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  1. Hello guys! I have been wondering if wickerbottom's applied Silviculture book works on Knobby Trees? If so, how does it work?
  2. Which one? The first or the fifth? It looks like you have plenty to choose from.
  3. I don't really know if it is a thing, but I've only spawned volt goats while hunting in the rain.
  4. Have you ever played League of Legends? There we have Ekko, a time manipulating character in a multiplayer game. He does that by moving himself back in time and stopping time in a small area around him ("freezing" enemies in time). That could work in DST, alongside with some constructions/itens reparation perks.
  5. You could try gunpowder or slurtle slime to explode them (idk if it will work btw).
  6. You can share an account with your girlfriend, that would allow her to play the game without paying for it. Besides that, every character in this game can be easily bought without real money (using spools).
  7. Are you on Ps4? Sometimes I have to logout and login again to get the daily skin
  8. Woodie's Axe is called Lucy. It makes noises every time it is put inside a backpack because it hates to be there.
  9. I wonder what are the odds of the fixes making to the Console this weekend.
  10. Hi! I was on a boat, a had just killed Crab King. I dropped my eyebrella and it just vanished. I rolled back, and 2 days later I dropped it again while on the boat and it vanished again. First I thought it was due to the invisible backpack itens problem (another bug), but backpack itens reappear when you drop the backpack and equip it again. I searched allover the boat, and couldn't find the eyebrella.
  11. Hey guys, how are you doing? So, this past week, I had a problem with some Mobs not spawning. First I notice that near the cave entrances there were no Bats at all, and that they would never spawn. Then, sometime after that i tryed spawning some Treeguards with woodie (chooping down +100 trees) in autumn, but that didn't work. I tryed again and again, and it still doesn't work. I am not the luckiest person in the world but I think that is a little bit too much. Has anyone had the same problem? Thank you for reading this (it's my first time reporting in here).