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  1. wilson main moments but here's my fits =>:33 ft. outfits i dont have a curio screenshot for yet hehe as you can see i REALLY like pumps/heels
  2. So, for the last little while, whenever I enter a cave on a server I own, it gives me a message stating I entered an incorrect password when none was set up, and boots me to the title screen rather than entering the cave. I haven't messed with the files at all, any tips? Not a dedicated server, just a normal one.
  3. @4 Da LOLs bi rights baybey @minespatch well more like four prolly. he is a manlet
  5. yeah! got into it summer of 2015 and also it was more of a 'hey what if i retold the events of this server dramatically from wilsons perspective' if that makes sense though i may decide to make it its own fic of sorts, possibly turn this into a writing thread =:0
  6. i saw 'in character stories' as a thing so might as well copy paste a drabble i did a lil while ago detailing the events of a past playthrough i've talked abt before (mods tell me if i can't insert a link like that) so yeah! here's a quick in character drabble from the perspective of the wilson i was playing, enjoy =:3 It was the third day of spring, I think, when I noticed our food sources getting low. Hungry and, well, curious, I decided to go on a search for food in the caverns below. Before that, Wortox (was that his name? The goat-Krampus-thing?) suggested we both take on the Bee Queen by camp. Stupidly, I donned my helmet, grabbed a spear, put on the old Thuelicite chestplate poor Webber had given me before his passing (I still cry over it) and headed out. As expected for a man facing a giant bee, I nearly died. Wortox ran around while I got hunted down by bees. Not fun. Anywho, we waited a day to prepare (and use the last of our rations. Great thinking, Higgsbury!) and then ran for the sinkhole, leaving that Woodie guy to fend for the camp. After we descended (I got caught on the rope), Wortox threw a campfire together for me as I gained my bearings. Through the cave ambience, we managed to hear screaming about how something was at camp. Wortox later came to find it was a Lureplant. In our messy, item-filled camp. Whee. Halfway through the cave trip, it began to pour. We didn't really have anywhere to take shelter, and I only had a flimsy, on-the-spot umbrella that I had to share with the demon. I am now questioning my orientation. Anyway, we got rained on, and it rained hard enough that I ended up completely saturated with rainwater. My sanity was slipping, and we just so happened to only have meats on us, so the nearby bunnymen hounded us. Beaten, insane, and utterly wet, I yelled out in desperation for Wortox to take everything off my corpse as I died. He did so as I re-awoke at my effigy, clean shaven and freezing. I hate spring. i haven't written wilson since like. 5th grade so dfadsfsdfa apologies if this is ooc! also tell me if this needs to be moved to a seperate DST art thread or something! im real new so i havent really got a grasp on how things work yet!
  7. YEAH.... talons telling some dramatic story about his life round the fire and how he misses being with his husband and next thing you know woodie throws a bird trap over his head. cue horrifying squawk
  8. aight yall wanted more so heres more =:3 lo and behold, my shoddy attempt at replicating style! meet talon wrenstaquer, an oc that i can and will put anywhere! in his dont starve iteration specifically, he was a 30 somethin year old ornithologist who, upon getting dragged into the constant after opening a mysterious package left for him, got turned into a crow because Bird Jokes planning to mod him in if i can find the software used for dont starve models =:33
  9. I'm gonna try to! I'll be hopefully making a digital version of some of portrait art soon so =:33
  10. I do mostly digital art, sparingly, cause quarantine and online classes and everything. Only recently got back into Don't Starve related content, so here's one of my outfits =:) Actual outfit: May or may not add on to this thread, if I can motivate myself to do more art.