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  1. No, it make no sense. I have 1 battery connected to 24 nat gas generators, all generators work approximately 90% of time. They charge it during a second, and it lost energy faster then second. No any power outages. As it was mentioned before, it make sense if you build solar panels. But I'm afraid to imagine, how many of them you need.
  2. I put a lot of hot obsidian and igneous rock in one cell. Then I drop 450 kg of lead. After a while lead become liquid. Think there was granite, it transform into magma and immediately become solid as 3 tons of igneous rock. It was ok for me. However, I quit from game, and after I load it, I saw long-long pillar from hell dimension. 24 tons in each cell, 800C each cell. It pierce my base from oil biome, and stop nearby printing pod. I really hope I have 10-turns save file without it, because it would be very difficult restore my base. This column not exists on preview, and when I load game it shows everything is normal temperature UPD Everything fine on 846 cycle, it appear on 847. Volcano Cycle 846.sav Volcano Cycle 847.sav Volcano Cycle 850.sav
  3. it is because you have no any liquids discovered. It make small sense to show all liquids in a list, if you have no liquids. However, when you use gas filter, or water filter, all liquids present.
  4. Bunker door is still "door". I face this problem also. I suppose, when game build path for your guy, it did not take into account that bunker door is still in "opening" status, so your guy hang there and wait untill bunker door is not opened. Door is unpowered, so it take really a lot of time. To fix problem, change automation signal to "red", or move your guy manually
  5. it's weird game mechanics, it's not a bug. Search something like "flaking"
  6. Interesting idea, will check corners in other positions, but it does not matter, checkpoint should work for such kind of path. It looks pretty valid.
  7. Think I start to suffer that problem from 300 cycle, each second or third cycle I got notification "scalding". I search breach in my base, but I fail. And now, finally, I have evidence, when my dupe did not wear suit in area, which is literally impossible to reach without passing atmosuit checkpoint.
  8. If you play without care packages, just no As I know, if you play with care packages, you never got seeds of plants which is not present in space or in your asteroid (may be it was fixed changed).
  9. I can see two ways how to improve it - add toggle button to fridge - "deep freeze mode (-20)" <> "normal mode(+4)", normal active by default. Or it possible to add another type of fridge (may be with mod), which will freeze to -20
  10. It would be very nice, if dupes will use materials with temperature below 200C. It's true nightmare, when you plan to build something, and suddenly your guys bring 1000000 tons of 9999C igneous rock, and all your dirt transform into sand, water into steam, transition pipes into naphtha, plants die, duplicants melt into genetic ooze in clinic burn department, doctor die in magma, no food and all colony die.
  11. Space could be warm place enough. Temperature nearby earth is around 4C, so if you will launch food on the artificial satellite orbit, it would be in same conditions as in your fringe.
  12. It is true if you have Arbour trees. From my 4 starts I got it only once.
  13. No, something similar possible in "sandbox" mode. You may found "void" type in brush panel, it simulate space exposure.
  14. I notice this cavern with co2 keep temperature 22 c from beginning of game (more then 700 cycles), even all surrounding more hot then 200C. Is it bug or desired behavior? There is only table inside, without "discover table" button.
  15. but sage hatch eat bio, it is much more valuable resource then stones