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  1. You could try gunpowder or slurtle slime to explode them (idk if it will work btw).
  2. You can share an account with your girlfriend, that would allow her to play the game without paying for it. Besides that, every character in this game can be easily bought without real money (using spools).
  3. Are you on Ps4? Sometimes I have to logout and login again to get the daily skin
  4. Woodie's Axe is called Lucy. It makes noises every time it is put inside a backpack because it hates to be there.
  5. I wonder what are the odds of the fixes making to the Console this weekend.
  6. Not being unique where everyone else is unique makes you unique to certain extent.
  7. My dear Pepperoni, the son of my first Beefalo, Teobaldo the Great (rest in piece).
  8. Yeah, I have the exact same problem but I'm playing on Console. Although the problem is still going on on Console, seeing that it was already solved on Pc gives me some hope that it will soon be fixed. Thanks so much, I really tought that I had screwed my favorite long term world.
  9. Hi! Did you solve it? I'm having the same problem.
  10. Hey guys! I am here to ask for help because I'm in trouble in my DST world. I have started the moonstorm event, but the way that my altars are arranged doesn't allow me to build the experiment. I cannot break them because I get shocked everytime I try it. Do you guys know any other way to stop the event? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi! I was on a boat, a had just killed Crab King. I dropped my eyebrella and it just vanished. I rolled back, and 2 days later I dropped it again while on the boat and it vanished again. First I thought it was due to the invisible backpack itens problem (another bug), but backpack itens reappear when you drop the backpack and equip it again. I searched allover the boat, and couldn't find the eyebrella.
  12. I would a character that leads the player to try the different mechanics in the game. When I first tryed Warly, meatball was the only recipe I knew by heart. Playing Warly felt like a totally new Don't Starve, and I hope that Klei gives us a character in this same fashion.
  13. I am not an avid wortox player, but I wonder, if you catch some butterfly and kill them in your inventory, will you receive its soul? If so, it can be a nice way to carry more souls
  14. I'm not very found of changing characters mid game to make things easier. Personally I like the challenge to do everything with a single character, accepting its perks and its weaknesses. The character swap feels to me the same way gunpowder does. However, even though I feel this way, I don't think it should become a challenge. It is there for people that want to use it, so please guys, if you don't like it, don't use it. Do not make it harder to others.
  15. Guys, there is no point in arguing about it. @WainingWabbits@WainingWabbits is overall right, a change in the button's layout could be welcomed. This is a good suggestion for Klei and, if they find it interesting or worthwhile, they might change it in the future. However, I guess that more players would have to complain about that, so you could ask others what they think instead of cursing and arguing. Let's be reasonable guys.