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  1. My checklist is - 1 - need space materials Bunker doors are useless. It's much more easy to play without them. Only problem is planets discoveries, but I handle it somehow. With all other constructions is - at first build some ladders, then go to space suits, demolish all ladders and do anything you want.
  2. I propose "нефть" for crude oil and "бензин" for petroleum.
  3. It would be nice to have 2 options - dump water to the ground or into liquid pipe, if it was attached. Also, it would be nice to add airflow tubes to petroleum generator (same as natural gas).
  4. abandoned space station and "partially smashed by asteroids" mean base already contain some kind of reusable and non-smashed stuff, like living quarters, kitchen, coal generator and so on. It would be nice to find base which you can restore, and not just deconstruct for materials.
  5. Each time I open such thread because I want to see nice setup for pacu farm, but each time I see how complex is it and want to kill myself.
  6. At strart I build 3 doors, idea was to control temperature with vacuum between 1st and 3rd, but it was not efficient enough. I'm using 1 door, if temperature >160 it close door (in fact it reach ~200 and 5 turbines work with 90% efficiency all the time). And I don't know what is your problem with aquatuner. So, my advices: 1. Build insulated piles as Pyrex042 said 2. close all doors to remove sour gas 3. use only one door 4. build aquatuner (I personally advice this setup - 5. destroy your weezeworts 6. add 3 more steam turbines 7. be happy
  7. I want to share my sour gas boiler setup. There is no counter-flows and any volcanic pre-heaters or anything complicated. I test it with 75C crude oil. There is explanation how it work
  8. Definitely good idea, but before doing it need to fix notifications. No matter how good you are, dupes will find way how to die from suffocation or from starvation in the middle of your base. Don't know what is wrong, but as usual I did NOT get suffocation notifications or get them too late. Additionaly to this of notifications contain a lot of not useful information which you can't remove - such as "hunger", "long commutes", "building under water", "building under stones" etc. Also it would be nice to create new notification with highest prio - "can't reach bed", because most often duplicant stay for a cycle in unreachable position, sleep together with wild animals then pee in exosuit and die (from suffocation or starvation, and even you get notification, most probably it would be not possible to save him).