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  1. [Game Update] - 115

    gifts received, thank you for fixing this so quickly!
  2. [Game Update] - 115

    the two gifts are not popping up when i log in on ps4. have quit and restarted the application several times, logged in and nothing. on steam it was instant, so i pretty much expected it to be the same on ps4.
  3. i would scream too. then i'd pour a drink or something and send texts to all my friends (none of whom play dst) and brag hard. i have wanted that skin forever and feel a stab of dismay every week when it fails to drop. oh my beloved crock pot skin, why are we never to be united?
  4. you just enter the code (20 digits plus the dashes) and it will auto submit or tell you the code is not correct.
  5. instead of ugly sweaters, we should get ugly pleated shirts. well, uglier pleated shirts.
  6. i need a plush gobbler & a plush slurper. and as many beefalos as possible. i want a whole herd roaming over my quilted savanna. ( i also really want a plush beefalo poop :3 )
  7. here you go! took me a while, the beefalos kept toppling over every time i tried to snap a pic.
  8. chester calico chest & deerclops duffel inventory screens:
  9. i don't quite understand what you mean... take screenshots during winter wearing the glommer backpack?
  10. this exactly. i have a friend who only just started playing and his very first drop was an elegant skin that i have yet to get on either steam or ps4. his first week of drops was 1 elegant, 2 spiffy and 1 classy. i don't even think he has one common yet. and his response to his new items is always "hey, that looks kinda cool." while i am crying a little.
  12. pink winter hat & black winter hat inventory screens:
  13. i put a photo of all my ds plushies on my profile page... the mandrake and glommer are front and center. i did not realize that anyone would want to see photos of my plushies in a big pile on my bed.
  14. meepsack in the inventory screen and the meepsack on wickerbottom: