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  1. I love the beauty and symmetry of your builds. Nicely done.
  2. Little things that are not so little. Here is something that helped me with setting up the metal refinery to make hot petrol: I had to use automation because a moment of inattention causes broken pipes and sour gas everywhere with scalded dupes running around yelling obscenities, followed by me running around my computer yelling obscenities. The atmo sensor on the left is so I can (manually) control the flow of petrol into the refinery. The atmo sensor down in the pit is so I can (manually) relieve the clogged output pipe that happens when I overfill the refinery. I end up with a few kilos of petrol in the reservoir, and if I am lucky it doesn't overheat (but use steel if you have it). The only automatic part of the automation is the thermo sensor at the output; it sends oil out to the wells when the temperature is above 425C, otherwise it cycles it back through for another go. Pipes are insulated ceramic - but maybe just the output pipe needs this. I use the "iron ore to iron" recipe on the refinery because at this point I am struggling with getting enough refined metal to make 5 steam generators (4000 kg). It is twice as efficient as the rock masher thingy. Mesh tiles are under the refinery in case I need to break a connection and don't want to contaminate my hot oil or break the liquid lock. Notice the little blob of oil + petrol waiting for a top block to make the liquid lock. Worked like a dream! The OP used a small 4-tile room in the middle of a caustic biome almost fully evacuated to put chlorine into the wells, which is brilliant and much better than restricting the flow with a gas valve and shutoff . I had a problem where the game deleted my chlorine and replaced it with CO2 - twice! Again, I believe this is why god gave us the backspace key. I replaced it with 500mg of Chlorine per tile (cheating) and it has stayed there for the last few cycles. Might be Klei's attempt to squash this exploit (running QoL2 test branch now). Another thing worth mentioning is that the tepidizers have to be made of steel or you they overheat before they can finish the job of warming up the oxygen and steam generators to above 100C. And don't forget to make the refinery out of ceramic. I did ... more than once. Not good. Perhaps you already know how to trick a tepidizer. I didn't. Here is how you do it: Set the buffer and filter to 1s each and prepare to be annoyed. One thing I do differently from OP is to use high pressure vents to get 4.2 kg per tile of oxygen in the whole room. I think this is easier and cheaper in materials than using the canister method. It compresses down to 25 kg/tile in the top tiles once you fill it with steam. My new record is 156 cycles -- quite happy. I wasted a bunch of time with mushrooms and fish and sieving pw pools etc. It's just in time to prevent colony heat death. Notice I'm using @Neotuck's terrarium setup and have yet to lay down an electrolyzer or diffuser.
  3. 20181110224908_1.thumb.jpg.43f287829c4a032a2f39fd6cb2ef53ca.jpg

    I am starting to appreciate how important the gas sorter thingy is (like the one you started pretty early on the left) - without it it is hard to fill exosuits (without a way to reliably divert non-O2 gas), run an oil refinery or polymer press.  I've been having a heck of a time making it though -- I need to find a way to reliably put less than 1.5 kilos of water on the vent, and often when I drip small amounts (30 g using the tile runoff method you showed me) the water gets displaced or just disappears.  What is your secret?

    1. Sigma Cypher

      Sigma Cypher

      Oh ... and why the hydro sensor under the vent?

    2. Neotuck


      First it's better to use oil instead of water, you can deal with more extreme tempatures without having to worry about boiling or freezing.

      Second you need one full tile under the vent.  This prevents liquid deletion that sometimes happens when gas passes though the vent.

      Third the hydro sensor is just to give player control over the pumps, turning them on/off whenever you need them.  You can also use atmosphere or thermal if you prefer.

