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31 minutes ago, Tim S. said:

But look at Charlies face! Either she's determined, or she's absolutely furious! What if she hates Alter? If she's actually the bodily host for the Torch-Wielder she might simply blame Alter for the death of her husband and the ruin of their civilisation.. What if she's trying to kill Alter or take revenge on it and out of her rage doesn't fully comprehend the consequences?

Idk, but it's the first time I've seen her angry like that.. seems intentional to me.. I suppose she would mischievously grin as always, if she just saw the source of infinite power for her to take in Alter..

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Or what if she is angry he dares to enter into her domain?She,as the ultimate ruler of the Constant and the deep below(caves and ruins) has to protect her territory.I would be angry too if a celestial being spreaded its reach into my realm.

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On 4/29/2021 at 9:26 PM, lakhnish said:

I did some little patchworking, and guess what I made:



ONE OF THE LEGS IS MISSING WHERE THE MOON FELL OFF!!! (Which @RobKozoki pointed out to me).


(More on that while I connect those pieces)

I forgot to say this, but to me, the "moon"looks like it is trying to keep something under wraps

The energy could be bindings.  Which is why Charlie looks pissed off when she sees altar missing one of them.  And once the moon fully cracks open Altar will be awake and able to do whatever it is he's trying to do.

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On 4/29/2021 at 3:13 PM, BoySyrup said:

Luigi's Mansion?
I mean... sucking up ghost-things with a vacuum like item.

you sir are a genius its confirmed charlie was just doing luigis mansion cosplay so simple yet went right over our heads

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