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Too much abyssalite, no way to use it

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Abyssalite is useless for most of the game, only gaining two uses at the very end. Insulation production won't consume much abyssalite, melting abyssalite for tungsten requires a lot of complex engineering and doesn't offer any new materials.

It's unfeasible that anyone will ever use even 1% of available abyssalite in a normal game.

Here are my ideas:

  • Lower per-tile amount in natural tiles. Make it precious for the applications below.
  • Change cost of insulated tile/pipe to 100 rock + 300 abyssalite, lower build time to compensate for more hauling
  • Consume it when producing radbolts at low radiation (<=25)
  • Turn it into a radiation battery. A drywall-like tile that, when affected by high radiation, consumes most of it, then slowly re-radiates it back into the environment as long as environmental rads are lower than stored ones.
  • Just don't produce regular abyssalite when mining. Mined abyssalite could turn into "crushed abyssalite" that lacks its primary form's properties, but is usable as a rock.
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 I add to the Molecular forge in the Automated Colony mod (that would be for the dlc only however).


 I did add it now to the source code, but it will only be in the next version which may take some time.

                Co.Add.Recipe(buildings, 600,
                        new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement[1]      {
                new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement(ElementLoader.FindElementByHash(SimHashes.Katairite).tag, 100f)    },
                        new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement[1]      {
                new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement(ElementLoader.FindElementByHash(SimHashes.Tungsten).tag, 100f)       });


You better do this with an autorefinery as long you have enough power with 10 minutes of time to produce 100kg tungsten this is not an easy recipe this is really late game.

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