  4. Brilliant. Not enough hearts to give. So you found that not hooking power up wasn't enough to stop your turbine from starting. Me too I love the little room pumped to almost nothing idea, and the staircase. Not sure how to set up CO2 lock yet but I see something that might trap CO2 at the bottom of your main ladder and I seem to recall something on this forum about it. I'll check it out. Off topic but what extra precaution would you take to keep from breaking a liquid lock where slime etc might be taken through the barrier? Neotuck recommended one where the dupes have to jump across but that one broke for me as well. Many many thanks.
  5. Ever considered streaming? I would create 10 accounts to sub and +1 it. " I'm currently heating petro, and hoping to get it functioning before 50. " THAT is the way I want to play. At cycle 100 I am usually struggling with trying to get an exosuit on and a single dupe with pump down to the oil biome. EDIT: this makes me think it would be fun to issue an %any exploit% speedrun challenge. Who can get a rocket out to 100km the fastest (in real time)?
  6. @mathmanican you told me how to trick the tepidizer I am so happy -- this is a much simpler solution. It makes steam quite readily. New problem though -- I keep blowing out the liquid lock when I try to make steam with it. The problem is the water condenses when it reaches the upper chamber and flows into the oil/petrol lock and blows it out. I see no way to recreate the lock short of taking out the steam generator, and basically starting the whole process over. I am basing this on @Neotuck's advice about using 30g packets to make the lock by letting the liquid run off the target tile. Maybe there is another way ... ? Perhaps this is why god gave us the backspace key. After all maybe it was just an unlucky fluke. So ... I used it. And ... it happened again. And a third time. So now I am thinking this is not a good solution after all. How did you avoid this problem?
  7. Managing dupe priorities

    @Skrivener: Once jobs are unlocked I use auto-prioritize. I cross-train later also but I would rather have dupes doing their new assigned tasks and leveling it up than just getting the training which doesn't add a lot. Do dupes level up faster if they actually do the task associated with their job? I hadn't noticed that. I thought it was only based on learning skill. And the speed at which they do the task is only related to their base stat + the training stat buff ... which seems to add a lot ... especially noticeable with stats effect on movement speed.
  8. Managing dupe priorities

