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  1. Raises hand. Yes!! I should very much like to see it. Thanks very much for this. It could be the most concise guide I've seen for ONI.
  2. I got a little excited when I saw the polluted oxygen vent outputs gas at 500C and thought maybe it could drive a steam turbine with @nakomaru's EZ bead pump. Like this. It's still dormant for another 20 cycles or so, so I can't tell you if it works. Is there a better way to do this? The top sensor opens the door if the steam gets above 200C and the bottom sensor activates the top EZ bead pumps once the PO2 falls below 220C. EDIT: the geyser outputs about 75 kDTU when active and the turbine can suck up 877 kDTU so ... yeah nvm. I guess it's a good heat sink for Puft farms at least.
  3. gridbase / module-based-base

    Based on the reach of a sweeper arm? That's not a bad idea. I like the idea of a modular base. But I see what you had to do with the latrine and it's not aesthetically ideal, right? Let's see: Everything has a max room size of 64 except: Great Hall and Nature Reserve (120) Hospital, Power Plant, Greenhouse, Stable (96) So 16 x 4 works for most things and 24 x 4 for stables and the industry block. So that means 18 and 26 wide "modules" including the walls. My last terra build used 26/18/26 like this:
  4. An idea from @Nativel (which I never tried but seems brilliant) is to put a clock timer control on the exit doors so that the "out-of-base" (miner) dupes can't run back to base for any reason until their shift is over. It seemed to be quite effective in keeping the miners and off-base builders on task in his "How to Make a Cruiser" videos. I'm guessing he discussed this in part 3 but I'm not sure:
  5. Oui c'est bien, mais j'ai l'impression qu'on écrit uniquement en anglais ici. Même @SamLogan par exemple que est francophone, je pense. Est-ce que je tenterais une traduction?
  6. I know we've done this before but things have changed a bit since I was here last. Can I see your new base designs? I rather like how this one turned out (mostly). Please ignore the SG thing I was playing with in sandbox mode. I'm still using @Neotuck and @Nitroturtle designs for pincha farm, terrariums, steam vent etc. and @Yunru's disinfecting setup. (Neotuck you were right about glossy's btw). Full disclosure: I used CTRL-F4 to clear the slime biome and build plastic ladders. Rest of plastic came from critters.
  7. Never mind I can't reproduce it. You had me at "slurp up all the germy PO2" so I tried this in my current playthrough, This configuration: Doesn't work for two gasses. O2 gets stuck in the square with the vent and no further exchanges happen except in that square. But if you remove the tile next to the vent it works:
  8. Am I the only noticing that the flow through the valves set to 0.1g/s continue at 10kg/s until the pipe backs up completely? I don't mind submitting the bug report but I wonder if it's operator error.
  9. Wait - can you? If gases can escape diagonally have to corner-build low to high I guess? This is awesome btw. Thanks
  10. I knew we could count on you to make another practically free NRG machine with the steam turbines. But where do the NRG-Free freezers come in? Is the bead pump necessary? Why not just eliminate the box around the tepidizers? (or maybe just put a one-tile-high dam around the base of the tepidizers?) If the H2 stabilizes at 98.5 then it would be risky to reduce the radiant pipe use wouldn't it? Are they gold?
  11. I noticed something similar with the apothecary. Dupe needed both care and operate high priority (I think this got fixed just prior to launch). My new solution, in light of the achievement to have 20 dupes, is to leave everything at the default priority. With so many idle dupes just jonesing for work, everything gets done pretty quickly I grant you it isn't the most elegant or efficient solution, but I got tired of dealing with the micromanagement and unanticipated consequences of prioritizing tasks. EDIT: Oh - and a fringe benefit of this approach is that dupes tend to do what they are good at or have hearts in anyway (I'm not sure which, because I specialized them in the beginning, so they tend to be good at what they like). This must be part of a hidden priority algorithm.
  12. im new and need help pls

