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Let Wigfrid drink soothing tea

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20 minutes ago, Hornete said:

The pattern on what seems to be considered a goodie is the food has to be some kinda sweet or candy, Taffy, Volt Goat Jelly, Jellybeans and etc are sweets and candy. Tea isnt really a sweet or candy.

Ice Cream.

Also, the prefab is literally sweettea.

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She ended up getting mushy cake which had a very important after effect. I don't think wigfrid needs soothing tea. It's just a little bit of extra sanity which she will gain from consistent early game fighting or lose more slowly in boss fights with her songs.

The only reason she would be able to drink it would be for RP in my opinion. If you spend the day just playing as wigfrid, your sanity will be topped up from all the fighting you do just to keep fed. 

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