I got a sneak peek of Smith's run through Experimental!

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image.png.77af8ad3f0bd45ed03b944ff3c17b587.pngCan't wait to see Smith wear this.



I lucked out on getting past the bar this time and managed to win him a puppy before the game crashed:


Not gonna lie, that crash image made me laugh so hard. Smith is definitely my main. He's so oblivious.

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Only thing we know is what they stated in the roadmap: Smith gets developed during the summer of 2020, and game is released late 2020. They said this right as the pandemic was starting to really be felt in Canada, so there might be some unaccounted for delays in this roadmap.
I would assume we will get the first day or two of Smith’s story in experimental in August or September, and the complete campaign ready a few weeks before game release.

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