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  1. It would be nice to have possibility make "automation preset". Idea is "pack" two or more automation tools in one "preset" which could be reused with smaller area and with same amount of resources cost
  2. you may process polluted water into water allow your food rot process wood into ethanol build toilets May be I forgot something
  3. Temporal-shield generator and etc sounds like idea for mod. Especially in context that temporal shield generator is same as monument, with only difference monument consume nothing, generator consume "something like 50MW". If it would be part of the game I give you 100% warranty there will be threads like: - I build temporal shield generator, what is now? - game become boring after all space objects disappear, how to reverse - what is next ideas after we have temporal shield From my opinion no need to change base game anymore, it is pretty good. May be it is make sense to do something completely new, like make map editor and allow to generate some kind of arcades, or scenarios, like "survival in mine", where you can build only ladders and can't dig hard materials, limited with resources, and idea is dig you path from the bottom of mine to the top. Add dialogs, character creation, battle mechanics and finally redo graphics to make it look like nice old top-down turn-based rpg
  4. duplicants mutations is not bad. Just not forgot to add adrenaline glands mutation for hatches
  5. I play ONI - coop, it was bad experience. Main point - if you play with random players, they will do things which you never accept. If you will play with your friends, you will lose your friends because of their stupidity faster then you will build monument.
  6. Don't want to create a new bug, but "empty liquid canister" also have no priority.
  7. In new version sound bar did not change sound volume. It is maxed even volume is 0%.
  8. Don't know, I never check it before. Unfortunately, I rollback game to stable version, because dock-undock work only sometimes. I have too many dock stations, I'm afraid it is a big problem for me. Also, issue with "bypass jetsuit checkpoint" still persist, and it become too panful, because more than half of base population sit nearby beds.
  9. Thx, I undock suit and dock it back, and it charge pretty quick. In description I found 2 types of oxygen First one (190 kg) pretty fast disappear, second one grow with same speed.
  10. Yes, sure I load savefile "2 cycles ago", situation same, also I notice my dudes have no oxygen in suits as well You may found save file here, (think one hundred cycles ago, but pretty sure issue will persist)
  11. After I run it, oxygen disappear from all jet suit stations. Atmo suit stations work normally.
  12. Great news, but is it backward compatible? Can I play with my old savefile?