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Tabletop RpG

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I'm GM for a group of friends in tabletop RPGs and also we play a lot DST ^^. 

I would like to do an adventure and rolling some dices in the DST world. Does anyone already wrote some rules for this experiment ? :)

I'm also interessed if you have any idea of system I can use.

(Sorry for my bad english ^^)

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"Oops, you guys haven't explicitly SAID you ate in the last 3 days so you all died of starvation. Oh, and Splumonkeys stole all your stuff while you were ghosts and Chester is dead, wanna regenerate your world?"


"I would like to burn down the base" says the Willow roleplayer to the DM.

"Base? Where even is base?!" replies the Wilson roleplayer.

"Dunno, but I ate all the food" exclaims the Wolfgang roleplayer.

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Okay, I know we're talking about a _tabletop_ RPG, but I can't resist the chance to bust this out again:


But seriously...when I think of DST as an RPG, what immediately springs to mind is something like Nethack...

You know, how quite often you're about to die of hunger, so out of desperation you eat that tin of goblin meat you've been hanging onto and BAM!  Dead from food poisoning!  Go back to the beginning of the entire game.  Oh, and all the potions/scrolls/wands/etc. are randomised again now too.  : P

(well at least that's been MY experience with Nethack...)


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