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Hey Grifters,

Work on day 3 continues. Turns out there are a lot of named characters in this day!

Behind the scenes we're planning the finale, and figuring out how to incorporate the all the friends that Smith can make along the way.


  • Getting the hesh disguise on smith day 3 unlocks it
  • Weezil's Scope and Fixed now show the correct values in their tooltips
  • The Snug now tracks any pets it consumes in the param table of the quest (so we can rub it in after)
  • Slightly reduced Tei's max HP
  • experiment_smith_day_3.lua now gives you a pet
  • Sticking your head into the beach monster's mouth during the hesh ceremony gets you "Claimed by Hesh" in all combats going forward.
  • fix crash typo in smith day 3 when talking to the bishop


  • rentorian_force_glaive and support_bacon now consume instead of expend
  • Added death loot, boon and bane for Eden 
  • Fix upgraded Amplify's card text


  • Making the New Game Screen perks sidebar have a listing of the slots and all the perks, allowing one to unlock new perks/tiers/slots without using the Unlock Perks Screen
  • Preventing left and right-clicks on the Game Over screen from skipping the screen altogether
  • Lower Droad's healthbar and status widgets
  • Fix incorrect usages in the card compendium and Content.GetAllBattleFlourishes / Content.GetAllNegotiationFlourishes that attempt to use a character ID in place of a series id.
  • Fix 'undefeated boss' compendium string from showing 'nil' for bosses with no names (Eg. Snug).  Should use "who".
  • ImproviseCards() now passes a source to the choosecardspopup - Added explanation text for the improvise from Master Chip

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