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  1. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery would say, the perfect system is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. If you're operating with such massive redundancies that you can take away a shopping trip to no ill effect, then in fact I'm going to flip it on its head and say YOU'RE the one who's really bad at the game. lol jk I don't even know how to farm slicksters
  2. There's always a better use for that pdirt and it's called pokeshells -> molts -> lime. Never enough lime. NEVER ENOUGH
  3. Good for you that you caught it eventually. FWIW, Stone Hatches are much better than normal hatches because they can eat any rock type. You would be well-advised to breed them preferentially and intensively. Sage Hatches... bosh the eggs as soon as they're laid, those things are awful.
  4. I think the best compromise is probably to go the same way as how petroleum refining works in ONI vanilla. There's a "simple building" that can do it in labour-intensive small quantities for the n00bs, but the mechanics are in there such that it's possible for a pro to fashion a stonking great abomination of complex piping and game-physics that does it at automated high-throughput.
  5. In OP's defence, if you start in the forest biome (or the Badlands desert, which I am currently struggling through) then "consuming water", "producing polluted water", and "producing polluted oxygen" are trivial problems whereas "consume more algae" is a BIG problem. Algae diffusers are noob traps here. I concur that you don't want to let them off-gas polluted oxygen onto your storage boxes though.
  6. Me. Along with geysers, they're the only thing that stops you from making a giant whole-base blueprint, slapping it down on Cycle 1, and then thoughtlessly obliterating the entire environment. Being presented with new set-pieces to build around and/or integrate to the design; it gives the game feng shui replayability.
  7. Well damn, I've been building Farm Stations in my mealwood greenhouse for months and I never knew. The app is already paying dividends!
  8. Thank you for making me aware of this utility. I think doing the calculation myself is part of (most of?) the fun, but it'll be nice to have something to check my work against. ...although, am I using it wrong? Whether fertilizer is ticked on or off, it doesn't change the food calculus for anything involving mealwood. Can mealwood not be micronutrient fertilized?
  9. To actually answer the OP question: I want the C-R-A-Z-E-E environments you actually get with space missions to gas giants. Oceans of vapourising liquid helium lapping at solid hydrogen shores beneath 100,000kg/m3 infinite-storage-tier pressure atmospheres, bombarded by methane asteroids from above. Mine down to the core for a giant diamond, maybe! Build tiles out of anything but steel and watch them immediately pressure-crumble! Stroll across frozen ethanol ice fields to take a dip in a petroleum lake on Titanoid worlds, or mine down underground for an unmodded 100K challenge to try and get liquid water somewhere! Not a fan of the cold? Well, go to a sungrazing planet! Molten salt in your cooling loops! Don't use granite to build tiles, it'll melt! Sour gas boiler? You mean sour gas cooler, right? Basically I want asteroids with very non-standard tile resources / temperature profiles.
  10. Agreed. I don't think anyone disagrees that visco-gel is for liquid locks - because it's certainly not for anything else - but the torture of piping / bottle emptying you have to do to get it into the right place (A) makes it feel like exploit-y trickplay, and (B) because it's identical to the way you'd make other liquid locks it thereby makes visco-gel itself kinda pointless, which in turn retroactively makes you (C) wonder if visco-gel really is for liquid locks? I don't even care about the horizontality, I just want a building that uses visco-gel as a material so I don't feel like I'm exploiting. Hell, if Klei are true sadists for wanting to force us to pipe visco-gel all over the place, make it so the doors actually use up some very small amount of gel each use (and I do mean small, like, 1g; I ain't going to space for a door I can only use 5 times), so the infrastructure has to be maintained.
  11. Well the current way of increasing your population of gassy moos is to launch more space missions. Where do you think those gassy moos come from in the base game? They (presumably should be abstracted as) breeding up there in space, they just don't breed in captivity.
  12. People don't use salt for +1 morale/recipes at all. That's TABLE salt. Totally different item
  13. The blueprints mod has changed my life in this regard. Now I can slap down my best volcano tamer design with a single click instead of fiddling around for literally half an hour with it. (I actually find that the best use is for space stuff; a one-click solar farm complete with bunker doors, correctly placed robo-miners, a pipe/vent system for the immersion oil, a separate pipe/vent system for the looping coolant; power, automation, everything. Makes going to space fun rather than an odious chore) EDIT: I realise that these are unavailable for Spaced Out, so maybe your complaint is that you usually use blueprints but SO makes things that used to be trivial, into horrendous chores?
  14. Weird, because my aesthetic sensibilities are MUCH more offended by mixed liquid pools than by a cloud of miasma, and as such this "solution" is like shooting off your foot to deal with a cracked toenail. Guess everyone's got their own preferences.
  15. If you mouse over the Gravitas bed (note that it's actual name, both here and when you build them normally, isn't "Plastic bed", it's "Comfy bed" - this will become relevant momentarily) you'll see that it says it's made of Obsidian, not plastic. So that's why you got raw mineral: because that's literally what it's made of. Comfy beds can exist that are made of things other than plastic; you just can't make your dupes construct them.