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Volcanea asteroid problem

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There is... was, a huge chunk of scalding hot igneous rock and obsidian directly below my base. I initially insulated it until I had a crew of 8 in atmo suits. The plan was to quickly excavate it and collect the rocks, because the heat was bleeding all over the map.

Well, while excavating it I accidentally let a lump of phosphorus fall down and it instantly sublimated into 1000*C gas that quickly evaporated the rest of the vein. Now the entire area is full of superheated phosphorus that scalds everybody THROUGH their atmo suits. It's completely off limits.

I've sealed it up so it's not a danger to my base, but it's blocking my way down and it's heating up the neighbouring biomes. I don't have steel or plastic so I can't build a cooling loop. Is there anything I can do to salvage the situation?


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That large hot mass leaking heat directly below the base is standard on this map, I think. I have seen it every time so far.  

What could work for the hot gas problem is a gas-crusher using doors to get rid of that gas. Doors can melt but should not overheat. Same for the automation.

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You can make a door gas delete system using automation

Essentially you would build a set of doors into the area full of gas, with an insulated wall around it to reduce heat transfer, then with a series of buffer gates with a not gate, you can cause these doors to open in sequence, allowing gas in before crushing it against the walls to delete it.


With this setup, all doors open for 5 seconds to let gas in, then the signal turns off and the bottom door closes, 1 second later the remaining doors will close, deleting all gas that made it inside, including any heat that didn't get absorbed by the doors themselves. After 1 more second, all doors will open again.


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2 hours ago, Qubit said:

Can you door crush a gas filled area (larger than the area occupied by the doors, obviously) to vacuum, or is the goal just to get it to a very low gas concentration? 

You run door-crushers in cycles. For liquid, they are very fast. For gas, they get slow on low concentrations, but you can vacuum out areas with them. Expect to have to run things overnight for that though. You can also continue with pumps on low gas concentrations, because the pumps will take a long time to heat up.

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17 hours ago, MiniDeathStar said:

I've sealed it up so it's not a danger to my base, but it's blocking my way down and it's heating up the neighbouring biomes. I don't have steel or plastic so I can't build a cooling loop. Is there anything I can do to salvage the situation?

Every volcanae map ends up as a patchwork of cooked slime biomes. There's no stopping it, realisticly, just accept it.

My best recommendation is to write the location off until you have active cooling (steel's not your problem, it's power) and in the meantime, dig around it.

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The mentioned ice idea is really good ... Do you have ice at hand ?

I play without editor and in my current colony of 3000 2466 cycles I discovered by accident the following,

which may or may not help you:

Melt sand to glass and build like kind of basins/containers for ice.

So like 4-6 cells wide and 2-3 cells high glass. If you put ice in to there you have a kind of ice-oven, which cools down your surrounding for long time.

These ice basins can help you to further colonize along. Do the glass melting somewhere where it does not matter - If you get pipe breaks on the glass smelter, just always repair and continue to smelter. I normally smelter in to a big steam room. In to a steam room I pack dozens of heat generating machinery, I tend to only have machinery in a big steam room ( which powers steam engines ).

The glass-ice basins are also good for plantations, the glass does not block light and due to the high mass of glass and ice/water you can temperature stabilize large areas.


The glass ice/water basins are also good for rocket silos...In combo with heavy mass tempshift plates a lot of temperature can be taken up at/after rocket launch.

In general,if I want to keep heat away from somewhere I start building lots of 3 tile thick insulation strips/rooms.

My machinery steam room ( colony is currently in food & energy crisis and I`m saving it...Again !!! ). I play "Open Plan", I don`t do little nibbly efficiency stuff :D

Its all raw brute force and without editor.



BTW I love the wind tunnel buildings !

There is always some dead laying around in my base :D


Ice basin with ice tempshift plates - If they melt, then it will be a water basin. I had no more ice at hand to also build ice in to it.


How I build insulation example, also some glass-water-basins are visible


My base oxygen production and main base entry/exit - Insulation example


FYI Oxygen/Hydrogen Pipe Layout

There is no backup in the colony, this is already something like a 5th iteration... No-Editor-Play!

BTW Colony main power line peaks at 42K, the colony consumes 30K power as everything is fully working.

Due to current colony emergency crisis the pipes are nearly empty :(


Pumping Carbon Dioxide from NG generators in to space ( planning to use CaDio for something in a few thousand cycles or so ). You can pump gas/heat in to space, but its always better to use heat for something...Like the steam engine :p


Steam engine cooling with exhaust water and radiant pipes:


+ water strip below on floor ( the water comes from a steam vent in that room, its a kind of 2nd steam room, but the 2nd steam room is only used to drip water on to the floor for the steam engines ). If the floor water gets too much then the water gets pumped in to the main steam room below, which is full of heat producing machinery.


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44 minutes ago, babba said:

I play "Open Plan", I don`t do little nibbly efficiency stuff :D

Impressive! Excellent screenshots, best laugh I had all day! No wimpy dupes allowed in these colonies.

Shows nicely how versatile this game is. A bit different from my style though ;-)

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This can help to build further in to heat areas - Ice production :p

I managed to setup a little ice field just in time, I still got 400 tons of Phosporite for the Wheezie Plantation :afro:


My building of little "Icefields" in the colony posted below, I`m again facing a heat collapse :geek:

Too much Oxygen is taken from my Aircon System for outside-base-exosuit-workers, so I`m currently not producing enough cool air for the colony.

Just about managed to get the ice production going, my dupes started to faint and mega freakout !

MEGA EMERGENCY in cycle 2-666 :beaten:



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