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  1. Yeah Neotuck didn't understand why I mentioned pufts either. I need to learn to complete my sentences. Pufts make slime and slime can be cooked into dirt at 50% efficiency (47.5kg slime per puft per cycle at a cost of 50kg of polluted oxygen yields 23.75 kg dirt per puft). And ... I just got a pip from the pod on cycle 198 ... now weaving a tapestry of critter - crop interactions together with all the supporting machinery is obviated by limitless free food enabled by pip-planted "wild" crops. Sigh. I think I will play without care packages from now on and design the ultimate Fully Integrated Food Service (patent pending) that uses only water (polluted, salt and regular) to make all the food you don't really need for 35 dupes. I think I just found my new purpose in life.
  2. Yes senpai. Perhaps I should have been more clear. Most of the time, the fertilizer turns into a tile inside the steam room (in which case I get 5 kg of dirt from 10kg of fertilizer, like you say). Rarely, the basket gets to the rail element detector in dirt form and I get the full 10kg of dirt. I can't consistently reproduce this, thus the reason for my post. I tried encasing it in tiles during heating to see if it would inhibit tile formation and it does like @suxkar says: the tile forms in the nearest vertical open space. @psusi Well shoot, I've been ignoring ethanol distilleries because I'm still trying to master Terra and I don't usually have access to trees unless I get lucky with a care package. But dirt is useful for sleet wheat (for frost burgers) and mealwood (lice for the juicer) even after you are done with research. I think the next best option is polluted water bottling with a gym and feeding the polluted oxygen that off-gasses from it to pufts. I wish there were an automated way to set compost orders for seeds/balm lily/etc. Fun fact: food items like lettuce and bristle-berry won't change form even when submerged in magma. They "melt" at 9,727 degrees C.
  3. Thank you! The second. Still adjusting. Brothgar suggested Gliffy for base planning and after 5 minutes of playing with Gliffy I realized, wait, there is already a tool for this, it's called debug. I love the idea of building the framework once and not having to redo everything during the tech up process at least through steel, like I normally do. But I'm not sure yet that there is enough flexibility with this design that it could be adapted for a real (honest) playthrough. Maybe the lower right would be used for mushrooms originally, and the current ranch space for mealwood, and terrariums where the atmo suits are. I dunno. There are some nice base designs show-cased in this old thread.
  4. I've played it clean, but for now I am enjoying the "plan out the optimal starter base" part of the game, making liberal use of debug. Here is my latest work in progress. I love seeing people's bases; I hope you will share yours too, unless this is taking the thread somewhere you didn't want it to go?
  5. Well, I know about debug mode too but ... it does take some time to clear a map, unless I am missing something. I once tried digging the whole asteroid out at once in debug and never tried it again because it crashed my computer. Granted I was scrolled all the way out with Alt-S. Depending on what you need the map for, you might just carve out the part you want to build in. Hit CTRL+F4 while in game to activate debug mode. Last time I checked you also have to add an empty text file called debug_enable.txt to your Games/Steam/steamapps/common/OxygenNotIncluded/OxygenNotIncluded_Data folder to enable it. You will need debug to do stuff in your empty map anyway, so ... Another thing you might find useful are the templates in the lower right of the debug panel. You can use those to add geysers/vents/oil deposits/volcanoes etc. wherever you need them. Lastly, consider Sandbox mode. In the Options menu, select enable Sandbox. Then hit Shift+S in game to activate it. With this mode you can spawn in critters/plants/seeds etc. Does this help? If you still want an empty map I could fiddle with it some I suppose. I kind of want one too. It will be kind of liberating not to have so much STUFF.
  6. Well, this is mostly working - inputs in the two chlorine tiles by the kitchen floor and finished edibles high just under the mess hall floor. The dupes can't sweep the lower chlorine tiles because - here is another "feature:" they have to be two tiles away diagonally to sweep so they can't stand on the raised carpet block in the kitchen and get the raw materials. But the sweepers can get there to feed the grills and egg cracker. Now I have to figure out how to get the Sous Chef to crack the eggs before they hatch into worthless, bristle-blossom-eating bugs.
