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  1. Probably the bundles are there, but are invisible, that bug it's already fixed by the devs but not in the current patch yet
  2. If you interrupt the bundle animation the skinned bundle wrap it change to a normal bundle wrap without skin 2021-05-05 15-51-55.mp4
  3. the thing i think it's a bug it's that they added a new music to the wagstaff event but with the storm you can't even hear it KEK
  4. Doesn't the bug should be called "Crab King unable to do a normal fight because of flingomatic" i don't see any infinite freeze in that clip
  5. The new moon icon that you get after killing the celestial guardian that it shows near the clock at night (light blue moon), disappear after you reload the game save, and it came back to the normal white moon icon 2021-04-28 15-04-18.mp4
  6. same update number for the previous hotfix 461736, maybe this one it's the 461876 update?
  7. already fixed in the beta: Eye of the Storm, you just need to wait until the next update
  8. You get less value from jellybeans and the soothing tea as wortox, for instance the tea restores 15 sanity + 30 sanity over 1 minute, for wortox it gives him 7.5 sanity + 30 sanity over 1 minute. The deal with the milkmade hat it's that its still a food non meat item, that's why wortox it restore less hunger or for wigfrid that can't even wear it
  9. i think it's intended any item that have an inventory can't be bundled
  10. yeah it suppose to be patched already, make sure you are playing in the last hotfix update 461106
  11. The new graphic setting Threaded Render doesn't get applied after you select it as Enabled and then press the Apply button in the settings, relaunching the game doesn't fix the problem
  12. It's intended, the crops have a cycle that go back to seeds after they die, only for normal crops not the giants
  13. you need to use c_announce(c_countprefabs"klaus_sack") as Remote to count if there are any klaus sack, you are doing c_countprebafs in Local that only count the entities loaded around your player
  14. I did have a new beefalo herd that spawned from a bonded beefalo that went to the caves, spring passed and 16 baby beefalos spawned from that only beefalo during just one spring