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  1. IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!! I've been peddling this theory for years and im Very Glad to see I'm not the only one seeing how much it matches up!! now. if only we could get a webber short.... please...
  2. the imagery of wilson whacking himself with a magic broom to change his beard... magical
  3. Anyone know if you can mix and match beards and head skins, or do they automatically apply? sorry if this has been answered already =:<
  4. forum game time. rules r simple; take the character(s) you main and absolutely grill them. either for their stats/mechanics, their general personality, or whatever! just have fun abt it =:) ill start wilson is a horrible little man. he would probably make a reddit acc SOLELY to go 'well actually' on r/iamverysmart. his beard grows the length of his entire body overnight and i think it's mean that he hides this secret power from the rest of humanity. he uses his OWN BEARD HAIR to make MEAT STUFFED STATUES OF HIMSELF and he's like haha hello friends yes attune yourself to my idol, because it will DEFINITELY work when you die. 200 sanity and he still does nuts things like this so yeah! roast your beloved characters i wanna see what yall gotta say abt these wildly incompetent survivors =:)
  5. wilson main moments but here's my fits =>:33 ft. outfits i dont have a curio screenshot for yet hehe as you can see i REALLY like pumps/heels
  6. woodie has a massive forehead and wilson has a beard taking up his whole body. love story in the making if ive ever seen one
  7. oh they don't? sorry i never got a chance to beat the gorge cause bad cook crimes sdfsdd
  8. correct me if im wrong but i think it takes place after the forge and gorge? events of DS, a new reign happens, survivors mess up fuelweaver, end up in the forge, end up in the gorge, leave the gorge back to the constant, moon hits the sea, that's amore
  9. hes Canadian it's a good 50/50 chance hes just Like That trust me I'm canadian every time I see a pine tree my brain turns off. also can't guarantee that all of us aren't secretly half beaver
  10. easy. woodies forehead is huge because he's holding the entire weight of Canada with it of course. as we speak my house is shaking as he runs to eat the local forest
  11. imo, I agree that things should get more difficult as years progress. I have a 200 day server, and I've noticed that things get really samey. Spring is kinda just autumn 2 since we all have the supplies to negate rain, summer is pretty much just spicy winter since we have flingos, winter is an absolute pushover. I wanna see a general climb in difficulty as years progress. Like, maybe make winter harsher year after year. Year 2, things can completely freeze and become unusable until thawed. Temperatures dip even further. Beefalo hibernate. Things like that which aren't going to bite new players until very late game, but still provide a refreshing challenge for those looking for it.
  12. there are 2 things I really want overhauled; the normal overworld (not sailing, just Average Land) and sanity. the overworld has basically just been basic RoG since early access; just adding the occasional boss set pieces, twiggy trees n juicy berries, n grass gecks, at least afaik. Honestly, I wanna see new biomes especially. Something new and fresh to poke around in that you don't gotta reach mid to late game to even see. Somewhere that isn't a birch forest to camp in, hah. As for sanity, it was mentioned earlier in the thread, but I REALLY wanna see more done with it, giving more incentive to keep it up. Maybe low sanity could make other player's words incomprehensible, or you could accidentally fail a crafting recipe. More mobs could change form, maybe trees could flicker every so often to add an element of fear; is that birchnut tree really gonna turn poisonous or is it just my sanity? It's a really fun mechanic in concept, but it just kinda spawns shadow creatures and beardlings/lords. I wanna see my character go INSANE. like, SEE it happening.
  13. Ever since I got into th game, Wilson's been my fav. He's a self assured idiot with funny hair. What more could you need in a man. also meat effigies r fun and hee hee funny trumpet scientist say silly words
  14. So, for the last little while, whenever I enter a cave on a server I own, it gives me a message stating I entered an incorrect password when none was set up, and boots me to the title screen rather than entering the cave. I haven't messed with the files at all, any tips? Not a dedicated server, just a normal one.
  15. PK sees literal human meat in wilsons hands and hes like wow very cash money of you. take my riches small man