?  When I hit phase 2 and reapply, do I immediately jump back to phase 3?  How long with the fish morsel put me back at phase 3?

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14 minutes ago, 1moregame said:

I am a little confused about the blooming mechanic.  How does this work?  When I hit phase 2 and reapply, do I immediately jump back to phase 3?  How long with the fish morsel put me back at phase 3?

It takes about 2 days to get you back to phase 3.

When entering stage 3 blooming from stage 2 it will last for 3 days on its own by default (except for winter).

When applying rotten fish in phase 3 it will only extend it for a few seconds.  

This is why it is more efficient to just use the fish to reach phase 3 again. 

I forgot who posted the discovery, but it wasn't me. Ill try to find it and credit them here.

Edit: found it.


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26 minutes ago, HowlVoid said:

When entering stage 3 blooming from stage 2 it will last for 3 days on its own by default (except for winter).


Winter is like half the time I think.  

27 minutes ago, HowlVoid said:

It takes about 2 days to get you back to phase 3.


27 minutes ago, HowlVoid said:

When applying rotten fish in phase 3 it will only extend it for a few seconds.

Do these apply to all types of compost?  Or are others more effective at getting you back up again or extending the amount of time?

44 minutes ago, HowlVoid said:

Edit: found it.

Thank you!  The search function of the forum leaves a lot to be desired :)

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That was a tough experience.  I don't often rush the ruins and there was a nasty spot with a ton of bishops and rooks that kept hammering me, but I made it out alive!  Thanks for the guide, it helped a ton.  Now for Dfly!


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