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  1. I posted this in the feedback group but there's been a game update since then that hasn't fixed it so I'm reposting here: Updated to 403372 and this bug came about. Since updated to 403872 and it still persists. Music is normal until I enter a negotiation or combat and it cuts out after about a second, not to return until I enter another fight/argument. Program also freezes upon 'exit to desktop' - black screen with only the version number visible in bottom left, requires task killer,
  2. Very relieved to see an update and read that combat difficulty has been tweaked because while I'm generally fine with tough games, sometime over the last few updates I went from reaching Rook's third day maybe three/four times out of ten to never beating the bog monster* aside from one time when I managed to get all three allies. I've come to really dislike the ally recruitment negotiation simply because of how much pure luck is required to end the argument once you've managed to win them over - I'm not saying it should be instant but the chance is/was so low that I'd eventually run out of resolve or have lost some of the allies by the time the end negotiation card showed up in my hand. I could be more accepting of this if the battle didn't virtually require me to have all three allies (or perhaps the two best), so here's hoping. There feels like a shortage of composure cards too. Now there is the chance that there's a strategy to that boss that I'm not employing but it takes such a long time to reach it that I haven't figured it out yet if it exists (e.g. timing the attacking/defending so as to not incur so much damage from all four opponents (three minis and the big one). I actually found myself not feeling like playing through Rook's quest again for a while because it had become a case of 'breeze through it all as quickly and dispassionately as possible until I reach that Day 2 boss, and I *love* this game. *I've forgotten what it is exactly but it's at the end of the second day after the dead drop