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  1. Think early game is below first 20-50 cycles, while you sit in starting biom, may be before you get oil (around 100) but not 300. Late game starts after you get supercoolant, it may happen before 300 cycle.
  2. I have 2 rockets, can't reach destination because rocket more heavy then it should be. Why? Because somebody throw 2 kg of microprocessors and 16 kg of sand into solid oxidizer tank in first rocket somebody throw 400 kg of coal in solid oxidizer tank of another rocket. I can deal with 16 kg of sand (I launch rocket already), but I have no idea how to extract 400 kg of coal without destroying rocket Омерзительная Халупа.sav
  3. no I got why it is so efficient - it make liquid colder for 12 degrees, supercoolant heat capacity - 8, so cooler make steam 2 times more hot (comparing to polluted water)
  4. Depends from what are you doing. If I have 10 steam turbines, as usual I remove 1 tile, and if you have 10-200 kg of steam per tile, it will push away any gas. After it, I build tile again. It damage dupes a bit and bring hot steam to base, but it work. If I have 1 steam turbine, I make vacuum. Also you may build gas pump on the top of your steam chamber, and pump gas manually. But you are right, if steam turbine will pull hot gas and become damaged, it will be much more easy.
  5. degr

    game slow

    >your PC is too slow to make faster reaction If everything gone smooth first 100 loops, and then start to work slower and slower, definitely computation power is not enough. My PC is not top, but still not bad - 16gb ram, i7700k cpu, ssd, gtx1070ti If map 256x384 tiles, it mean there is around 100.000 tiles, and let's say it should make 1.000.0000 computations each second (temperature exchange, gases and water flow, pipes, electricity, etc). I bet each core of my CPU could hold at least 10.000.000 of such computations per second (most probably much more). Of course I did not saw code, but most probably it could be optimized. Most probably game have something like database, and read-write same data constantly. Think it possible to read-write only for "autosave".
  6. I have colony with 102 dupes, and 1. when I select door (to set up dupes access), or try to setup food, or assign dupes to triage bed or do any similar actions, I need to wait around 3 sec while game become responsive again. Especially, when I disable/enable any food from ration, changes take long time to be applied, sometimes this popup become irresponsible, horizontal scroll jump by itself. 2. I'm not sure, but look like game on speed x1 become more productive then on x3, because after dupe finish his task, he idle 3-5 sec no matter which game speed selected (so this is 3-5 in-game sec for x1 speed and 10-15 in-game sec for x3 speed). I can provide savefile if needed build AP-398142
  7. Lol war is pretty nice idea, but most probably it is not playable. Especially I can't imagine how war will happen between pacific idealistic colony from 16 dupes (cycle 9999, 100000000 real hours) and aggressive colony from 200 dupes (cycle 600, 6-10 hours). They will just **** your dupes, disassemble all equipment, mine all asteroid and go away
  8. I did not see any sense to make co-op many asteroids, because game will transform into dark souls, when you infiltrate enemy base and stole burgers, steel and glass, build trans-asteroid pipes and transfer their oxygen and water to your base. However, it make sense, and also should be easy in implementation such idea: one host computer, who store all gaming data and behave as it done now, + can accept connections from %outside% as many clients as it possible can connect to host machine (need to keep simple server, who will allow connect to host machine) all clients can build same base.
  9. Think you need to add bottom limit of steam density for steam turbine, because with such configuration (24 kg of water inside) I got 1070 wt of power from steam turbines (530-540 from each). It mean, I got cool water for 130 wt.
  10. >You can do it by repeatedly enabling and disabling This is hack (not bug, feature), most probably game check 85 condition after it starts. It should be more easy, just 110C, because you need steam 125 for steam turbine, and you can't transform 110 into 125. 100 is also not enough, because you need around 5C to transfer steam from your location to rocket.
  11. To send first rocket to space I drop 20-40 tonns of regolith with temperature 240C into 5 tonns of water with temperature 85C and then wait for 10 loops. Can't understand why heater device can heat water only to 85, and then stop. Why not to 100? Or 110?
  12. Nobody happy when he dying, but it did not affect amount of meat
  13. Completely agree, as I describe in this thread I propose to drop no meat if creature die from starve, and drop % of meat if creature was killed while it starve.
  14. If you disable both directions for door, dupe should not be allowed to open it and pass in any direction. But, if dupe have rocket suit, and if dupe can sit on door from top, he still can open it See pic attached door.bmp
  15. Have same situation, most probably you can't (at least I fail), because you can't fix pipe, it will be immediately damaged by steam (water with 152 celsius). After a cycle of repairing I destroy machine, and it throw A LOT of hot steam and damage everything around, lol.