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Hey Grifters.

Today in the Griftlands:


  • Enabled the promoted wealthy merchant, priest and luminitiate defs
  • Set up a combat behaviour for the Promoted Wealthy Merchant
  • Added a basic combat behaviour for the Pearlies
  • Added death loot, boon and bane for Pearlies
  • Added Pearlies to the patron_defs table in smith_pearl_on_foam_locations.lua
  • give the dodgy scavenger plot armour
  • add quest-in-progress side_smith_seemli_triangular_firing_squad


  • Switching the position of the Concede and Flourish buttons
  • Making the Mettle Screen show up taking the full screen
  • Fix crash buying health mettle upgrades.
  • The brawl progress meter now indicates which bosses you will face.
  • use custom player dodge anims again.
  • Fix a presentation bug where dodging a multi-hit attack would abort the dodge anim early.
  • Fixed bug where mettle upgrades were in a random order


  • Added missing upgrade highlight on Bonkers
  • Adding an updated Flourish bar to the negotiation and battle screens
  • Cleaned up names and descriptions for Smith's negotiation cards:
  • negotiation behaviour for npc-sal
  • Fixed bug where the Burn application of Sear ignored Evasion stacks
  • Raw Power now only deals damage for and affects cards that cost more than 0
  • Fixed bug in Raw Power's CanPlayCard
  • Added upgrade highlights for Save Face
  • Fixed bug with batter_up causing it to not have the correct target_count in certain cases
  • torrid_clone now replays cards from END_RESOLVE rather than POST_RESOLVE 
  • Fixed bug where card defs with max_xp = 0 were given XP if the card had multiple non-XP upgrades


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