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  1. do not use OneDrive to store OxygenNotIncluded files.
  2. eggs in Storage bins are also counted. and why are you storing them there? they will lose viability and break up into shells and scrambled eggs
  3. do not use OneDrive to store OxygenNotIncluded files
  4. Oh yeah, i did it Features The new Squirrel Wheel building: Requires research Animal Control Requires 200 kg of Metal Ore + 200 kg of Lumber Power generation: up to 400 Watts The efficiency of power generation depends on the metabolism of the pip and the calorie level in its stomach. Therefore, a tamed pip generates more energy than wild. During the run, the pip receives the effect of +1 happiness and +100 metabolism. Provide your pips with enhanced nutrition. Pip wants to start running in a wheel randomly, just like they plant seeds. Pip will not start running in the wheel if he is hungry or glum. Pip will stop running in the wheel to go about their squirrel-business - such as rummaging, eating, planting seeds, or if he becomes glum. The baby version of Pips, Pipsqueaks, can't running in the wheel.
  5. the baby version of Pips, Pipsqueaks, can't plant seeds
  6. your duplicantes do not fulfill the build errand, because they cannot deliver copper ore. all your copper ore is in the region on the top left. two duplicantes stuck in this region and the rest duplicantes can not get there - there is no way.
  7. Your Microbe Mushers do not work because your Duplicantes cannot deliver Water because your Pump is blocked. You need to deconstruct these two blocks of the floor.
  8. I wanted to make a mod with similar functionality. applicable not only to dispensers, but also to generators, farms, storage bins, refinement buildings, etc. but I was not sure that this would be in demand. maybe I’ll be creating a mod in the coming days.
  9. in RimWorld, your dupes pawns can very easily die from malaria, plague, ebola, or simply from infection if they were bitten by a rat. regardless of difficulty settings. why Klei made ONI so casual.
  10. it's an old bug, existing a little less than a year. the duplicant first places the resource in the storage bin, and then moves it from the storage bin to the dispenser there is a second old bug the turn on / turn off button does not work correctly developers, please see at these two mods and backport their code to the main game code
  11. not a bug but a feature a rocket engine forcibly heat up a area 9 tiles height below itself details of this process can be found on the Russian wiki