    It is better to buffer the geyser some, otherwise during its active cycle the pressure could get to 5kg per tile and then just stop producing.
  13. To celebrate @ruhrohraggy's triumphal return to the forums, I iterated on his spaghetti monster SPOM to integrate a Drecko ranch. I also am attempting to abuse@Neotuck's observation that Drecko's can jump from floor to ceiling when there is a 1 tile gap to speed up the grooming and shearing process. It's not the most efficient for scale growth, but it lets the rancher breathe while he's doing rancher stuff. Caveman Automation Leftmost oxygen sensor turns the pumps off when the oxygen backs up. Element sensors on the left and right set to oxygen and the top set to hydrogen. Hydrogen pump turns on when there is more than 1.2kg of pressure. Ventilation overlay Your old SPOM would have sent the non-hydrogen containing line (the currently empty one on the top left) back to the ranch room, and that would be fine to do here as well. I just vent it outside currently because it removes a little heat.
  14. Welcome back man. I missed you!
  15. Klei you launch is broken

    AFAIK, dupes will only (?) drop items if they have to use the bathroom or get a breath of air.
  16. im new and need help pls

    @BeliarBAD this base is awesome! Way better than my first few tries. 1. I like sealing off my ice biomes (adding insulated tiles where necessary) to keep wild sleet wheat options into the late game. I do end up removing most of the wheezeworts, but this hasn't been an issue yet. 2. After you implement @QuQuasar's smart battery thing, continue digging down and left from the ice biome below your base. You are almost to the oil biome. I rush down there as soon as I can, because the NG geysers are hit and miss whether I can find them early enough, and there is so much oil ... you would have to try hard to run out before getting your solar array set up. I do tend to run out of polluted water though - which is another reason to get oil (petrol generators make PW, and the skimmers you need to keep up with the CO2 generation turns water into polluted water). I am a @JohnFrancis fan boy and would recommend his videos. I use his magma-powered counter-flow heat exchanger petrol boiler thing whether I find a volcano or not. And then energy is not a problem any more. You didn't ask but speaking of polluted water - those thimble weeds comsume 160kg per cycle of it. The toilet/sink/shower produces 11+5+1 kg per cycle per dupe, so one plant consumes all the PW from 9+ dupes. So you might have too many. You also have more toilets and sinks and showers than you need, if you add some schedules and offsite the sleep / bath times to keep all the dupes from using them at once. 3. You might want to keep your polluted water separate from your clean water. For example, stop dumping your NG waste water into your clean water pool. No bid deal but you would have to filter it before sending it to an electrolyzer or farm, and germs grow in PW but not regular water. 5. I like how you have the suits set up at the only top exit to your base and that there is no way for anyone leaving from the top to enter the bottom (yet). I agree that having multiple exits with exosuit stations leads to suits dropped on the floor if a dupe is allowed to enter from a different place than she left. 7. There is an achievement to unlock for 20+ dupes, so I redesigned my base with this number in mind. Why so many algae distillers? I don't remember the last time I used one ...
  17. im new and need help pls

