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Hey Grifters,

Today was a day of more playing, and more fixing. I think we're getting close now :)


  • Sal Streamlining/pushing drafts later: remove day 1 oppo, day 2 event, day 3 oppo
  • Fixed bug where the boom box starting bonus could be rerolled by choosing the "Upgrade card" option and backing out
  • Chemists now only have the bombard condition when on enemy team
  • Adjusted Nadan's reinforcement table
  • Fix Clerks et al surrendering even with Booster Clamp.
  • Most battles in brawl can now be fled from. (run_away_chat)


  • Hook up negotiation flourish fx.
  • added screenshake to sal's abilities
  • Fix "Immune" floater from showing up during the Combat Drone shutdown sequence.
  • Fix certain negotiation quips with helpers not showing up.
  • Fix rare situation where attack previews may not be correctly regenerated in the UI.
  • Update custom game labels indicating Achievements are diasbled.
  • Waylay / Daggerstorm: auto-deal the Blade Flashes (do not require a clickthrough)
  • Adjusting the animation easing on the Death Loot widget
  • Adding card tooltips to the Flourish Popup. Also allowing right clicks for more card info. And allowing selecting cards with gamepad to see their info as well, including the gamepad hint for it
  • Showing 0 Prestige runs on the History screen as 0 prestige, instead of Story difficulty


  • Rebuild is now targetable
  • Fixed bug where Pure Diplomacy II was applying 10 composure to influence (and 5 to all other arguments)
  • Fix formatting on Fume Bubble
  • Parlous Concept: revised
  • Fix Tincture desc.

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2 minutes ago, Rook the Bogger said:

Another update, another rant how Eonwes and Snacks new names are stupid. Make Eonwe and Snack great again!

Snack still exists as Lumack, which is a better name than Snack given that he's a Luminitiate.





Eonwe being changed to bloody Gorgonzola is inexcusable tho.

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Funny thing is that Gorgula is her third name, she was named something different before Eonwe (can’t remember anymore). I’m not a huge fan of the new name, because Eonwe was pretty, but maybe they want to reuse that name for someone else.

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