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  1. That is sad, but I understand that you are doing your best! I would like to thank the team for their efforts! You guys are awesome! PS: let's hope the update get ready as soon as possible!
  2. I agree that it should have a higher defense %. But as said by @Cheggf@Cheggf, that alone wouldn't be enough. Therefore I would like too see a higher defense % and a higher durability, making the armor better as a hole.
  3. I, for instance, love forbitten knowledge. The renewable turf and thulecite and easier method to renew moonglass are awesome additions. I would move it to S or, at least, A class.
  4. You could also star farming early on. That will allow you to get your hands on pepper, onion and garlic seeds before summer or even spring. Although pepper and onion are not great in winter you can still plant them and get 1 vegetable abd 2 seeds back using 1 seed.
  5. I usually "fight" him in the swamps. I say "fight" cause i just bait him to fight the tentacles. Very cheap method overall, but also very dangerous since I do it without wearing any suit.
  6. I started playing DST by the end of 2019, because of that I've never seen The Gorge's dishes but I would love to see some new meaningful dishes added to the game. Maybe something using cactus or pomegranate/garlic. Could be a sanity dish or something that would be useful (unlike stuffed eggplants).
  7. Hello my dear DST community! How are you guys doing? Well, for some time now, i have been thinking about which character is going to receive the next refresh (and I am sure I'm not the only one). In light of the new RoT beta content, I think that Wx is a good candidate. (Who do you guys think deserves to be the next?) With that in mind, I started to think what could be done to Wx in order to make him for unique and fit DST more. I love every character in this game, all of them have their personality, their perks and weaknesses that together allow each one of them to provide an unique gameplay. However, in my opinion, Wx could be so much more. The idea of him being a robot and upgrading himself is so incredible! Imagine being able to use gears to build a stronger leg (walk faster) or stronger arm (more damage), upgrade his eyes to see better or in the dark, his skin for armor or health. The upgrade mechanic has so much to offer! And he could use both gears and Frazzled wires to this upgrades! Maybe klei could limit the number of upgrades to 1 or 2, and that would allow us to come up with our own favorite (combination of) upgrades. What do you guys think about this? Why do you (not) like? Do you have any other ideas that could make Wx more interesting? Thank you for your attention and excuse me for any grammar mistakes
  8. Hi! So I've wanted to link my Ps4 account with my Steam account for a while now too. Unfortunately I found out that the only merge possible is Steam + Epic. We will have to wait for now.
  9. Hey guys, how are you doing? So, this past week, I had a problem with some Mobs not spawning. First I notice that near the cave entrances there were no Bats at all, and that they would never spawn. Then, sometime after that i tryed spawning some Treeguards with woodie (chooping down +100 trees) in autumn, but that didn't work. I tryed again and again, and it still doesn't work. I am not the luckiest person in the world but I think that is a little bit too much. Has anyone had the same problem? Thank you for reading this (it's my first time reporting in here).