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  1. That would be a rad path yeah, I would imagine an ending where all of the diggin equipment, the buildings and camps, all of it just being overtaken by the bog as the Barons, Rise, and laborers all leave the Grout Bog to go find a life somewhere else. (Also yah I too crave the embrace of the bog)
  2. Honestly mood every time someone mentions The Old Me XD I stan trans Rook hardcore and you'll have to pry this headcanon from my cold dead hands
  3. I personally was hoping for a Bogger Clobber look, with the booty shorts and all~
  4. They're all good characters, Rook is interesting in his depths, Smith is a hot mess much like myself, but Sal is my fave because uhhhhhh Pretty & Dangerous Lady
  5. Sal's Daggers, a few little issues that could use tweaking but overall I'm v pleased with these. May make an alt version that's bloody
  6. Eh, it survived cranking out 8 in 14 hours when I finished the faction badges. (Mind you I've only been showing off the Griftlands related work here, the robot is tasked with many other things in your average day.)
  7. Rook's lucky coin~ These may be destined to be fused together back to back, undetermined yet.
  8. Rook's pistols but smaller now because I hated the huge one a little bit
  9. It def struck me as a bit off the narration you get saying "This death will not likely go unnoticed" and then like...... nothing else is said about it? It also strikes me as off when after you kill Flekfis if you change sides at the end Kelandra still is like "Flek would scold me for not believing in you!" Like..... Kal..... I murdered him in cold blood last night????
  10. I'm back with new patched! Here's to the og Masochist art!
  11. Oh hey does that mean there's a possibility for future characters beyond Smith because THAT WOULD BE RAD!
  12. I think I have a Vampire Sal doodle somewhere... The Edgy TeenTM that still lives in my heart somewhere loves that about her so much XD