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Hey Grifters,

Today brings a raft of fixes, more sources for mettle, and lots of, er... flourish for the flourishes. This week we'll be tuning the new progression systems, and re-evaluating how all of the recent balance changes affect Sal's campaign.

If you play Sal at any prestige, please tell us how the balance feels. We're aiming to have you picking cards throughout a run, and to saw down any big difficulty spikes that you don't opt into.



  • Adding particles to the Flourishes popup
  • Adding effects to the flourish button
  • Adding a custom expend animation for the Flourish cards
  • Making the Choose Flourish Popup translucent
  • coalesce shill/mettle rewards in reward tooltip
  • Changed all instances of "Mettle Points" to simply "Mettle"


  • Fixed incorrect description on Slaughter
  • Fixed bug where the Jakes Runner's kneecap could apply exposed through evasion
  • Clarified description of Sal's intrigue_plus2
  • Fixed bug causing Simmer to not gain xp when triggered
  • Fix crash with yote_call_in


  • Give mettle for winning negotiation and battles, and for completing jobs
  • Hanbi now only shows his hilt bash condition when he is on the enemy team
  • Fixed bug where Nadan could dismiss fighters that weren't his goons (only really relevant with certain mods)
  • Fix bug where Fssh's boon and Kashio's bane weren't shown as unlocked
  • Fixed bug where recent changes to morale meant that old saves could have instances of morale-less agents 
  • the target in handler_spree_neutralize_guard.lua will no longer help you get information on themselves
  • Fixed bug where bribing in side_thief_bounty.lua would reset if you left the conversation
  • don't apply advancement health boosts to player characters
  • Fix morale reference in erchin


  • hook up Smiths' little hat

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The thing that always stood out to me is the difference in difficulty between Nadan and Oolo fights.

Nadan does average damage, applies some debuffs, but has no real scaling outside of summoning tougher allies each time. Since he dismisses the allies after a few turns, you could just focus solely on Nadan and let your allies soak up the single target damage coming from his goons and even himself. The whole fight usually ends before the 2nd wave of reinforcements even has a chance to come in.

In contrast, Oolo has insane scaling with her gain power each time you play X cards. Her bloody snail has an AOE attack that does around 20 damage (to EVERYONE) and a single target lifesteal attack. If you fail to kill the snail on the turn it comes back, you and your allies are most likely gonna die. Unlike the Shroog, whose power gain can be stopped by stunning it, Oolo's power scaling cannot be interrupted. In the Campaign, you could get the power siphon card to counter her, but getting that in the Brawl is down to RNG. Rook, being limited to 3 energy, has a tougher time with Oolo than Sal, though if you build a Burn focused deck you could just focus on Oolo herself and burn the snail down via AOE. Smith, on the other hand, has a really tough time countering Oolo's power gain, largely due to the amount of 0 cost cards he has. Regardless of the character, you're often one bad draw away from dying to Oolo.

That's my P6 impression.

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13 hours ago, ZeppMan217 said:

Nadan does average damage, applies some debuffs, but has no real scaling outside of summoning tougher allies each time.

My thoughts exactly, Nadan doesn't have a passive ability that makes him more dangerous at higher prestiges, when he should be more difficult than oolo (IMO) since you need to spare him to get the best result from the quest. Smith does seem very unfit for some of the other grifter's bosses too, as you said Oolo gets a ton of power off of Smith just due to his empty bottles, while Flefkis becomes a walk in the park since those same 0 cost cards completely neuter his damage due to Momentum. 

On a personal note, I feel there should be at least some reason to spare Sal's day 1 bosses. The drone and oppressor cell are amazing cards so there's really no reason not to murder them in Fssh's bar - maybe have them pop up later in a event and give you their social boon - considering I've never been able to get Jeol and Buleet's ones and I only got Sparky's through sheer perk luck.

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Some new things I've noticed in this update:

1) Eonwe is no more, say hello to... Gorgula?? 

Like as in Gorgon or Gorgeous? :D


2) There's a new (probably Smith Day 3) Boss - I'm guessing it's that toad-looking beasty that got datamined a while back?


3) When you sleep off status cards, they have a unique swirling animation that's different from just expending them in game.


Game Balance wise, the new Mettle sources feel really good. Though I'd like some kind of notification on the world map that the quest reward is extra Mettle - as I thought that the quest just bugged out otherwise. Oolo's more than doable on P6 after the changes, Nadan even more so, so I think the poor guy needs a little bump in strength.

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