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  1. "Mental Overload now discards unplayable cards at the end of your turn" Finally! No more Hanbi shooting thrice for 27 damage each time!
  2. Did a run of the alpha, some feedback from it: -This feels quite hard. It's hard to get all the things in most negotiations, even on prestige 0 - it's probably intentional, but just a note: Feels much harder than the standard campaign. -The day 1 finale drags on. It takes something like, what, 15 turns? At least? It's so long and ceases to be enjoyable. -Propaganda poster quest: It's confusing what makes something a Mediocre poster or a better or a worse poster. How many cards do I put in? There's no real indicator. I end up doing it blindly, unaware of what to do exactly. Looking for an artist is way too RNG-heavy. You could either find an excellent one with decent demands with 2 actions or have to settle for a mediocre one with big demands after 5 actions. I suggest, instead, that some characters are better than others: It'd make sense for the Rise Pamphleteer to be always great, for example. It'd also be useful if you could get some "no, but I know ___ is great at making posters" tips from the people you ask if they don't know to make searching less painful. Also, in the propaganda poster-triggered negotiations, YOUR EVOKES TRIGGER! This means you can do things like play hostile instinct, and then the poster plays 2 more hostility cards, triggering your Evokes. It's OP. -It's unclear how much questions matter on day 2. Do I need to answer 10 for a good result? 20? Unclear. Something like fatigue ending it could be useful as an indicator.
  3. I think it's because admiralty is designed to work as a squad. Say with guards. They benefit greatly from being in a team: They get defended by goons and they get buffed by patrol leader. The classic team of goon-clerk-guard-leader is very hard to break: Leader attracts aggro and tanks, clerk impairs, goon shields leader, guard works on DPS. Goon can also apply exposed to make things easier for Guard to break through.
  4. Don't ya just love it when you get a great deck going? And this is an unrelated run. 58 dead. I think this is the murder-est run I've had yet. They call it Murder Bay for a reason, after all! And this is what they call a "Reverse Smith" move. WITCHERY! That's all my stuff... for now.
  5. We've got a thread for memes and crazy screenshots. But we haven't gotten a thread for fun stories! Let me start this off, with Smith suddenly getting 2000 IQ. The day is Smith 2. Andwantette is the suitor chosen. So, Hanbi needs to be deal with, and Ashnitho is looking into the situation too. Well, I talk with Ashnitho and get the cheese back. Then I say, hey, I'll entrap Hanbi with you. Well, I go to Hanbi then, with an ulterior motive or two. I convince him that Andwantette has more work, and then he asks who has to die... and I pick Ashnitho. I go straight to the training facility to pick up a luminitiate. Next time I meet Hanbi, Ashnitho is dead, and he asks for payment... well, I've got payment for sure: DEATH! During the fight, the witness, Lumax the luminitiate dies, but I finish off Hanbi too. In essence, I just got a fake reason to talk to Hanbi, eliminated a loose end with him, then got him to eliminate the witness before being killed. And nobody can suspect Smith - there was a reason to talk to Hanbi, Hanbi came to Ashnitho because "he figured out the trap" and then Hanbi was murdered in a scene where it looks like a luminitiate fought him, and both died. And Smith's off to do the rest of the job!
  6. Yeah, by minimizing the size of your deck, you can get it to be really consistent. If you have a 5-card combo and only have 5 cards in the deck, you're always getting it. You can also trash items by clicking on them and selecting the "trash" option, too, so that's an option for making the deck even smaller. Also disagree with the title - a discard deck can be insane. Here is an example. Generally any sort of deck theme can be used for ridiculous effect. Combo can be stacked to ridiculous extent and then used for way too much damage, bleed is so easy to stack, improvise can result in chain-improvising, and discard results in turns taking ten months. The trick is that discard cards are on avarage stronger than normal cards, and there are cards that want to be discarded, so if you find some of them, you're going to get insane turns.
  7. Oooh, can we have boons from your pets? Might make playing with them more viable.
  8. Do you like a screenshot dump? I like a screenshot dump! Ahem. Smoth. Pretty proud of this daily. Vicious sucks, but the Vrock was neccessary. Not a scratch and Hanbi (who has piercing attacks) are a brutal combo, though. Rescind + crass = crazy Kashio's just ringing at this point. Here's my best blacklist. Still prefer shovel, though. I did it. I'm a madman. I picked the "play with pet" option instead of training. If that doesn't qualify as insanity I'm not sure what does. I dislike brawl. I also love brawl. Sparky? SPARKY'S ALIVE! But then... how did I... get this?
