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  1. @BallisticBuddha Here you go: When I have more time, I'll update this to be user-configured so that everyone can put in whichever numbers they want. For now you get my hardcoded numbers, sorry.
  2. Theoretically possible by melting a thermium aquatuner in vacuum by having it run supercoolant in a closed loop, then pumping the liquid niobium into a metal refinery and using it as a "coolant" until it reaches that temperature. Then you have to somehow use that to melt diamond glass tiles or something.
  3. @Tiru Fridges already have that kind of automation. It works like the smart storage bin: if the fridge is powered, it sends a green signal when it's full. You can hook that to a not gate + filter gates that disable cookers for a couple cycles if you'd like.
  4. @Tiru Food needs to be kept at -18*C to be considered deep frozen. It's doable with polluted water, but tricky and risky. The atmo can be CO2 or even hydrogen, but chlorine is better because it disinfects. Sometimes food ends up with germs on it and chlorine takes care of them.
  5. Exploity way: vacuum tile surrounded by 2 drops of water on either side. Slightly less exploity way: proper vacuum chamber with a liquid lock. Though I expect vacuum to be patched out at any time, so these are not perfect solutions. Industrial freezer: chlorine chamber with liquid lock cooled by an aquatuner via ethanol or super coolant. If properly insulated shouldn't consume too much power once set up. Very important to also insulate the steam turbine. There's also a mod on steam that lets you customise how much isoresin the tree produces.
  6. I felt the same, so I modded my hydrogen rockets to consume 75kg fuel/tile, giving them a range of 12 with 1 fuel tank. I also made them sliiightly faster. Can upload to Steam if people want it.
  7. @she_never_did Sure, but one oxyfern is only enough to sustain 1/3 of a dupe, unless they have those special lungs traits, including the one from the vacilator. @Electroely If you don't designate a filter, it uses Output 1.
  8. The more important question is do we really need to store this much food? Is that a desirable gameplay meta? On the one hand, the food storage nerf seems to imply it isn't, but on the other hand the resin tree says otherwise. Now we have both an enormous calorie sink and difficulty saving up food for it. Unless isoresin is supposed to be ridiculously gatekept like this, I think it's time to tune the resin tree way, wayyy up from the current 480,000 kcal to 1 insulated pipe ratio.
  9. @n_t_p I mean, I think it's excessively obvious that abusing a rocket platform as a battery bank is clearly not an intended use of rocket platforms. There's no reason to get defensive when people rightfully point it out. And again, I think it's fine if other people prefer to abuse game mechanics like this, what I don't think is fine is making abusable modules obsolete as a "fix" only because of that userbase who won't play fair. *shrug*
  10. I've been trying to mod them to, but it seems their mechanics conflict with the component that makes plants drop seeds on harvest... and throws an exception Next plan: allow the molecular forge to make saturn seeds out of plant meat. Hacky, gamey, and half-baked, sure, but my murder plant greenhouse demands such sacrifices.
  11. I actually think the bug only happens if you don't observe the rocket landing (i.e. your screen isn't on the same asteroid).
  12. @Electroely Have you thought about using oxylite for oxygen? That way you don't need the gas tank. While it's true that it's slower to produce oxylite, you can do it passively all the time, while replenishing the gas tank grounds the rocket potentially for 6 cycles. Side note: I realllyyy want a mod for pressurised gas pipes. Without using multiple docking stations, it takes at least 20 cycles to fill a large gas cargo bay and another 20 to empty it. Multiple stations can do it in fewer cycles but I really don't like pipe spaghetti. And that's just one tank, what if you are carrying a rocketful of CH4 from the moo planet? Loading and unloading a rocket for half a year?? It's ridiculous. ;__________; So yeah, big thumbs down on gas tanks in general until a good Samaritan makes a pressurised pipes mod. <3
  13. @goboking I mean, it's not as much management as the steam vents simply output an enormous amount of heat, as in literal millions of DTU/s, and spawn way too close to the base. I don't otherwise rely on the slush geysers for cooling. I even heat the polluted one because otherwise it murders my bristle berries.
  14. I love the small moonlets! Mostly because I love transportation, and rockets are so, so cool. I've also found I enjoy colonising way more than carving out a huge rock to the point it takes ages to walk from the base to somewhere. So far I've found the spaced out terra moonlet much harder than the rest. Immediately you are in danger of heatpocalypse because you have two steam vents in your face, meaning you need to rush insulated tiles. You can't touch the marsh biomes until you get oxygen mask infrastructure, which is annoying to deal with... pumped gas needs to be filtered out or you get blobs of CO2 damaging the stations. The steam also needs a lot of processing before it becomes useful water. You have to wait until the vent is dormant or use atmosuits, you have to use a cooling loop, for which you need plastic, for which you also need atmosuits, it's all just very tedious. If they replaced the vents with the slush geysers, then terra becomes maybe the easiest start because of the algae and the gold amalgam (=> gold => oxylite), which makes rocket oxygen management much easier. I don't know. I'm currently playing on the forest moon and it's nice and relaxed without being boring. I'll probably try terra on max difficulty next as a challenge.