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  1. also affected for all critters
  2. it is really very strange the duplicant first places the resource in the storage bin, and then moves it from the storage bin to the dispenser I assume that the problem is due to the absence of one line of code in the class "ObjectDispenserConfig" in the "DoPostConfigureComplete" method storage.onlyTransferFromLowerPriority = true; I made a mod that should help fix this problem
  3. это очень старый баг. он существует с того момента, когда кормушка для рыб была добавлена в игру. я просто оставлю тут эту гифку. This is a very old bug. it exists from the moment the fish feeder was added to the game. I'll just leave this gif here. Sorry, in Russian.
  4. I rechecked it again right now. this bug is now really fixed. but I don’t see a record of this in the patch notes. Klei applied the "Ninja-patch" again
  5. one sword for humans, another sword for monsters one button disables delivery of water, another button disables delivery of algae
  6. I rechecked it again right now. This bug is still not resolved.
  7. The rear color background of the biomes does not match the boundaries of the biomes. Just a few examples: At a great distance you can see that the rear color background is inverted vertically: My system is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8400 @ 2.66GHz / 8 Gb RAM / AMD Radeon R7 370 Test3.sav
  8. Solid Crude Oil, solid Petroleum and solid Naphtha visually looks like Wolframite Brine Ice looks like ordinary clean Ice, they cannot be distinguished visually Lead looks like Gold Test3.sav
  9. this is possible if you found "Vacillator Recharge"
  10. Sorry, English is not my native language. I discovered inconsistent behavior of Cell-Cell Heat Transfer on different platforms. on Windows used minimal thermal conductivity on Linux used average thermal conductivity I also can't check it on OSX just little experiment, starting conditions: 2 block of Sandstone 1000 kg 500C 1 block of Copper Ore 1000 kg 0C 1 block of Refined Copper 1000 kg 0C on Windows: After a few seconds. It is clearly seen that Refined Copper and Copper Ore are heated at almost the same rate. Obviously, the minimum thermal conductivity is used. on Linux: After a few seconds. It is clearly visible that Refined Copper heats up more than three times faster than Copper Ore. obviously, the average thermal conductivity is used. Also affected on Release Branch Test-Heat-Transfer.sav Player.log output_log.txt
  11. Mafic Rock not available for Insulated Liquid Pipes

    Sorry, English is not my native language. Liquid Pipes require a material with a "Plumbable" tag. This tag has all the raw minerals except the mafic rock. as well as wolframite, tungsten and thermium. Two years ago it made sense to give pipes the property of high thermal conductivity. But more than a year ago Radiant Pipes appeared in the game. Klei, please remove this anachronism.
  12. QoL3. Food poisoning from nowhere.

    this is a new feature in MushBar automatically added Food poisoning germs from nowhere if (item.PrefabID() == (Tag)"MushBar") { byte index = Db.Get().Diseases.GetIndex("FoodPoisoning"); component.AddDisease(index, 1000, "Made of mud"); }
  13. also affected to Microbemusher, Apothecary, Egg Cracker, Egg Incubator that is, all buildings of type "ComplexFabricator"
  14. When does this conveyor loader melt down?

    "meltdown value" is not used right now a long time ago in a galaxy far far away in the very first alpha version some buildings did BA-DA-BOOM if their temperature exceeded the "meltdown value" like on this video where the dude built a battery from very hot metal this effect has been turned off in the Thermal Upgrade The real melting point temperature is: