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Polluted oxygen generation + strength training revisited

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@mathmanican suggested a method to merge PO2 generation and a fitness gym into one in this thread:

and @Yunru made a modification to it that seemed to address all the issues, but that was at least one update ago and there is new vent automation which makes this a bit easier, I think:


 That little 7x6 bit at the top can be added to your existing polluted water tank to make as much PO2 as you have polluted water at a rate of up to 1kg/s.  Just make sure your polluted water bottle emptiers are set to sweep only, or this won't work.

Plumbing and Automation:







It wasn't clear to me how the Gym + MOGOM thing worked, so if you are seeing this for the first time, you might find this helpful:

First (while the cycle timer is active), set a mop command with high priority on the two tiles above the airlock door:


When the cycle timer is active (it must be set for less than 50% of the cycle otherwise you will need more pumps to fill the liquid reservoirs), the pneumatic door is open and the dupes will come to mop it up:


When the cycle timer is inactive, the pneumatic door will close, which kicks the dupes off the airlock door:


and dumps the bottles under the airlock by opening the airlock door so that they can outgas (they won't outgas if you leave them in place because there will be water there again soon).  By the way I powered the airlock door, though this might not be necessary.

While the cycle timer is inactive, the airlock will stay open, and the vents are shut (so that the reservoirs have a chance to refill), and the pneumatic door stays closed so that dupes can't come and clear your mop command. 


I set my cycle timer to 33%.  On this setting, the dupes will mop for up to 200 seconds apiece, making up to 4000 kg's worth of bottled polluted water, which off-gasses about 162 g/s of PO2. See this topic for more info about that:

After 2 cycles, the first bottle is down about 100 kg, but you made 4000 kg more, so you "only" have 320 g/s of PO2 generation.  At four cycles you will hit the 500 g/s limit for the pump and you will have to throttle back your activation timer (or add another gas pump), or you can just let the atmo sensor on the left shut the thing down when you get to 1800 g (the bottles will stop off-gassing if there is more than that).  You could pump this to a gas storage container and trickle it out to puft farms, or turn it into O2 (boiling or deodorizers).

Thanks again to mathmanican and Yunru for the original design.

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Nice build for automating the build up of the bottles.

If you make the top of that room a line of airflow tiles, a line of mesh tiles above it, a liquid in the mesh tiles, and a bunch of deodorizers sitting on the mesh tiles, you can store it as clean O2 to move out as needed and not have to worry about pumping the polluted O2, cleaning it, then pumping it again. 

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@beowulf2010  Do the deodorizers absorb two tiles below (to get through the liquid layer in the mesh tiles)?  Seems like a great idea.

My motivation is to feed a puft ranch without an army of morbs, or 3 polluted oxygen vents (you might get one).

A 6-puft ranch uses 300 g/s of PO2, or 180 kg per cycle.  Once you get to about 7.5 tons of bottled PO2 (which takes 3 cycles or so using the 33% cycle sensor setting), you only need 18 seconds of mopping per cycle to keep up.  Since that will probably get swamped by travel time, it makes more sense to use a timer sensor and set it to 0.15 of a cycle (90 seconds) every 10 cycles like this:


This is for one puft ranch, so if you have 2, it should be 0.3 green, 9.7 red.  I should have made it 0.15 green / 9.85 red in the picture above to be more accurate (I guess?).

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@Sigma Cypher there's a golden mod for this, called Show Building Range (If I recall correctly). Each building that uses a range of something to operate will show it (like the sweeper already does) when you build, and even after, so you'll see range of stuff like : deo, pumps, scanner, telescope, and so on...

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@mathmanican - figures you would have a more elegant and dupe-free solution for this already with the bead pump. Respect!  You gotta slow down man, I'm having trouble keeping up. :)  I see now that @nakomaru's Claymore mark II used the bead pump to do all this only better.

Epilogue:  I got a grand total of 2 attribute increases out of the gym before going into semi-dormant mode (90 seconds of sweeping every 10 cycles).  So ... might as well bead pump it.  There's really no advantage.

thanks @OxCD I'll check it out.

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6 hours ago, Sigma Cypher said:

with the bead pump.

It's a bypass pump, rather than a bead pump.  The key is to set the liquid output less than 10g (so 10mg) so that you don't have to mop up anything and you still get the benefits of swapping gas diagonally upwards. 

6 hours ago, Sigma Cypher said:

I got a grand total of 2 attribute increases out of the gym

If you want the gym to train your dupes, then shrink your flow rate. You can make the flow extremely small, to keep your dupes there for as long as you want. I only realized this last week, and made a post about it. Maybe you missed it. :) 



By having liquid fall off a ledge, rather than directly dumping it for your dupes to mop, you can set the flow as low as you want (almost - gotta make sure liquid keeps falling).  

  • Want your dupes to mop for 1/4th of each cycle, and generate enough oxygen for 3 dupes (so you want 1/3 of your colony doing strength training for 1/4th of their time)? Run the numbers to set your flow rate.  Then let your dupes mop it up. You can sense how long they mopped for, and you can control the rate at which they get new liquid. 

Or disconnect the two ideas completely.  Oxygen product is one thing.  Strength training is another.  If you are trying to optimize PO2 production vis mopping, one dupe can basically mop for the entire colony (at 140kg/s). Do this once every few hundred cycles, and you won't even add an attribute increase. I added a new post to the link above with an example. 


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