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  1. What happened to the quotes in this forum? In my post there were completely different screenshots. @outseeker Please make a new bug report. Klei usually doesn't read old bug reports.
  2. may be this is а returned old issue where bunker doors would open and close more slowly if off the screen. may be this is another old problem: if you save the game at the moment when the door started to open but has not yet fully opened, then when you load the game, this door will start to open from the very beginning, and it may not have enough time before the rocket lands. then try this mod.
  3. You are a telepathic! Just a few days ago I thought it would be nice to start creating a mod with snow comets and falling Gravitas Facility satellites. And you already.
  4. replace this tile with an airflow tile and/or move the conveyor rails and bridge to the right into vacuum.
  5. if the developers do not fix this bug, then try this mod
  6. It's been over a year since sushi was added to the game. Apparently they just forgot about him.
  7. In the new idle animation, Wigfrid constantly grabs her liver. Maybe she has cirrhosis.
  8. When a plant's growth is halted due to lack of water, it stops consuming solid resources. However, if the game is saved and reloaded, the plant's growth is halted, but it continues to consume solid resources. This is inconsistent behavior.
  9. yes, I totally agree. the aspect of the death of duplicates in the game is absolutely not worked out. for example, 10 duplicants died in a short time, survivors received the "mourning" debuff, but: let's bury the dead in the graves. the survivors cried - and the "mourning" debuff disappeared completely. now let's destroy these graves - no consequences, no corpses, no diseases, no debuffs, no memories, nothing. Some time ago I wanted to make a mod that corrects the aspect of death of duplicates. I was inspired by some of the features from the earliest versions of ONI (which were later rejected by Klei), and the game Rimword and its Psychology mod. I have implemented several features such as: Reworked debuff "mourning" and funeral ceremony, Duplicants are debuffed when they see a corpse in sight, a permanent debuff if there are unpolished corpses, when the grave is destroyed, the corpse is returned, and all duplicants receive a debuff, corpses rot over time, rotten corpses pollute water and air and spread zombie spores. I would like to implement a few more features, inspired by games like Rimworld, Darkest Dungeon and Fran Bow. I will not publish this mod in the Steam Workshop until it is fully ready. Unfortunately, however, I lost the war with laziness and lost my creative inspiration. Now I don’t know when I’ll get back to mod programming again.
  10. You also need to change the gas conversion rate in the Algae Terrarium, Oxychren, CO2 Scrubber and Slicksters and seriously? you are patch a method that will be called every tick and overwrite these variables over and over again [HarmonyPatch(typeof(OxygenBreather), "Sim200ms")] public class Patch { public static void Prefix(OxygenBreather __instance, float dt) { __instance.O2toCO2conversion = 1f; __instance.minCO2ToEmit = 0.6f; } } the more correct way is to patch them once when a new duplicate is created [HarmonyPatch(typeof(MinionConfig), "CreatePrefab")] public class Patch { public static void Postfix(GameObject __result) { OxygenBreather oxygenBreather = __result.GetComponent<OxygenBreather>(); oxygenBreather.O2toCO2conversion = 1f; oxygenBreather.minCO2ToEmit = 0.6f; } }
  11. do not use OneDrive to store OxygenNotIncluded files.
  12. more than a year has passed and this problem has not yet been resolved I even made a mod to solve this problem.