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  1. Different from the other patches I've made, this one done via free motion embroidery/thread painting. Based off a sketch @TaschDraws had done back in October that absolutely enchanted me <3 He lives in my head rent free for life
  2. Wow, another tapestry. That's def the kind of fanart everyone is hungry for more of XD
  3. Honestly I really feel like this is the best patch I've made yet, including even the not Griftlands stuff I make.
  4. I personally was hoping for a Bogger Clobber look, with the booty shorts and all~
  5. Sal's Daggers, a few little issues that could use tweaking but overall I'm v pleased with these. May make an alt version that's bloody
  6. Eh, it survived cranking out 8 in 14 hours when I finished the faction badges. (Mind you I've only been showing off the Griftlands related work here, the robot is tasked with many other things in your average day.)
  7. Rook's lucky coin~ These may be destined to be fused together back to back, undetermined yet.