    Thanks guys these are great tips. This will help a lot. A little googling turned up this interesting factoid: bottle emptier is a "storage" errand not a "supply" errand which might explain why setting liquid locks has been the bane of my existence.
  9. I'm a terrible duplicant overlord. I am not deliberately evil to them, but they almost always blow me off. I need your help with duplicant management. I spend too much time in this game yelling at my dupes to try to get them to do what I want, and fiddling around with the job priority settings (with the arrows) or with the numbered priority overlay system. I got really frustrated with the bottle emptier in particular. I'm guessing it is a "supply" errand but making everyone really really want to do supply jobs and giving it priority 8 or 9 in the overlay didn't get the job done. You know what fixed it? In desperation I filled the map including my base and all the potentially harvestable stuff with 1's from the priority overlay, and set the bottle emptier to 5 and voila! This experience and others like it make me suspect I am doing this priority thing all wrong. There must be some formula that combines the priority overlay setting with the individual dupe arrrow/double arrow settings (how are they weighted?), and there must be a way to avoid doing so much micro. @Nativel in his playthrough streams sets "toggle" to highest priority for everyone and then as near as I can tell never touches that screen again, and yet, they practically auto-build stuff as fast as he lays it down. That effortless mastery still eludes me. Also -- I am not patient. When I am building something I want them engaged, not stuffing boxes with sandstone or fluffing dreckos. I believe it was him that suggested making everything in your base priority 4 or lower to encourage the dupes to go outside and play. Do you use default settings? The "default" settings you get by clicking the selection box seem odd to me. Caring is double down, so is building,combat is double up ... I forget the others off hand but they seem wrong mostly. They aren't the same as you get from a new game start. Do you use the "Automatically set priority" option? The one that prioritizes tasks based on the job the dupe has? I first thought it was a way to reduce micromanagement but I have come to believe it is basically worthless, since effectiveness at the job is just a function of their skill level and not their job description, and I cross-train everybody because it takes me forever to get pepper bread going, and I don't dare give them the +12 morale jobs until I do. Do you enable "Use proximity?" One thing is clear: giving a bunch of dupes up arrows or double up arrows for things they are good at does not work. There needs to be some off-setting down arrows or basically everything is a priority so then nothing is. My latest thought is to flat-line the dupe priority screen, (except maybe "toggle" to high) to effectively take that out of the equation, and to let the priority overlay dictate dupe behavior. Maybe better is to use the arrows based on dupe skill, but for every dupe, to balance each up arrow with a down arrow so they are "net flat" if that makes sense. It think it is ok to have an imbalance of arrows across different columns, as long as each row averages to zero. I'm not sure. Also maybe I have my priorities wrong. My list looks like toggle, care, life support, dig, build, supply, storage (to fix stuff- eye roll), farm, operate, cook, research, tidy, ranch, combat in that order. I don't think there is a way to tell the game that other than giving more dupes up arrows in those categories you want prioritized. Thank you for any advice or tips you can share about this.
  10. Been trying to pull this off in a survival game longer than I care to admit (the full behemoth). I don't know how the OP manages it in 60-100 cycles. Took me 220. Finally settled on this solution: Build the liquid locks but not the steam generators and pump out to vacuum. Install the piping and liquid vents which will eventually be used to fill the petroleum wells. To evenly distribute the petroleum in three wells you will need a feedback loop in the first branch like this: Build the steam generators and seal up the wells. Install high pressure vents and fill the whole space with about 4.2 kg of O2 per tile. This will compress down to 25 kg of O2 in the top 5 tiles of each steam generator after you add steam. Make a contraption like this to generate steam: The radiant pipe goes through a bath of petroleum that comes from the output of two cascaded metal refineries (so the temperature is about 300C). The valve has to be set for 900 g/s or less, or the pipes will suffer heat damage when the temperature gets above 100C. I know this seems like a lot of trouble but I couldn't find another way. OP says to use tepidizers and bottle emptiers. Not sure how (tepidizers go up to 85C unless I am missing something). If the steam is hot like this the thing will just start immediately as soon as you turn the gas pump on that trickles 0.1 g/s into the petroleum wells. Otherwise (with cold steam) I was often running into a problem that the heat is not transferred to the 100mg of steam in the petroleum well and the steam gens won't turn on unless you introduce another heat source like aquatuners. Pipe this into the 3 steam sections while watching the F1 overlay. Stop filling when the 2nd row down from the top is almost all steam. Fill the petroleum wells with about 700kg per tile of 300C petroleum from your cascaded metal refineries. Turn on the gas pump. I find that the automation is not necessary, since the packets are divided 3 ways. I use this setup (again with the feedback loop on the first branch so that all branches get the same flow):
  11. I used your trick (well, the two tank version) in my last playthrough to de-germify polluted oxygen, except with gas reservoirs of course. Now that I've done it, I'm not sure it's useful ... I was hoping to fill exosuits with the "clean" polluted oxygen (eye roll) but it breaks the exosuit dock. Putting the clean PO2 back in my base is asking for a germ outbreak if a single slimelung particle makes it inside. So does anyone bother with this?
  12. I think you can do it with 2 tanks, if you are willing to live with 5 kg/s output. It avoids the germ sensor weirdness in stagnant pipes. Just blindly cycle them every 140 seconds like this:
  13. Wow, including _below_ the scanner. I had no idea. Thank you.
  14. I can't figure out why my scan effectiveness is 52%. 15 spaces between each scanner, 31 exposed sky tiles, no regolith. I even turned off the door pulsing signal. Different question: I take it the "exploratory space station" setting on the space scanner is for rocket detection. Is the third setting for either?
  15. Congrats on your promotion @Craigjw! Just start typing the name after the @ and a pick-list will appear. You have to actually click on a name in the picklist for the link to work. If you missed it you might be typing the name too fast. @biopon - what do you have above the mechanical doors? More metal tiles under the rocket silo? Do you have a great big heat sink there? Is the silo vented to space? My silo walls are hovering around 200C, except right after a launch, which would make my petroleum cooker work rather infrequently. I wonder what we are doing differently.