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  1. I mean to be frank, I don't think that kidnappers really think about the gender of who they are kidnapping because true kidnappers of culture only worry about if their name starts with w
  2. Now I would like to argue that since Webber is a spider and a human that means he farts twice so that must give him a solid advantage to his competitiveness. Although, jokes aside, What
  3. yes i also agree that having a vegan positive trait is pointless but i was just giving an example of why it would be even more pointless since you would be getting rewarded for doing something simpler than another thing. but yes a vegan positive trait or anything like that is just dumb and pointless
  4. shouldn`t the dupes get a positive trait for eating meat because raising critters is harder than raising some meal lice?
  5. No, I would like to have a massive spider army of as many as my computer can handle because that would be epic
  6. To be frank, once you have set up volt goat ranches then you can easily get more milk than what you will ever need without being attacked by some cats and spoilage doesn`t really matter because you could just make a bundling wrap (and quite frankly unless you are playing solo if you can afford to make multiple voltgoat ranches then you are probably wealthy enough to kill bee queen)
  7. as a webber main, you couldnt be more wrong as ice cream is epic
  8. actually they do hear them pretty often but that doesnt mean they have to add those things. i mean, when you think about it if klei added every community idea then dst would be 90% anime women and that would be the worst possible timeline
  9. this is utmost epic klei at this point i dont know if i will ever stop being a webber main so thanks klei! also may i add that if you didnt make it into a fairy tale and made it more serious like wendy`s animation the amount of players who play dont starve together would drop down to 0 because everyone`s eyes would be too full of tears to be able to see and play the game
  10. i mean, it was a post here made by klei for a week or two so there wasnt really any reaseach involved
  11. i dont know how to do it but that would be epic to know how many of _______ youve killed and also it might be nice to have a counter where you could see all the stuff that you burnt just so that in day 1000 you can look at the number and think "wow that was a lot of stuff"
  12. personally i see it more as a situation similar to this webber (human):ouch the spider has almost killed me i need help maxwell: i can help and make sure spiders will never be a problem ever again if you accept the deal webber(human):yes then he turns into a spider webber: this isnt what i expected, man i wish that people would stop bullying me just for being man spider instead of spider man maxwell: i can fix that too, i can bring you to a place where no one will ever judge you for being man spider webber:hmmmmmmm, really? maxwell:yes webber: then yes i know this sounds awful but yes that is how i see webber`s origin being like (maybe not exactly word for word but yes)