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  1. I did not face it. I set 3 meteor sensors and it close always in time. I have small amount of doors, may be luck Think I use around 80% of standard map, lol. Not so big. If it would be halved, there will be not enough space for beds. That is another different problem, it is not related to map size. Because physics work fine, only dupes become terribly slow. Most probably it is possible to optimize game, but look like just nobody care about it (in management and dev). Think carbone dioxide vent is most useless from all, however I use them to fed slicksters and produce free oil.
  2. From my opinion, you need only fullerene. You will got niobium once, and after it you will have thermium (niobium+volframite= thermium; thermium = niobium; volframite = thermium); isoresin did not worth it. But I did not feel that steam or energy leaks is a real problem, it force you to do something new. Such kind of sandbox is new genre for me, I still miss for some kind of challenge or enemy. My main point - game extremely easy and lazy. Normal asteroid should have same amount of metal as with "metal poor", and "metal poor" should make stone age, with stones, sticks and sand. There should be some kind of "late game problems" such as random encounters, when printing pod suddenly become mad, and print chlorine gas or bloody-acid mutants (in the middle of your base), some wild ants who made their hole from nowhere and stole all your food, aliens intrusion from outer space who will stole your discovery or something similar. Also, very important to force player make more dupes, at least my game still hold me in constant tension. Something like constant tuning (or cleaning) for energy generators. Temperature below 20C should freeze dupes into ice, making them extremely slow, and temperature above 30C should force them to drink water and run toilets each 30 sec. Something like this.
  3. 100%. And I think nobody will work with it, lol. Life is not fair thing. But you have geysers, which produce not unlimited amount of new mass. Problems come when you can't convert "that" into "this". But think it is still not a blocker.
  4. Pretty nice post about heat hydrogen before send it to generators and etc. Only I did not get why you use A/T + petrolium for LOX and LH generation.
  5. I remove plants and build liquid tanks, because there was water above, I can't just replace farm cells with normal floor cells, need to deconstruct each of them manually, so, I just build tanks there. What wrong with beds? You prefer cots, or your dupes sleep on the ground? If you think i build beds just because I have a lot of plastic, see pic attached. Also, now I have tubes. I think late game is period when I have unlimited amount of food, energy and when I can easily make LOX and LH for space missions. Think my large screenshot was made on cycle 600, I just have no enough energy on that moment to supply transition tubes for 100 dupes in a time. But now I have problem, something wrong with my geysers math. From my calculations, my geysers should gave me 10770kg of water each cycle. Also, I have 150 dupes, and if one lavatory visit gave me 6 kg of water, it is additional 900kg of water. I spent in average 9.6 tons of water for oxygen generation (8.6 tons of oxygen per cycle in average), and 960kg of water for plants. Totally, income is 11670kg, outcome 10619 kg. But visually my water level fall down. Think I have 20-30 cycles more, and then I will be out of water. So, is it correct formula for geyser income (on long distance): 1kg of water per second eruption each 100 second from 200 activity each 50 cycles from 100 totally 1kg * (100 / 200) * (50 / 100) = 0.25 per second 0.25 * 600 = 150kg per cycle PS think it is correct, by my latest calculation, I need to wait for next 6 cycles, and after it I should have surplus 3-4 tons of water during next 50 cycles. I panic just because of long dormant period, when my water amount fall down almost to zero.
  6. I understand how it works, however, think it is bit dangerous or not effective. Think Better replace it with switch. May be I'm wrong. However, if it work really nice and simple.
  7. I build them once, and found it extremely nice. But unfortunately, I feel they are usefull only for small colonies, with amount of dupes < 30. Did not use them because they take too much space (2 cells instead of 1) for atmo suits.
  8. Think I'm going to oxygen production using electrolyzers around cycle 20-30 (still with algae distillers). Don't know how long it take to raise temperature 50 degrees, but after it become 50C, I have enough resources and electricity to build cooling system. I put radiant pipes in floor, and it works pretty fine. Temperature fall down to 25-35C (with polluted water), and much later when I got supercoolant, it fall down to 15-25. I never build radiant pipes around electrloysers, never separate gas. There is so many energy sources, that I assume, energy is unlimited, and better spent dupes time for digging and exploring, then for building some weird monstrous tech constructions.
  9. If door is open, you can fill water tank, but water not going out?
  10. That is what I use - you may see 3 water tanks (on top part of picture). First tank constantly receive polluted water with germs. After it I set automation valve with switch (small circle). Next you may see 2 water tanks, where germs-killing procedure happens. Output of this 2 tanks protected by 2 automation valves (large circle). First automation valve connected with switch directly, and it responsible for releasing non-germs water outside. Second valve connected to switch through "NOT GATE", and redirect water to 2nd water tank. So, if water have germs, it constantly travel between 2nd and 3rd water tanks in chlorine. In early game (no plastic) I set there automation switch, and just wait while all germs will be killed, and then release clean water. After I got plastic, first valve become obsolete, second switch should be replaced with microbic-pipe filter. Think I build this around 20-30 cycle, before of this I just dump water "anywhere".
  11. Ah, you are about this. Actually, never met such problems, because I set up 2 or more cooling systems. If you have one, you can send cold water to your steam turbines and then to living quarters, think it should be warm enough
  12. But you have a lot of free lead, and you may have no copper or aluminium at all, or too small amount. Why? Previously I have around 15 steam turbines, on volcanea asteroid and I cool them with polluted water with average temperature 10c. Sometimes more sometimes less, but steam turbines was always around 40-60C.
  13. Trying to pass cooling pipes INSIDE of floor, because electrolizers, toilets, showers, sinks, etc have input pipe at first cell above ground, and output pipe at second cell. Also, as mentioned above, better cool floor, because once it is cooled, it will keep this temperature for long time, also, better cool with polluted water (if you have no enough supercoolant).