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How do you strip mine biomes?

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1 hour ago, Cursed_Handus said:

What is everyone's favorite technique to strip mine?

My general mining method:

I often set 1/3 of dupe staff to be miners and builders ( at the same time ) and then leave 4 tiles space between ladders. I normally draw and build the ladders fist. Once the ladders have been built, then I target the in between tiles - To avoid that dupes get stuck and die. In between the ladders strips I often draw jump ladder connection pieces, to offer the dupes escape options for falling down debris.


Other asteroid mining:

Often I drop a few mining robots and then arrive with the best skilled miners in a rocket.

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Horizontal ladders, built 7 tiles apart, joined by vertical ladders wherever my intuition tells me. Ladders are 1 priority higher than dig commands.

If it's a marsh biome I first build tiles around it, liquid lock and oxygen mask station. Then I plop down deodorisers everywhere and a few algae distilleries until all the slime and slimelung is gone. Once I tried to use the leftover algae for oxygen but found out that ore scrubbers don't always scrub everything... ouch. (Thankfully a mod helps with that!)

For oil biomes I build insulated tiles and liquid lock, then after all the digging is done I vacuum* the whole place out, level the uneven floors and split it into two chambers, one for crude oil and the other for petroleum. The oil is boiled using the magma and gets shipped through the wormhole, while the overflow fills the chamber.

*Why the vacuum? Because the oil biome is very hot, and sometimes the gasses overheat the piped water for the oil wells and crack the pipes. Also makes dealing with the magma for the boiler way easier.

I'm yet to visit the superconductive planet, that would be fun!

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12 hours ago, Rainbowdesign said:

my favorite method are laser or super miner from the automated colony mod :)

Laser miner have a high range and super miner have a high range AND can dig hard stuff.

(not sure if its cheaty and its lategame but still my favorite)

I continue to long for the day when nuclear meltdown spits out 1-million-degree corium which rapidly vapourises the entire asteroid to rock gas.


...and then that will be my favorite method. :applause:

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On 4/30/2021 at 11:23 AM, Hokaeru said:

I usually do 4 tiles gap just like I would do with a normal floor, and then replace with regular tiles when I'm done with so I can just have this doing in the background. 

Same here.

When I need to mine down to empty space, which is rare, I use 3 tile gaps instead, then remove topmost rows.

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