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Hey Grifters,

It's a new cycle! We're going to be focusing on balance, bugs, and quality of life with this one, as we work on the Smith finale in the background. Finale materials will start to show up your datamining pleasure in the coming weeks, but they won't be playable in release for a couple of updates yet.


  • Traumatized will no longer be removed if the attack was fully evaded
  • Tolerance now has a max stack of 8
  • Smith Negotiation Balance Pass:
  • - Smith's maximum resolve has been increased from 26 to 30
  • - Smith's starting negotiation deck now has 3 bully cards instead of 2
  • - Degrade has been reworked to: "Hits twice. Can target opponent or friendly arguments."
  • - Influencer now only requires 2 renown instead of 3
  • - Networker now only requires 2 renown instead of 3
  • - Standing now only requires 3 renown instead of 4
  • - Scapegoat has been reworked, it now retargets all friendly arguments instead of opponent arguments
  • - Ad Hominem now applies less composure but applies it to all friendly arguments instead of your core
  • - Increased the damage on Barrage to 2
  • - Circle Back now expends
  • - Powder Keg now redeploys itself when destroyed
  • - Dominion now converts renown to dominance in a 1:1 ratio
  • - Double Entendre damage lowered to 1-3 with a 1:1 damage to composure ratio
  • - Forgo no longer Expends, the Enduring upgrade has been replaced by a Boosted Forgo
  • - Instigate now deals 14 damage and has 4 max resolve
  • - Know a Guy now applies composure to all arguments instead of just your core
  • - Refusal now deals 3 damage, Enduring Refusal had been replaced by Boosted
  • - Rescind now attacks once per renown, costs 2 and has a base damage of 2
  • - Chaos Theory now has 2 max resolve instead of 1
  • - Domain applies 2 composure at base instead of 1
  • - Enduring Long Winded has been replaced with Pale
  • - Overdrive now costs 2 instead of 3
  • - Parvenu now costs 9 instead of 10
  • - Tempt now reduces its cost for the whole negotiation instead of until played
  • Assign negotiation modifier rand seeds each ClearTarget.  CollectRandomTargets uses the source's random seed, if possible.  This addresses the re-targetting of RANDOMX target_mod modifiers, like Faith of Hesh, which weren't seeded.
  • Queued fighter conditions have their source information included.
  • Pealies now only use Impartial against Smith
  • Reduced the damage_mult of the Promoted Priests' mulithit attack to 0.7
  • Mark-99's Combat Analysis now shows the current base damage applied by the condition


  • Fix crash with 'Sentry' if the activated guard is spawned into the reserve.
  • Fix crash toggling Relationship screen via hotkey, while already in the Relationship screen.
  • Fix potential crash in edge case with Rooks black market
  • Hooked up the Admiralty Investigator def

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(*Side note on a bug which I've already F-8ed, but every time I play any card (apart from attacks) I'm taking damage? It seemed at first like it was about 4x the amount of defense I was trying to apply, but after testing some more it seems to be affecting most cards on all 3 grifters for random amounts!)

Didn't realize it was the Masochist Update :chunky: LMAO

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