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Do Winona really need another rework?

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First of all i have to say sorry, my last post about this was a finger mistake and when i tried to edit and fix it the post was deleted, i understand the reason.

Hey everyone, it's been a while since my last post cause I only write about things that are important to me so let's start the discussion.(btw my person answer is no)

I'm a Nona main and i can tell she is really funny to play, some people say that she is a character to pick one time for the machines and then change to another character, this can be true in some level, but if you think about it almost all the characteres are to pick once and change, for example if you want to kill a boss you can use warly to make strong specials dishes then you change to wolfy to kill the boss and at the end you can switch again to wx-78 this way you can say that you are playing in the most optimal way but i think that most of the players pick a specific character for fun, not to play in the most optimal way. The other issue that some people are saying is that she really doesn't have downsides this is not true at all, but you have to think that some characters are easier to play than others, and thats all.

Gosh I think Im in love with Nona and if the devs want to rework her again, fine by me if they not still fine but since some people just think she needs some littles tweaks then if you allow me, I can give you some ideas to make her a more interesting character.


-Her crafting speed is increased a little more.

-Her trusty tape now have two uses and the recipe value is increased.

-Her trusty tapes now can be used to fix some tools, armors and weapons at 50% of their durability,(of course the rare ones can't be fixed with tapes for example the moon tools or the shadow equip, the ability to fix clothing items is the same btw)

-She now can get a duplicate item(60% of probability) whenever she craft that item under the next tabs: Refine tab, Tools tab, Engineering tab.(she can't duplicate pre built structures anyway)

-She now can get a duplicate item(10%) whenever she carft that item under all the others tabs, even the special ones, likes ancient tab.


-Her hunger drains 10% faster than normal.

-Whenever she gets a duplicate item under the refine, tools or engeneering tab she loses 10 hunger points and 15 sanity points.

-Whenever she get a duplicate item under all the others tabs she loses 15 hunger points and 40 sanity points.(this could be a good trade since you can duplicate thulecite and special weapons and tools)


-Her trusty tapes have only one use when another no winona character use it and when someone that is not winona use tapes to fix armor, weapons or tools these only restores 15% of the durability.(you know, no warly players can't use his pot regardless is just a pot that can be picked up :lol:)

-She has afinity with his toys, now Winona can tuned the two generators, whenever she tuned a generator with her special touch the gen consume less fuel and last longer even with a lot of catapults atached to it.(with this other survivors can still use her toys but she is the only one who can use them in the most optimal way)

-The spotlights now ignore all the players with light sources near them(players using miner hats or lamps). Winona and only Winona can attach gems to the spotlight to make special spotlights, this spotlight  have different effects on the players depending of the color of the gem(I let this to your imagination :p). This spotlights runs out the generators faster.


150 Sanity        200 Hunger       150 health 


Well well as you can see Im not gonna suggest a new device for Nona, these are just some changes and improvements.

And for the final words i have to say the same as before i love Nona idc if she gets a rework or not but if you people want her to be changed let me tell you that right now she is really good, she is not a pick and change option, you can make a lot of things with Nona and yeah she can cheese bosses with her toys but you can make more than that with her, you can make a lot of farms, war boats and a lot more, and her skins and dialogue lines are really awesome!:victorious:

Here Im gonna let you with a speed run i made, this is just to make her some justice, she is a good character with a lot of potential, i know that my run was not that good but if you try you can kill the bee queen even faster than wicker, maybe on day 5 or 6. 



THANKS FOR READING!:wickerbottomthanks:

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About Winona being a pick and swap character and why is she “more prone” to that than others: Because she has no meaningful perks inbetween building catapults.

Her catapults are versatile, but she isn’t, and anyone can operate a catapult.

Solution IMHO: She needs another perk to make her more fun to stay as. Not just more utility, just more fun.


I was thinking about making catapults, spotlights and nitre generators to be portable, like Warly’s crock pot. But only Winona can do that, like set them up and when done, turning them into a transportable form and getting them back in the inventory. For everyone else it’s just an immobile object.

It would open the possibility of Winona always carrying a Generator and 2 catapults, or a spotlight, for quick uses on the field.

Also catapults should only regenerate if Winona is on the shard. If no Winona is present, they should be repairable only by tape. I mean maybe only her knows how to maintain them perfectly, the rest of the cast just fixes stuff when broken.


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I still just want her to be able to repair burned structures as a Winona exclusive feature, maybe in the same way Willow can smoother out wildfires that are about to start without taking any health damage, Winona would have an Animation to repair burned down things- it takes a few seconds but she doesn’t need anything to do it.. just stand by it and hold in button till it’s fully repaired.

Shes a Mechanic she should know how to salvage broken or exploded structures (which her short actually eludes to)

bonus points if the animation used has her slam her welding helmet on and torch repair the burned structure.

This would make Winona less of a pick and swap character and more viable for actually sticking with the character.

(I mean you probably could pick and swap.. but with a perk that good, I’m sure more peoples would Opt to keep playing her rather than swapping out)

Also portable spotlights and catapults that can be picked up and replaced down- these will collapse when Winona isn’t in the game, but like Bernie will spring back to action when a Winona player joins.

Building Catapults and then swapping away from Winona will no longer be a viable thing people can do because the catapults go into inactive mode when Winona isn’t in the world.

Think of it like having a Missile silo and the hatch for it only opens if a Winona is near the hatch, otherwise it just becomes a sealed off hatch that the (Winona) crafted gadget won’t spring out of without a Winona actively in the game.


