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Ancient Gateway Model


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Hi, I am newcomer to having a presence here. Got a model I made that I wanted to share. Apologies if I'm in the wrong place.


Made it on Solidworks, probably the worst idea for this kind of thing, but I don't use any other software, and I was determined. Not the highest quality thing out there, so apologies. Comes with an ancient key and two more parts that form a locking mechanism.

When I get my 3D printer for Christmas I'll try make it, I am questioning the feasibility of it though. I tried attaching the parts but there's a size limit issue. Be sure to let me know what I can do, I'm hoping someone can find a use for them! Merry Christmas and stuff.


Edit: So I made it and finally got around to painting it. hope you like it. I'm not a very good painter, and I've discovered I've got he worlds least steady hands. I think it turned out nicely though, and I love it. Eventually I'll take the centre part out and make a new one, with a larger bulb I think.

No description available.

The "worn and broken" aesthetic of the gateway definitely helps me out here.

EDIT 2: I've made a new centre, new electronics and it's very bright now.


Thanks for reading!

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Updates, lotsa updates.
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On 12/16/2020 at 10:22 PM, QrChuck said:

The amount of planes you had to use for this project must be countless. I've only made two bike frames and my brain almost crashed. Amazing work!

Thank you very much for the kind words! I used many 3D sketches to avoid that, but ended up with at least 10 30 or so planes, and many under defined areas. As soon as I figure out a way to share the parts here you can take a look for yourself! (warning in advance, there are some very degenerate uses of functions in the model! ) 

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30 planes not 10
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So I printed it. Had to do it in three parts. (Plus two for the lock mechanism and an additional key, so 6 total prints). The keyhole had to be increased in size as the resulting key would have been tiny, but I am happy as it looks closer to the in game drawing now. Came out pretty good!


Definitely needs a coat of paint. Do I go grey and yellow for inactive or grey and purple for active?

I hollowed out the inside and used the key mechanism to activate a bulb placed in the centre.


The ancients relied on USB power obviously. I am hoping to add something that disperses the light around (maybe even something to be placed in the centre to glow. Here is the key:


The key is poorly designed as a key ( I know in game it is obviously only designed for show). The notches that lock it in are very tiny and subject to wear and shear when it is used. The turning is also bad as the mechanism feels like trying to tighten a worn screw with a Philips screwdriver, trying to push itself out when turning (it would hypothetically be held in by the locking mechanism but in practice the parts are too small and susceptible to wear), and the shape resembles a Philips head as well kinda.

I was extremely impressed that the locking mechanism printed out and functioned as intended (the key notches are around 1mm wide), and the rest of the parts followed the modelling very well. I used an Artillery genius in case anyone cares, at the highest resolution settings, generic PLA for the model and ABS for the key and lock parts. Let me know if you want the STL's or the parts in any other form, I would love to share it with someone!

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2 minutes ago, gaymime said:

what about aquarium air tubing with micro string lights passed through it?

Haven't done much experimenting with lighting just yet, but as it's the festive season I did try using similar lights (I'm relatively sure some of the wiring I plundered was from Christmas lights) and ended up sticking with what I have for now. But I can say this: they have to be really small lights if I plan to wrap it around the gate. I will definitely give it a go, thanks for the suggestion!

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On 1/2/2021 at 4:31 AM, minespatch said:

That's a great use of your 3d printer! You should do a image of it in the dark as well.

Thanks! I will do, but the bulb burnt out, I'm going to have to get some more/new lights that are more than whatever I could find and then I gotta paint it, I still don't know what colours! I also am unsure if I want to have one bright light in the centre (with perhaps some sort of starry orb in the centre), or coloured lights around the gateway itself. Let me know what you guys think.

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Sorry for the silence. The model has...changed. Take a look:

It looks better on video, I regret not putting two bulbs in there. Now it just needs some paint! Does anyone know anything about paint adhesion on PLA? Because I am clueless on the subject and don't know what paints would be best. I welcome any other ideas and suggestions (and anyone who would like the STL files as well).

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Just now, minespatch said:

I might recommend asking a local Hobby Lobby for help? Not sure about Wal-mart or Sherwin williams.

Sure thing, thanks for the help. I live in the UK, so we don't have Wal-mart's here anyways. I'm also hoping there's such a thing as "shiny" purple paint so the purple parts look like they're glowing when it's lit. I'll keep it updated when I get my hands on something!

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