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  1. I could be completely wrong but I never got another triumphant drop after the character refreshes started coming out and everything started to become weavable. there are the Original skins which are Heirloom and the weavable ones. I was under the impression that the originals could not drop anymore. But let's be real, even if they do I will probably not see one again anytime soon (if ever) waiting for console drops.
  2. I literally had no idea I could message a dev and ask them to reverse it as I have never accidentally unraveled something before. I don't even know who to ask. please don't assume my motives with comments like "But to say that your going to quit playing the game, implies that you didn’t care to still play in the first place." I do care to play it is just that I am terribly upset about losing something that was precious and every time I log in and see it is gone I feel crappy all over again. Also suggesting that I am "complaining" rather than lamenting seems a bit harsh. I am glad your life is so great you can shrug stuff off so easily, perhaps you should try a little empathy for someone having a hard time lately instead of coming to them when they feel low and telling them to "shrug it off".
  3. thanks for letting me know it's no big deal and I should just get over it. that's a great comfort.
  4. What are you talking about @Mike23Ua? monthly updates have nothing to do with me foolishly unraveling a skin. Let me be more clear: I have been playing since the beginning, I even have the bottomless pit on my Steam account. Just my poor crappy laptop just can't handle DST or any game anymore. So until I get a new PC I am playing on console. I am lamenting a very rare head skin that I liked a great deal that cannot be replaced because it no longer drops and I cannot just buy it like on Steam. I fail to see how anything I said has to do with Wigfrid's refresh or not appreciating the Klei devs?
  5. that would be great were I playing on Steam. I have been playing on console.
  6. But we can't get the original skins again? Just the reworked ones once we get a character refresh? I almost never get elegant drops and when I do it is a duplicate of something I can weave. But I have not had a Triumphant skin drop in over a year. This was one of my few, precious elegant head skins. I think I will just delete the game i am so disappointed in myself. I don't have anyone to play with anyway, so no great loss to the community I suppose. This whole year is just sucking the life out of me and I just added to it be being an idiot.
  7. The only Elegant Head (besides the weavable ones) I had for Wilson was the Triumphant and I somehow accidentally unraveled it. I feel so stupid and disappointed and sad. please console me with stupid things you have done unintentionally so I can feel better. I am actually kinda tearing up because I feel so much disappointment.
  8. This whole thread is making me uncomfortable. But, yeah, I saw a default Wickerbottom the other day and had to stop for a moment and wonder what skin that was... and, oh, yeah... it's the default.
  9. I hope I didn't make you feel bad or anything, that was not my intent.
  10. I was expecting a beautiful array of set-pieces and some sort of perfect ruins layout.
  11. while toothtraps are not the most effective way to deal with depth worms, with a big enough field of them you can definitely take them out while you run in circles. i have a big field separating me from the monkey village and occasionally a depth worm gets caught up and ends up dying even when I stand by and watch.
  12. As @ShadowDuelist said above: just open a sinkhole and make a small base. there are always some light bulbs and natural light to make your life easier. place farms, plant flowers (in light) add a few bee boxes, maybe transplant some birch trees. make the place feel pretty and comfortable. then start exploring your surroundings a little. hopefully you won't be too far from a bunny village and can let the bunnies deal with any depth worms early on if you find them overwhelming. The caves are wonderful, I actually prefer living there to living above ground. well, I mean, I live in the ruins mostly but you get the idea.
  13. I figured he was a combination of elderly, frail and in poor health. His mental faculties are sharp but his body is very, very fragile.
  14. This really depends on the character I happen to be playing: Wigfrid would get the jagged suit, Wolfgang would get the steadfast suit, Wendy would get the silken suit, Wickerbottom would get the whispering suit (for examples). If I were trying to pick just one, I would select whatever you like best, or the one that you feel suits your main best.
  15. neither of the spider plushies came with a code. source: me. I bought both.