What's your favourite character?

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  1. 1. What character do you like the most?

    • Rook
    • Sal
    • (Expiremental) Smith

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Alright, there are only two characters in the basegame (and Smith in expiremental) but I still think I want to ask this question.

What character do you prefer to play as?

I personally like Rook the most. Some people say that Rook's deckbuilding is much more RNG-heavy since you need to draw all parts of the synergies - but I personally have never had the problem. Rook's much more complex but it's also much more fun for me, and the braindead strategies of stacking Overcharge or stacking gambling is great. Seriously, Rook's negotiation turns can last forever, but they're a blast. Meanwhile you're dealing way too much damage a turn in battles, and hatching lockboxes and other neat things feels great too, there's a very big payoff and it's satisfying to get. Parasites are a fun complication, too.

Meanwhile Sal... I personally don't like. I feel Sal relies too much on being the "basic" character, and neither combo nor bleed feels really satisfying to me. Sal seems to rely a lot of Ability cards to make the decks more powerful, and the negotiations are basic with either choosing to stack dominance or to stack influence. And Keep Composed trivializes a lot of them. Meanwhile Rook's engaging in boosted schenanigens with coins flying so fast they go ballistic and Smith's just drunkenly contradicting himself in what feels like actually drunk arguing: screwing yourself over so your opponent gives up.

I'm not as expirienced with (Expiremental!) Smith, but I feel like he's in a good place. The negotiations don't feel that great what with the lack of too many unique elements, but Moxie feels great to use as does the whole "Bar Brawl" setup where you're good at taking on even large groups of enemies with cards like Rampart. Chain is an unique gimmick too. The Drink and Moxie playstyles I feel are good, though trauma feels... a bit underwhelming? To say the least. As mentioned before I like the "screw yourself" trick both negotiations and battle have going on, though I feel battle executes it a bit better. (Also, Smith's battle animations get way too slow, to be honest.)

So what do you think?

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I have once been told by my blunt-for-the-sake-of-jokes friend that i talk too fruity. 

Because of that i felt a deep connection with rook, with his line "Rumors are like birds, always flying about in the wind."

Also said friend once said i look like i would enjoy going to weenie hut jrs., and given how rook is very cordial, i feel that kinda sealed the deal with my opinion of him

Smith is second because smith.

Sal,i sadly say, is the lowest because she is basically artemis or athena, the bad-arse hunter gal who does have quick quips and very good dialogue but it just isn't as funny as when an old government spy yells "WHOO" or a young drunk alien regaling a cultist with details about their own cult in order to get out of paying said cultist a tithe.

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