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  1. rooks

    game wont start

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. rooks

    game wont start

    Changed Status to Fixed
  3. rooks

    game wont start

    The error appears to be an internal driver error. Can you verify that you have the latest drivers installed?
  4. Changed Status to Closed Changed Note: to not a bug
  5. I believe that condition represents "Recoverable Health". You'll get this whenever you perform self damage with Smith, and it can be restored using Alleviate.
  6. Can you indicate what the values are for the following options? Resolution, Max Target Size, Framerate Limiter, Leve of Detail. Also if you could issue an F8 feedback while in game that could be helpful. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the feedback. We've added support for being able to deselect one of the chosen cards. This will arrive in an upcoming usability patch.
  8. Thanks for reporting the issue. This bug has been resolved and will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Stay tuned!
  9. This was a recent oversight which should now be patched. Sorry bout that!
  10. Sorry to hear this has happened to you. Would anyone be willing to work with me to track down this issue? I would need some more information, and ideally if we could run some tests that could prove helpful. Please post here or DM me. Immediate F8 feedback when you notice an issue is also helpful. If this has happened to you on PC, it is probably unrelated to the issue that affected the Switch port. The run history is saved to a different file from the profile unlocks, so that at least narrows down the issue.
  11. Hi thanks for reporting! This has been fixed for a while but we are navigating the patch process to get it pushed out, alongside with some other fixes, as soon as we can.
  12. Yes, there was some code meant for one of the tools that leaked into the in-game battles. A new experimental will be posted soon.
  13. I'll update the game to handle non-existent WorkPositions without complaining. Should be in next experimental.
  14. I spent a chunk of time investigating and eventually found out it is due to a mod you have enabled and will happen if you enter PEARL_PARK. If you disable your mods the issue will go away. @minespatch
  15. OnUnapply, if it exists, will get called whenever the modifier is removed in whatever fashion.