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  1. With caves enabled the Lag Compensation Predictive setting will feel you like you move slowly. Enter your options setting, look for Lag Compensation, change it to None, then join your game, you will feel much better movement.
  2. New Mob Water Plants don't die when you killed it using weather pains, they drop the barnacle and the seedshells, but no the sea sprout starter. The mob keep his animation and model until you relog the game, that when he dies and drop the sprout.
  3. With winter's feast event enabled, Walter is unable to get gift from the christmas tree in the caves using the new tent roll. He is fine in the surface
  4. Simple been the server multiplayer you would need at least need 6 sweepers for a full server. Also the sweeper is also a fuel so you can always use the rest of them to refuel campfires or flingomatics.
  5. Clean Sweeper has a 25% chance to spawn from totally normal trees but that's not the case when you plant totally normal saplings with the arboretum experiment from hallowed nights, only natural generated trees can spawn the clean sweeper.