  7. Does anyone know how to keep something from creating a tile during state change while on a conveyor rail? I'm trying to make an infinite dirt generator with fertilizer makers like this: Usually the fertilizer turns into a dirt tile in the steam room but sometimes (rarely) the fertilizer reaches 125C right before the conveyor rail element sensor in the lower right, and I get the full 10kg of dirt from 10k of fertilizer (which gives more dirt out than dirt in, at the expense of some phosphorite, which is renewable). If you have any ideas about how to do this consistently I would love to hear it.
  8. I've been messing around with this idea recently too, and fumbled across this "feature" that you might be able to use to your benefit: dupes won't sweep UP. So Travaldo can't sweep inside the methane block from below but Liam can from above. This is true regardless of how many tiles tall the room is, and even if you put ladders all the way to the ceiling. And now for (other?) things you already know and have probably tried: 1. The top sweeper in Liam's room can't reach the methane block but the left sweeper can. So the top sweeper loads the loader from the bin but can't sweep it back up once it reaches the methane block. The one on the left could be enabled when you need something (and have it fill a loader that the top sweeper can't reach, for example, by blocking with airflow tiles). 2. The sweeper in Travaldo's room CAN reach the methane block even though Travaldo can't, but it won't sweep things into the bin because the bin is set to "sweep only." Hope this helps.
  9. Got it. So how did you pull this off? Sounds like the set-up I showed you except you have the white side going to the desired output instead of green. You're welcome
  10. Uh ... are you sure Saturnus's packet stacker works with mixed gasses? Unless I am mistaken (again) we would need an "any gas" category in the gas pipe element sensor for this to work. My guess is you will have to filter for your desired gas first, and then stack the packets, like this:
  11. It's @JohnFrancis 's term for a kill chamber, one he says he learned from his viewing audience. It's a place where, you know ... they "evolve" into their next form, namely meat. I think the term is meant to help us feel better about killing these cute virtual sentient beings.
  12. I'm trying to figure out why people use "evolution" chambers. Isn't it better (I don't mean ethically) to send your extra creatures somewhere where they don't get groomed, and not even fed (unless you want to get rid of stuff), and maybe drop an egg before they die of starvation or old age? You end up with the same amount of meat in the long run, and probably more since some of the gulag critters will reproduce, right?
  13. @mathmanican - figures you would have a more elegant and dupe-free solution for this already with the bead pump. Respect! You gotta slow down man, I'm having trouble keeping up. I see now that @nakomaru's Claymore mark II used the bead pump to do all this only better. Epilogue: I got a grand total of 2 attribute increases out of the gym before going into semi-dormant mode (90 seconds of sweeping every 10 cycles). So ... might as well bead pump it. There's really no advantage. thanks @OxCD I'll check it out.
  14. All good now. Here's the new rec room layout. I just like watching the dupes use all that stuff (one of each rec item), even though it's not the best bang for the buck. Morale is running 65 - 73 without Frost Burgers. Thanks for the help!
  15. @beowulf2010 Do the deodorizers absorb two tiles below (to get through the liquid layer in the mesh tiles)? Seems like a great idea. My motivation is to feed a puft ranch without an army of morbs, or 3 polluted oxygen vents (you might get one). A 6-puft ranch uses 300 g/s of PO2, or 180 kg per cycle. Once you get to about 7.5 tons of bottled PO2 (which takes 3 cycles or so using the 33% cycle sensor setting), you only need 18 seconds of mopping per cycle to keep up. Since that will probably get swamped by travel time, it makes more sense to use a timer sensor and set it to 0.15 of a cycle (90 seconds) every 10 cycles like this: This is for one puft ranch, so if you have 2, it should be 0.3 green, 9.7 red. I should have made it 0.15 green / 9.85 red in the picture above to be more accurate (I guess?).