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Ellie is eating the bed...

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...and the grill, and the generator, and the farm station. I swapped the mess table Ellie eats at while she was in the middle of her animation, and now it is replacing a number of animations. She still disinfects and stores things normally, but watching her lift her hand to her face like she is going to eat a chunk of something (this would be when she normally lifts the food to eat it to her mouth) is hilarious. I expect a reload should fix this, but I don't want to if this is the only issue (everything still takes the same amount of time).




Generating Power:



Eating the Fertilizer that was for the Bristle Blossoms:



Eating a hatch:



Ellie cooks the food by eating it.




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38 minutes ago, Soulwind said:

I would say BRAINS!!! but we all know they don't have any.

This is the oath all Duplicants must take prior to exiting the Printing Pod:


I swear that I will do the following at all costs:

Always find and use the most dangerous path to where I need to go,

Always get myself stuck while digging,

Never harvest the crops while the colony is starving to death,

Never harvest the crops while the colony is doing fine,

I will always eat the just-harvested plant while my comrade starves. (Thanks Yunru)

Refuse to put the hatch in the ranch,

Run towards the single pocket of oxygen that will already be depleted when I get there by other dupes


Did I miss anything? (I probably did)

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