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Add player accomplishments to character profile screen?

Add player accomplishments to character profile screen?  

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  1. 1. Would you like a publicly-viewable list of player accomplishments in the character profile screen?

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With every single update, there's now many areas of the world to explore. I think adding player accomplishments to the character profile screen seems like a good idea to let other people know of your experience level in the game. Also, it would be a very helpful easy way to gauge the experience level of a new player who has just joined the server.

I want to suggest that in a player's character profile, there could be list at the bottom you could click to view a list of achievements that the player has accomplished, such as if they have completed the Pearl's quest before, or if they have completed the Wagstaff quest before, or if they have killed any of each of the big bosses in DST, or maybe if they have ever visited the Ancient Archives, or sailed on a boat before. I think these would be helpful indicators of the level of experience that a player has, a kind of list of trophy accomplishments that are viewable by other players in the game.

It would help to determine whether that player needs help in surviving, whether they are new to the game, or if they are experienced enough to survive in certain areas on their own. It would help me, at least, to see if they can be trusted with certain things as well, such as living in a public oasis base during summer.

What do you guys think?

TLDR: I want to see a list of accomplishments in the character profile screen (shortcut "c") viewable by all players.

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Really like the idea but it's all too easy to cheat, making the accomplishments pretty meaningless. There's plenty of console commands, server mods, even client mods that give huge advantages and can go so far as trivializing everything completely. For example, with just three console commands I can give myself invulnerability, teleport to anywhere on the map such as bee queen, and make my fist do so much damage that it oneshots any boss.

Maybe it could only show the accomplishments you've made on that current server. Like a bunch of little badges at the bottom of the inspect card that you can hover over to get a tooltip see what they mean.

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Ok so the topic of console commands came up.

Here's what I think: it's ok, because you still know that the player has already had experience with that boss/questline/etc.

It's not about determining whether they cheated or not, it's about determining their experience level.

Same with what's preventing you from console commanding a bunch of Giant Crops and then adding their portrait pictures into your compendium. Only that is private for your eyes only, and this player accomplishments thing I'm talking about is public, viewable by anybody on the server.

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I don't like the idea. I'm not interested in other people's accomplishments. And I don't want to see my stats and feel like I'm underperforming in having fun. Sandbox game, set your own goals, yadda yadda. I've been playing for year and a half. Got 1300 hours in dst. My current world is 3000 days old I think. I never killed fuelweaver. Or misery toadstool. I wouldn't like a very visible, in game reminder that I'm falling behind some imaginary schedule.

Maybe that's just a me problem though. 

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The thing is, the achievements don't have to be related to bosses, they can be related to the questlines, or knowledge of the game in general such as farming, knowing who the pig king is, having gone to lunar island, having visited the ruins at least once, etc. These kinds of things I would like to see on a player profile, to show that they have had experience in these areas.

And Chegg, did you just upload that video right now or is it an old one.

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Here's a list of some of the achievements that can be in the game. This way, you don't have to fight and kill the bosses, but just know that they exist. This allows other players to know that you have an understanding of the monsters or the mechanics that are there underlying each achievement:

- Grow a potato
- Grow a giant potato
- Get gold from the pig king
- Discover a sea weed
- Get bitten by a shark
- Travel to lunar island
- Travel to ruins
- Travel to atrium
- Travel to Ancient archives
- Make a winter clothing item
- Make an umbrella
- Make an endothermic firepit
- Build a pig house
- Discover the crab king
- Make a thulecite crown

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