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22 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

I still just want her to be able to repair burned structures as a Winona exclusive feature, maybe in the same way Willow can smoother out wildfires that are about to start without taking any health damage, Winona would have an Animation to repair burned down things- it takes a few seconds but she doesn’t need anything to do it.. just stand by it and hold in button till it’s fully repaired.

Shes a Mechanic she should know how to salvage broken or exploded structures (which her short actually eludes to)

bonus points if the animation used has her slam her welding helmet on and torch repair the burned structure.

This would make Winona less of a pick and swap character and more viable for actually sticking with the character.


I don't think Ive seen a burned structure in like 4 years.

This would do next to nothing for her if it was added.

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7 minutes ago, Scrimbles said:

I don't think ive seen a burned structure in like 4 years.

Unfortunately if you play on Xbox and are not monitoring your base like a Hawk, then odds are by the time you return to your base someone has burned it down out of meanness. People are just jerks & more often than not, they will join to destroy your stuff then leave. Don’t ask me why- I don’t know, but I can tell you it’s the reason I opt to password lock most my rooms.

Rolling the Servers back is also a total jerk move to have to do if other players are in the session with me, because those players all literally Return to the past of something they were already done doing.

Being able to Repair them as a passive perk that does not require resources to repair as Winona would help significantly in saving resources (Hammering Down & Rebuilding new..) or having to Roll the server back.

Its just something I would genuinely like to see Winona be able to do considering she reassembled a Gateway into another Dimension all by herself after it Exploded pulling in Wagstaff.

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I discount criticism that she is "pick and switch" for similar reasons - every character is pick and switch, the only difference is how many things you pick them for.  Winona has her catapults that work really well but they are so costly that there isn't much point to use her until you're well passed upgrading the gate to switch, meanwhile Wendy, Wolfgang, Woodie, and most others have unique things they can do immediately on joining a new world and many situations they can apply themselves to.

Winona's niche is automation and she can do a lot better than most at this already - I think everything she does should work well without her because that's what automation IS.  Winona just needs more crafts that are worth building early so there is some value to pick her on a new world, and generally more things to do so she can apply herself to more situations.  Its okay that things are more expensive for her, requiring more expensive resources and fuel, as long as she can actually do more things people will play her more.

Things that could help Winona out:

Auto harvesting setups
- Thumper - Build on rocky turf and it will produce rocks for you.  The rocks can be any type droppable via earthquake in caves including gems.  The thumper does require fuel to run but should produce enough to maintain its own supply unless you get unlucky.  It comes with a downside of spawning creatures like depth worms which will attack the thumper unless intercepted by players.
- Chainsaws - Have it be a body equip that also prevents you from using other items.  Requires fuel and slows movement speed a bit.  When you walk into tree, grass or twigs it will harvest them.
- Ice Machine - Generates ice similar to SW but requires fuel.

Other automation
- Auto-reset traps - Basically like tooth traps but they automatically reset after a time.
- Give the spotlight its OWN charge system rather than depend on generator, have it only turn on at night, and have it provide a cone of light rather than a small spot.

- Change the way she makes fuel cells so that she has 1 type of generator to build but can make fuel out of either nitre, gems, or other things.  Give everyone the ability to make a nitre based fuel cell, and make the flingo use this fuel cell to recharge instead of sticks.

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I feel bad when people may not speak their mind because the fear a negative reaction. Be proud as a nona main that you are not satisfied with things unapologetically. I am also a winona main and I'm not completely happy with her rework for reasons you have listed. 

I agree with most of your suggestions. Barring, maybe the duplication of items and the spotlight rework. I if I had my way it would look something like this.


- Trusty tape is the bread and butter of winona. Fixes boat holes, repairs clothing, repairs non magic tools, can can give minor healing to WX. Can be used to heal walls, can heal catapults.

- Spotlight turns off during the daytime and dusk automatically. Useless otherwise.

-Catapults are fine the way they are I think

- Winona's faster crafting should be a touch faster, half a second more.

Disadvantages are fair with these advantages. Right now, she just gets hungry all the time for no real purpose. as regular playing racks up her -5 hunger penalty before you know it, you're starving often. I normally don't have an issue with this but I can easily see new players dying from it.

Now in a wonderful wishful thinking world these are some ideas winona can one day get by modders or something.

- Ability to dismantle generators and re-assemble elsewhere.

- A new generator that harnesses the power of lightning bolts, or an attachment mod on a lightning rod to turn it into a generator.

- An irrigation system that sprinkles water onto 4 tiles for farming purposes.

- A fusebox mod that can attach to a structure individually and can be loaded with electric doodads for power

- some kind of harpoon structure for fighting in the water. 

That's just some things I've thought of.

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She should have a real perk and more structures. Wagstaff was so interesting to play meanwhile winona is just a wilson without a magnificient beard

The problem isnt the portal, if people dont want to use her is their choice, but atleast she should have a reason to be played


They can include harvest and sea machines

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I'm not super invested in the character but a interesting idea would be giving her a multi raft option where you choose how much of something you want to craft and she crafts them all instantly after one animation another would he to cut the crafting cost on all things outside of magical ones by about 25% to 30% I feel it'd suit her nature an give her a niche that benefits a builder.

Edit: for the multi craft she'd lose 10 hunger per 5 of the crafted item and 30 sanity if it exceeds 20 things at once.

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idk - just as a matter of consistency - if Winona is supposed to be the construction and engineering expert - why can everyone else figure out how to make fuel from twigs, turn on and off powered device to not waste fuel, but Winona is stuck in always on and must use more rare materials?

Spotlight should definitely turn on / off automatically or at least by player selection with basic fuel materials like campfire stuffs.

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