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  1. Why use robominers at all? Doesn't this still work? Doors pulse in the close direction for one tick every 10 seconds.
  2. It's working now and it is a thing of beauty. Thank you! Have fun and... keep you oxygen level safe!
  3. How do I run this? In Chrome for example, I have Javascript enabled, and I see no errors in the console window - but all I get is a white screen. And sometimes I get the loading animation on the browser tab but nothing ever loads. Thanks for your efforts.
  4. This is awesome @SamLogan. I would like to understand the piping you have shown here (I assume they are mechanical gas filters but I can't quite follow) and especially the paragraph below where you use vents to further increase the hydrogen imbalance. Do you send filtered output gas back into the chamber at the two empty spots? Would you mind including some pictures of that setup?
  5. @goatt I've noticed that the chlorine gets deleted too when I put a slime container in a caustic biome. I wonder if it is related to the pressure Neotuck used in his room (2.1 kg/tile which prevents slime from outgassing). @bummins - I was looking for a septic solution that avoids plastic since I am too impatient to build a drecko ranch and getting oil takes me a minute - so thanks for this. To be fair hpongledd showed us a way with three tanks some time ago too, but I don't really understand his flow sensor idea (opens the output when inlet flow is detected). @Saturnus - doesn't this do the same thing (minus the 5 second buffer?) I added the germ sensor and feedback loop 50 cycles later when I finally did get plastic -- cheap insurance -- and I wanted to see if any germs ever made it past tank 2 (they don't, at least with the germ load I gave it). Filter and buffer set to 140s each. (Neotuck says 130s kills everything)
  6. Like this? Turn the off the shutoff valve just as the first 100mg gas packet gets to the valve and you will pass about 200mg of gas (divided into 9 tiles, or 22 mg per tile). You are excused The return line is optional, unless you have those gas lines somewhere you don't want chlorine when you disassemble them.
  7. I tried to combine the compact elegance of your original behemoth with some of the "easier to build" features of this post and settled on the Steam Mesomorph: It uses 800kg O2 (so four atmo suit stations), and 2800 kg of water. I was lazy and only put water and a single tepidizer in the center well. The water condensed in the other two wells but once the center turbines started, it all evaporated again. So much easier to split oil and gas two ways instead of 3! The hyrdo-sensor activated shutoff + needle valve (set to 0.1 g/s) combo works better than trying to get my stupid dupes to "hurry up and jam that block back in!"
  8. Come on Tytan, not even a please or thank you? The level of effort the OP put into this is clearly in evidence. It's ok Mathmanican, I'll take care of the rude paparazzi. The left turbine seems to work better with 600kg (3 trips) of water instead of 800kg. The oxygen has 4 more squares to go to on the left turbine and can't quite stand up to the steam pressure, at least in mine. Oh ... thanks by the way; I learned a lot from this post.
  9. 20181110224908_1.thumb.jpg.43f287829c4a032a2f39fd6cb2ef53ca.jpg

    I am starting to appreciate how important the gas sorter thingy is (like the one you started pretty early on the left) - without it it is hard to fill exosuits (without a way to reliably divert non-O2 gas), run an oil refinery or polymer press.  I've been having a heck of a time making it though -- I need to find a way to reliably put less than 1.5 kilos of water on the vent, and often when I drip small amounts (30 g using the tile runoff method you showed me) the water gets displaced or just disappears.  What is your secret?

    1. Sigma Cypher

      Sigma Cypher

      Oh ... and why the hydro sensor under the vent?

    2. Neotuck


      First it's better to use oil instead of water, you can deal with more extreme tempatures without having to worry about boiling or freezing.

      Second you need one full tile under the vent.  This prevents liquid deletion that sometimes happens when gas passes though the vent.

      Third the hydro sensor is just to give player control over the pumps, turning them on/off whenever you need them.  You can also use atmosphere or thermal if you prefer.

  10. I used your trick (well, the two tank version) in my last playthrough to de-germify polluted oxygen, except with gas reservoirs of course. Now that I've done it, I'm not sure it's useful ... I was hoping to fill exosuits with the "clean" polluted oxygen (eye roll) but it breaks the exosuit dock. Putting the clean PO2 back in my base is asking for a germ outbreak if a single slimelung particle makes it inside. So does anyone bother with this?
  11. I think you can do it with 2 tanks, if you are willing to live with 5 kg/s output. It avoids the germ sensor weirdness in stagnant pipes. Just blindly cycle them every 140 seconds like this:
  12. Large power transformer

    Are you able to overload the small transformer with no batteries on the load side? I put 28kW of load on a small transformer and it never turned on more than 1kW of those loads.
  13. I think the large power transformer is not working as intended, or as it says in the in-game description of the item. To test this, I hooked an 8kW source with 400kJ of battery storage to 30 tepidizers. A single large Power transformer limits the power to 3.84kW (4 tepidizers) in this configuration, most of the time. This implies the 4kJ of transformer storage gets used in 1 second. One tick every 4 seconds, it outputs 25.92kW (27 tepidizers) - turns out 3 weren't covered so this is the max load. No line damage noted yet. If we can take the transformer energy reading at face value, this implies the energy is being used in 68 msec. A single small power transformer limits the power to one tepidizer (960W). All the time. So this at least appears to be working as intended. Btw there is no output_log file in OxygenNotIncluded_Data
  14. Pre-crash busted landing

    Same has happened to me on multiple occasions, and I am not sure it is limited to saves 1 or 2 cycles before landing. Seems to happen for every rocket that lands _after_ I load a save game.