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  1. Changed Status to Closed Changed Note: to not a bug
  2. I believe that condition represents "Recoverable Health". You'll get this whenever you perform self damage with Smith, and it can be restored using Alleviate.
  3. Just an update -- it's being worked on by our audio guru, but takes a bit of time as he has to go through the project and individually prune relevant content. Will keep you all posted.
  4. Can you indicate what the values are for the following options? Resolution, Max Target Size, Framerate Limiter, Leve of Detail. Also if you could issue an F8 feedback while in game that could be helpful. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the feedback. We've added support for being able to deselect one of the chosen cards. This will arrive in an upcoming usability patch.
  6. Thanks for reporting the issue. This bug has been resolved and will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Stay tuned!
  7. I'll see if I can look into this next week. I don't actually have any of the audio files checked out on my machine (because it's biiiig!), so I'll check with the audio folks to see if they can package something up and we can go from there.
  8. This was a recent oversight which should now be patched. Sorry bout that!
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Look for a fix in the coming days on the experimental branch, eventually to be pushed to release.
  10. Sorry to hear this has happened to you. Would anyone be willing to work with me to track down this issue? I would need some more information, and ideally if we could run some tests that could prove helpful. Please post here or DM me. Immediate F8 feedback when you notice an issue is also helpful. If this has happened to you on PC, it is probably unrelated to the issue that affected the Switch port. The run history is saved to a different file from the profile unlocks, so that at least narrows down the issue.
  11. Hi thanks for reporting! This has been fixed for a while but we are navigating the patch process to get it pushed out, alongside with some other fixes, as soon as we can.
  12. I managed to reproduce the crash in the debugger, but unfortunately the callstack is indeed deep in the FMOD DLL and we don't have the source code to give any more hints Sometimes it crashes when unloading banks, and sometimes it happens when loading the regular game bank after a reset. I imagine the modded banks/loading multiple banks are violating some unspoken FMOD assumption about how they should be structured. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  13. Official mod support for audio won't be forthcoming at this time. Regarding the crash, I imagine something about having multiple audio banks loaded is crashing FMOD. I apologize as I realize that's not very helpful, but I'm not too familiar with the FMOD internals myself. If you manage to release a copy of your audio mod, I could try loading it in the debugger to see if the crash is reproduceable.
  14. Hi there, We don't have official support for loading modded anims. The Griftlands anim format is a little different than what is used by DS, so unfortunately the DS mod tools are unlikely to work out of the box. I have heard rumblings of a similar user-created tool for Griftlands but don't know the status of it. The unofficial discord might be able to help you out there. Good luck!
  15. The experimental branch is available only on the Steam release for Griftlands -- however it is helpful for us to preview upcoming changes there to get preliminary feedback, which we definitely spend time reading. Thank you for your patience in this matter!