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  1. My .02: TNI (and Cairath) are awesome. But the ability to guarantee that specific resource features will appear on your maps ought to be a priority candidate for inclusion in the base game. TNI is an elaborate, developer/community resource intensive, workaround to out-of-the-box ONI’s failing to provide any way to mitigate an RNG aspect of gameplay that often forces the player to decide between resignedly putting further effort into a map that disappoints them versus resignedly tossing away dozens of hours to start over on a new map that they hope will disappoint them less. Well, failing to provide any way that doesn't involve revealing the map via debug mode first...thus forcing one to decide between no surprise and total surprise.
  2. Yea, I was going to say, the stuff I'm reading on the forums re: the preview branch...does not create the picture of a game in a virtually ready to release state.