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  1. I'm excited, 401 hours in early access. I just hope I don't get obsessed again and do like 8 runs a day for a week.
  2. I don't honestly like the template all that much... but it fit pretty well. Presenting: Sal's endgame negotiations with influence. disclaimer: the turn enclosed in this meme is actually full of terrible misplays.
  3. burn was IMO pretty weak before, couldn't match up to the insane defences of Concentrate or the insane damage of Overcharge or the sheer power of generic.debuff (which has some ridiculous cards)
  4. Inspired by the above things, I made something extremely CURSED. Warning: Not for the faint of heart. Geniunely disturbing in an odd way.
  5. "Mental Overload now discards unplayable cards at the end of your turn" Finally! No more Hanbi shooting thrice for 27 damage each time!
  6. Oooh, can we have boons from your pets? Might make playing with them more viable.
  7. So, some rather... cursed ideas in the discord lead to this. Pirate Rook. Made out of royalty free images, and Rook's face. So, we know what Rook's fourth unlockable skin is now.
  8. I've been hearing about this discord, can I get an invite from someone?
  9. I'm sorta concerned by the fact that negotiation-decks tend to be a bit more... "BRRRT" than combat decks. They have cards like Buying Time and grafts like, well, the boss ones. There are a lot more absurd comboes in negotiations than in combat. Rook's negotiations espicially, with cards like Bluff, Dead Draw combined with known thug. You can draw and discard just so many cards and with ridiculous grafts like Warding Trinket and Weighted Coin and Slug Nook and your cards reducing each other's costs and so many other things, turns can become even more complex. I guess you'll only have one health bar, but even so, I hope there will be a serious drawback to using the perk.
  10. TFW you enter a bar that has 6 admirality and extort a poor worker out of her life savings
  11. No. I'm not using save scumming, I'm trying to use everything the game lets me use to win, but not things the game isn't meant to let me do.
  12. Yeah, but that's only turn 3 and onwards, and willd animals get to attack on turn 2. Furthermore, picking it leaves you vulnerable, since you have to survive the turn that you pick it on, and that's kinda hard when you start the encounter with 11 health.