  9. The F8 ingame feedback seems to be pretty read by the devs, I'd go for that.
  10. So, some rather... cursed ideas in the discord lead to this. Pirate Rook. Made out of royalty free images, and Rook's face. So, we know what Rook's fourth unlockable skin is now.
  11. Let's look at another reason I think mutators don't let you progress: The game's not designed for them. The game's clearly not intended to let you play with allies that never leave you: They provide a major power boost in both negotiations and combat, so the game's balance is fundamentally altered. The game's clearly intended to have the enemies target your allies too: It grants allies extra uses and makes things less difficult for you, and makes it so you have to make sure they don't die if you'd get further use of them otherwise. It changes the amount of use allies have, makes it so you have fewer things to keep track, and while it does make the game harder in some regards, it removes severial other problems, thus fundamentally altering the game. You're not intended to start with a set of cards from a list: Every player starts on an even ground, and has to over time build up their decks. If your deck already has severial key cards, the earlygame is made trivial, since drafted cards tend to be stronger than basic cards - so you get a power boost, and parts of the earlygame are made nearly obsolete, thus fundamentally altering the game. See a pattern? Every single mutator alters the game in a way not even a fifth level perk does. Because the core parts of the game are altered, you're not really playing what griftlands is meant to be - you're playing a variation of griftlands, so you shouldn't get progress in griftlands, because one doesn't translate to the other. You play griftlands, and you progress in it, but you play variant-griftlands with fundamentally altered mechanics, you don't progress in normal griftlands. Side notes below: IMHO because roguelites/roguelikes all gate progression behind player skill, they are all elitist in a way. Ehh, as I mentioned above there isn't really a mutator that directly makes things harder (other than probably relatable), they just alter the game fundamentally. Null point. Using perks shouldn't reduce progress because the game is balanced around letting you use them. That's like saying you should be punished for using all 3 actions in a turn. The game, meanwhile, is not balanced around mutators. Mods will need to disable progress, this I absolutely agree with (unless there's progress inside the mod). 1. Mutators like Vendetta may make things harder for you, but they also make it so you don't have to make allies stay alive. Because you need to take care of fewer things and because stacking defence is quite easy, it's arguable that this actually lowers the skill gap. Perks actually raise the skill gap, because you have to strategize about which ones to pick, like how you have to strategize about which cards to draft. 2. Of course. Fundamentally altering gameplay makes variety incerace, but not all variety is good. If you get to pick extra cards at the start, as mentioned, it dumbs down the earlygame and makes it so you can make it through it much easier. More is not neccessarily better. 3. By that logic, Sal should have Moxie and/or Charge active, because that means Sal gets access to more intresting gameplay. This is a flawed argument - parasites make Rook more unique, so giving them to Sal makes Rook less unique. Unnatural growth isn't actually intresting, it's actually praying that your diplomacy card doesn't evolve into a hostility card when you're building a diplomacy-deck. It's reliant on randomness, which can feel unfair or result in you getting six copies of Kidney Shot. 4. Flows into arguments above: The earlygame is designed for the starter deck, so altering the starter deck makes the earlygame less intresting. Skill testers can max their skill. They'd be more inclined to unlock high prestiges first, and could alternate runs of mutators and non-mutators. And as mentioned above, a lot of the "harder" mutators can actually make the game less skillful. Variety isn't always good as mentioned above, and perks are dull because they're actually balanced. Casual players can tune the game more to their enjoyement, nothing's preventing them. Is a casual player going to care about unlocking max prestige ASAP? If they do, are they really a casual? Repetive start along with perks can make the skill celling higher. Skill celling does not equal difficulty. You can be exceptionally good at an easy thing, because even an easy or simple game can have a high skill celling. Your point here, that mutators disabling progress means nothing is gained, is pretty null. What would be gained if you could alter the game's rules to be rigged in your favour or against you without being slightly delayed in progression like you currently are? Nothing, really. Breaking the mold and being a good game aren't mutually exclusive, and breaking the mold and being a bad game aren't mutually exclusive either. It's a vacuous point. -What with the increacing length of the arguments and the fairly clear hostility building between us, I think we shouldn't escalate this any further. PM me if you still want to argue about the topic, but I'd like to leave the rest of the forums clear of this.