    Won't that defeat the load-limiting ability of the generator? The only time I put batteries on the load side is when I want to power a transit tube station from a small generator. But it wouldn't surprise me that I still don't understand power distribution in this game ...
  18. Oh I see: 6-7 times viscosity instead of 2-3 times for the bead pump. Thanks
  19. I'm trying to understand the difference between this (setup that guarantees beads) : and the goober generator: They both have the two wall tiles to the left of the liquid stack.
  20. I didn't know that thanks -- I rolled back to the stable branch when I saw that radiant pipes weren't working so I am not hip to the pre-launch changes. That also breaks my petrol plant setup then. I'm a bit demoralized by this news tbh. At first blush it seems the steam generator will have to be the default heat deleter for nearly every design. Meh. Less interesting.
  21. I've been playing a while and I learned some things from this video. For example, the double bridge thing to buffer 10 kg of water. I've noticed that completely full loops will stutter without a buffer so this is quite helpful! Your point about efficiency is well taken. I am quite fond of @Nitroturtle's steam tamer: and it does indeed use quite a bit more power (but to be fair it gives additional benefits for that power). If 80% of your water is at 95C and 20% at 15C then I suppose you are getting 79C water on average, which is a little hotter than Nitro's but not too much. And I agree it makes sense to have hot and cold faucets. A few comments You say gold is not as good as copper and iron for the tempshift plates. I was surprised to learn that the thermal conductivity is the same for copper and gold, the only difference is that gold has a lower specific heat so it will change temperature faster with the same Q. I imagine that would make it a more effective tempshift plate than copper, don't you think? I don't believe that anything in this game is transferred along diagonals, including heat, so your tempshift plates will only affect the 4 tiles above and to the side of it. How is the turbine on the far right not overheating? I know it's possible to get oil before cycle 50, because I've seen @mathmanican do it. But he has mad skillz. So for me oil disqualifies it for early game, when you often have a geyser like this a few tiles from the starting biome. EDIT: On second thought I don't understand how it can be more efficient. Nitro's setup runs the pump for about half the geyser's eruption cycle (assuming 5 kg/s geyser), and the water sieve for 1/4 of it at most, so that's about 3/4ths of 360W on average, whereas yours takes on the order of 500 W or 1000 W during the eruption cycle does it not? Maybe I need to watch the video again.
  22. Dirt production

    It's kind of disgusting but any rot pile can be composted, which includes spoiled food of any kind and dead pets, I mean critters.
  23. I've seen a few automated fish farms but either I didn't notice or they didn't include a way to replenish the breeder fish when it dies. This one does, but it assumes that any container on your base that accepts fry fish eggs is set to sweep only. Also it's not fully automated for the dupes - it just doesn't require player intervention. Normally when the breeder fish drops an egg the sweeper on the right gives it to the conveyor loader which dumps it into the unfed sad Pacu tank in another room: In the unfed tank, the fish will still drop eggs if there are no eggs in the water, so the sweeper takes them out dumps them up on the deck plates to incubate. The main idea is to shadow the egg drop zone with the mesh tiles so the sweeper can't get to it, and when the fish hatches it flops into the water. Automation The critter sensor is set to zero. For the longest time I thought these things were broken, but it's just the too-tip that is misleading. It should read "The sensor will send and Active signal when the number of critters and eggs in the room EXCEEDS the specified amount." When the breeder fish dies, the critter sensor unlocks the door, allowing the dupes to reach the priority 8 container that is requesting 4 kg of fry egg. That's one heavy egg! Did you know you could set a container limit on regular containers? There is a little slider at the top that does that. 300+ hours in and I finally learned that. Anyway, as soon as an egg-carrying dupe enters the door on the right, the sensor output turns green again, so the filter is set to 7 seconds to give the dupe enough time to get between the two doors. The sweeper on the left gives the egg to the priority 9 loader which dumps it on a mesh tile in the shadow zone of the sweeper on the right, like we did for the sad Pacus. Shipping Priorities I apologize for the extra stuff that doesn't relate to the fish operation like the bottle emptier and pumps and reed farms. I thought you might like to see the setup in my actual base.
  24. Thanks for posting the video! It's funny -- we have exactly opposite play styles regarding toilets and terrariums; I make toilets as soon as possible because toilets generate 11.7 kg of PW for every 5 kg of clean water, all of which can be consumed by reed plants (for suits and canvas) until you are ready for a proper sanitation loop, and I figure turning all that polluted dirt from the outhouses into regular dirt with a compost pile generates a fair amount of heat and takes dupe time. And I keep terrariums (automated as shown below) pretty much forever (cycle 250 on current game) because I'm a @Neotuck fan boy and he says it's good
  25. Base porn (again)

    That's a thing of beauty @QuQuasar and a boat load of dupes! PS - I thought I recognized that salt bowl I understand the leveling requirement now.