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Roast the Characters You Main

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forum game time.

rules r simple; take the character(s) you main and absolutely grill them. either for their stats/mechanics, their general personality, or whatever! just have fun abt it =:)

ill start

wilson is a horrible little man. he would probably make a reddit acc SOLELY to go 'well actually' on r/iamverysmart. his beard grows the length of his entire body overnight and i think it's mean that he hides this secret power from the rest of humanity. he uses his OWN BEARD HAIR to make MEAT STUFFED STATUES OF HIMSELF and he's like haha hello friends yes attune yourself to my idol, because it will DEFINITELY work when you die. 200 sanity and he still does nuts things like this

so yeah! roast your beloved characters i wanna see what yall gotta say abt these wildly incompetent survivors =:)

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Hahaha Wendy is just a 9 year old who depends on her sister to survive! Like how does a dead person be more useful than herself? And she acts all depressed for some attention that her parents never gave her, I bet Jack Carter took more care of his moustache then of her ahaha yes best roast ever

Hmmmm oh and she’s weak and needs a sisturn in order to not go crazy

And that’s my roast and now I feel bad

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