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  1. True, but you're missing the point. No-one cares that Meep will die a cold lonely death of asphyxiation on his own Natural Gas in the darkness of space. What people care about is a very annoying cluttered-up rocket list. Which is presumably why a lot of the "solutions" given here are "Blast it to atoms using a radbolt laser". The objective is to clean up the list, not save the passenger.
  2. Well, no. Because the second time you'll know to add on an extra fuel stage, won't you? Alternatively, my "cannibalise rocket" idea above could destroy the first rocket and award the second rocket some fuel supplies, explained as "taking the last few liters that were stuck in the pipes of the original rocket".
  3. Add a new "docking module" as one of the options on rocket build, that specifically allows exactly the following: If 2 rockets are in the same space hex and at least one has a rescue module, you can walk out of the door of one rocket and you appear in the other rocket. Uses exactly the same mechanics that allows you to cross from a landed rocket to the asteroid overworld, except you cross from an un-landed rocket to this one specific other un-landed rocket. Obviously, this allows you to rescue stranded dupes and/or materiel; or at least fetch their corpse to give it a proper burial. While these 2 rockets are docked you also have the "cannibalise rocket" option as a button in the space overlay, which allows the "docking module" rocket to destroy the other rocket. Provided there are no dupes in the other one. And you could also set some threshold for the amount of stuff that's in the other one before you can destroy it, if you are really really concerned about exploiters dumping 20,000 tonnes of hot igneous rock in a rocket and then clicking "cannibalise".
  4. I continue to long for the day when nuclear meltdown spits out 1-million-degree corium which rapidly vapourises the entire asteroid to rock gas. ...and then that will be my favorite method.
  5. You asked for a correction if you're wrong, and you're not wrong, but I still want to give an elaboration of how you're right because this is a very important point to emphasise to OP (ironically it won't solve his current problem, which is having too much localised heat energy, but it will solve a lot of problems for any form of steam generation other than nuclear power). TO WIT: Aquatuners cool down any packet passing through them by a flat 14 degrees for the cost of 1200W; the heat energy is transferred to the aquatuner itself. This has a number of very important subtleties. You really really really want full 10kg packets in your pipe. If you pass it ten 1kg packets, you end up with 10kg of cooled water, but at a cost of 10 times as much power as passing one 10kg packet. (Although OP seems to have done this right) Specific heat capacity of the liquid is king here. Because the aquatuner takes out a flat 14 degrees, not a flat amount of energy, liquids with a higher specific heat capacity get more energy removed from them for the same 1200W. Petroleum has a specific heat capacity of 1.76. Water and polluted water has a specific heat capacity of 4.18. So when you use water /p.water as your coolant, you get more than double the amount of "cooling" for the same wattage cost. So as a rule, when operating a normal base cooling loop with a normal steam box for cooling purposes, you always want to use water / p.water as your coolant - you'll be able to suck double the amount of heat out of your steam turbines with a water coolant. So that's one thing OP should do. The other thing OP should do is just build more steam turbines. Each steam turbine deletes heat by turning it into electricity, so the more steam turbines you have, (A) the less cooling you need because the more heat is deleted, and (B) the more cooling you can do because you can always just pipe the additional electricity into that second aquatuner.
  6. I am using shine bugs for my radbolt needs. I have a normal breeder ranch for them, and then the excess I stuff into a 12-tile-large starvation "ranch" which contains nothing but a critter drop-off point and a radbolt generator. So far, so good. The starvation ranch gets up to 20 shine bugs, and PETA gets very mad at me for cramped cages, but whatever, i get my radbolts right next to my Atomic Collider. OR SO I THOUGHT. Twice now, I've been happily rad-researching away with a cramped ranch full of shine bugs one cycle, and the next cycle, they're all dead. All 20 of 'em. In one cycle. I have never actually seen the mass death event; I just check once and they're there, I check again and they're all gone. Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Can anyone explain it? Am I going mad?
  7. I suspect that a lot of achievements are busted in Spaced Out. I remember someone mentioning that teleporting to the second asteroid automatically fails Super Sustainable because there's a pre-built POI coal-plant there.
  8. Fine, fine. "I think it was a good coincidence and it should be done intentionally"
  9. Today I learned that algae terrariums do not overpressure. I set up a terrarium in my nosecone, kinda forgot about rocketry for a while, and then came back to find 41kg/tile of pure O2 filling the place (as well as about 2000kg of bottled p-water that had to be labour-intensively disposed of). Question: does anyone have a good way of loading plastic into the nosecone for orbital research? I don't have space for a storage bin. I thought I was being very clever by cramming the few available niches with plastic ladders for in-flight deconstruction, before a research orbit had to be embarrassingly aborted after I discovered my researcher dupe had Unconstructive so couldn't deconstruct them.
  10. I'm with @KittenIsAGeek; (A) it's not that bad, and (B) "Industrialised wild farm" is a bit of an oxymoron anyway so if you want to do it I think it should be a pain. But if one is going to implement it, it should be tech-gated not skills-gated. I get Lv3-skill dupes by like Cycle 20, so gating it behind a Lv3 skill is barely gating at all. Make it a tech that requires radiation and orbital research at least, otherwise everyone will do it from earlygame. Incidentally I think the decision to gate pips themselves behind "having enough space infrastructure to get to the 3rd asteroid and back" was a good one. Pre-Spaced-Out it was trivial to set up an earlygame nature reserve smack in the middle of your base; now one has to actually integrate organic formations. And I like being forced to do this, because otherwise my worst cookie-cutter instincts would assert themselves and I'd build the same 4x24 repeating Commieblock matrix every asteroid. It saves me from myself.
  11. I don't actually know how they get that stressed. In my last game there were two distinct periods of time where everyone (like, 16 dupes) had constantly escalating stress and my 5 oldest (and therefore highest-skilled and therefore lowest morale) were on 100% constantly even if they sat in the massage room every waking moment. And then, apparently without me doing anything to solve it (because how can I fix something I don't understand?) whatever was skyrocketing their stress went away and I descended back to normal operations. Usually when this crap happens it's because somehow either my Great Hall or my Nature Preserve got accidentally opened up so it stops counting as a room, or something, but that definatly wasn't what's happening because it's the first thing I checked. A continuing mystery, then. P.S. what's the best method for decor spam? Just leave spaces in between all your normal buildings to cram a few masterpiece statues?
  12. I deal with my binge eaters by door-controlling them from the kitchen and the farm, keeps them away from the bulk edibles and they can avoid starvation by scavenging other's leftovers. THE CIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRCLE OF LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE
  13. Select wigging out Dupe Click "Move to" Send him into a room Change door permissions on room to exclude him ??? PROFIT
  14. And now you know not to use stress vomiters as astronauts. As far as I'm concerned, that means problem solved.
  15. Appreciate the hint, but as I mention elsewhere, I think Solar is by far the most expensive electricity in the base game. I would much rather go up to 100 dupes and put them on 24/7 hamster wheels then venture out onto the surface.