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  1. I had to log in a few times before it showed up, but as the above post says, it can also just show up as an in-game gift.
  2. The Ruins. If I bother to base at all, it is in the Ruins. I love the glowing floor tiles.
  3. Turnip cakes, please. I would also love if they added Sugarwood trees that we could tap for sap. (I want to make candied fish as well.)
  4. I chose a random character to join a public server and ended up getting Wilson. I wasn't in a chatty mood so I just kept to myself and tried to help the base once I found it (with no help from the people already in the server). One person kept questioning why I picked Wilson as he was "Boring and Vanilla" and "Has no real point". I finally responded with "I selected random and I got Wilson" to which I received the response: "Fine. Whatever." I tried to help around the base, harvest/replant food, collect resources and collect jerky, just little things to help as everyone would leave the base in the morning and return late evening. So this all sounds pretty bland, right? I went to sleep in the tent. A few seconds later, everyone on the server came back and made a pattern of living logs around my tent, they dropped other things as well, like dark petals and nightmare fuel. Then, one person who had not spoken to me at all types in chat: "it is done." and they all pulled out torches and lit the logs on fire. It was like I was a sacrifice to whatever dark god they worshiped. Anyway, I let myself burn to death and they all stood there watching the pyre until I logged off. I don't play public servers much anymore.
  5. For a great deal of my life I was a chef, so I would have selected Warly back then. Then I became a Librarian. So I main Wickerbottom. Bonus points because I wear my hair in a bun and wear glasses. There is a running joke in my friend group that any character I play in a video game must have a bun so I truly only ever play other DST characters when they have a bun available (Warly's Trawler skin, Wigfrid's Victorian skin). It was decided that Wormwood's flower counted as a bun so I play Wormwood sometimes as well.
  6. I actually prefer the opposite: no map function whatsoever. I'd like an option to turn it off so I don't accidentally click on it. I like to rely solely on my memory to survive and nowadays I only see it when I mis-click. you can absolutely survive without a beefalo herd. you can absolutely survive without a pig king. I would prefer a dragonfly desert but it is not necessary to survive. I suppose if you have not survived past the first winter these things might seem more essential than they are but I assure you, they are not,
  7. I have spent many hundreds of hours on worlds before, and yes, it was a little disappointing to have a disaster that I could not recover from but I lack an intense attachment to worlds that many people have. Having a disaster and recovering from it is, to me, a mark of extraordinary perseverance and when I can, I do so. I simply accept when the game has defeated me and I start afresh. I don't play Endless, I rarely play Wilderness, I mostly play Survival. Again, I think there is a fundamental difference: I do not feel intense attachment to the worlds I play in. I love abandoning my worlds in DS and hopping through the portal to continue the journey in some fresh place with just what is in my backpack. I tend to prefer Lights Out, long winter, short other seasons (if I enable them at all), less food, etc. I like challenging, almost brutal, difficulty and then succeeding against those odds. This game is not about building a mega-base to me (though I have had fun trying that in the past) It is about survival. And surviving against great odds has less appeal when I could theoretically undo any mistake or misstep with a rollback. Also, I think because people have started to see this game as a sandbox rather than a survival game, that is where the schism exists. People who want to build beautiful bases (nothing wrong with that, it is just not that interesting to me) would place great value on their effort and utilize rollbacks to preserve their work. I place more emphasis on survival with no safety net.
  8. No rollbacks whatsoever. So many people crutch on rollbacks and I really don't understand it. I play DST like it is DS: No rollbacks ever if I am host. If I die to something stupid, too bad. I learn from that something stupid and move on to the next life. And yes, I have died to weird shenanigans and lag before. It is part of playing a multi-player game. Whenever someone wants to rollback because they did not get a Krampus sack from Klaus I just roll my eyes. What part of "uncompromising wilderness survival game" makes people think the game would be easy?
  9. Hi! Welcome to Portland, OR, USA where solstice is treated like a High Holiday by the denizens of the city. We have bars/clubs/art houses that will celebrate far more obscure holidays than Summer Solstice, let me assure you. At this point, Solstice seems positively mainstream by some standards. No idea where you live, but the USA is a big place and just because you have never seen a Summer Solstice celebration does not mean they do not happen elsewhere
  10. "Fruit" is a botanical term (tomatoes are botanically fruit), "vegetable" is a culinary term. Hence the confusion.
  11. I played Don't starve and made it a mission to go through Adventure mode over and over, with each character in turn to really learn the game, learn the characters and dominate the difficulty. Then I tweaked the settings for less and less food, more and more mobs, less forgiving starting worlds. I like the game extremely challenging. Now, I routinely play games on the hardest difficulty setting (For example: I also play The Long Dark exclusively on Interloper difficulty, or I make a custom world with even harsher conditions) and I am always looking for greater challenges to the games I enjoy so anything I could think of in Don't Starve to make the game more challenging was what I chased. Don't Starve Together, by comparison, is very easy. So I play with 0 mods, minimal food, only night, always winter, extra mobs, etc. My few friends who play wonder how I survive with so easily in their default worlds, so I suppose I just kept making the game more difficult and now I'm "good" because I trained myself to be.
  12. I am very disappointed.