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adding the gorge recipes in the vanilla game

Gorge Recipes in vanilla dst  

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I think it could work to some extent if they ported a few recipes over with the crops we already have, like Stuffed Mushrooms or Shepards Pie with unique effects, but adding all 70 recipes or even a select handful would just be redundant. A chunk of the Gorge dishes would require a sweetener to replace goat milk or syrup, which are very rare to come by in normal play unless you go out of your way to make a volt goat farm or butterfly farm. There's already a lot of crock pot recipes as is and creating stats and potential effects for each one would be a lot of work that imo really isn't necessary. Warly fills the role of a cooking specialist just fine with his own unique recipes without having an excessive amount of exclusive ones, and it's highly likely out of the 70 ported only a select few would actually be worth making. 

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16 hours ago, W0l0l0 said:

Never did try the gorge, but if at least one recipe is actually good and balanced for the game, I'd suggest adding them to currently lackluster dishes (STUFFED EGGPLANT **COUGH) over adding new ones. 

yeah like eggplant is 10x better just cooked over a fire

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I started playing DST by the end of 2019, because of that I've never seen The Gorge's dishes but I would love to see some new meaningful dishes added to the game. Maybe something using cactus or pomegranate/garlic. Could be a sanity dish or something that would be useful (unlike stuffed eggplants). 

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I'm always down for more recipes, Warly run or not I love having variety. 

I'm no programmer, but wheat and flour seem easy enough to implement. So I'd love to have garlic bread, carrot cake, meat pie, and whatever else in the main game.

I doubt that it'll happen, but it'd be pretty neat if it ever did.

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