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  1. Is there a way to disable the thing that deletes mass quantifier from info cards? Instead of 8g, 160mg now I just see 8, 160 and it complicates things. Edit: it seems enabling quick format strings and optimised info cards solves this
  2. Although neutronium can never be excavated, it can still be marked for digging. Doing so displays red error overlays that say corium digging is required, which is not true.
  3. You don't really need the bathroom morale bonus. Berry sludge gives +8, together with the pixels and the other rooms it should be more than enough. You can rip out the disinfectant and put the pump there, the radiation will obliterate the germs anyway.
  4. Isn't that gas pump a little too high to be able to pump the cloud of CO2 that builds up at the bottom? This will always happen with atmosuits because dupes exhale CO2 in the suit and all of that gas will spill out when they return the suit back to the rack.
  5. Here you go:
  6. What do the new critter morphs do? The ingame database doesn't explain.
  7. What often happens to me is the hives get buried under solidifed nuclear waste and the beetas die out, then the hives starve to death. I finally had enough of that and modded my Uranium centrifuge to process depleted uranium at 2% efficiency, extracting more and more enriched uranium from it so it approaches 50% in the long run (the other 50% is lost in excavation).
  8. The small oxidiser tank holds 450kg, with a height and burden of 2. The large one holds 900kg, with a height and burden of 5. This makes it strictly worse than using two small oxidiser tanks. It needs to have its height reduced to at least 4 and burden to at least 3. As it is right now, it's absolutely pointless to build one.
  9. There is a recreation room with a Wind Tunnel, Espresso Machine, and 3 Phones. Without disabling the Phones, I can't get duplicants to use the higher morale recreation buildings.
  10. Thank you for fixing the piloting skill bug! Does this new radiation difficulty also affect the efficiency of radbolt generators? Edit: Never mind, it seems to just control how sick dups can get from radiation.
  11. Dupes with 0, 3 and 7 piloting skill finish identical trips at an identical time. What's more, the level II perk (+200% piloting skill) also does nothing.
  12. Found a workaround. Rockets can be landed by putting them in orbit, selecting a pad on the asteroid and clicking the Land here button.
  13. I had this happen when I built and launched two different rockets from the same pad. I also think it's related to the recent update.
  14. I mean, even if that's true, it makes zero difference. Auto pilot is toggled off the moment the pilot touches the console, and the pilot is idling otherwise anyway. The skill should act like the perk in the base game, and reduce the rocket trip duration, as well as improve with command station usage. +3.33% speed (+10% with the second perk) per level of rocketry I think is reasonable and would make using dedicated pilots worthwhile. The base engine speed can even be nerfed a little for extra incentive.
  15. I haven't been able to replicate this. No matter what the pilot's skill is, or the Rocket Piloting II perk, the travel time is exactly the same. Exactly the same. I've also dug through the code and haven't found anything related to the rocketry attribute besides the definitions. I think this is simply not implemented yet.