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Bone Shard Source

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Make your server public and plant a Tentacle Trap around the spawn.

Or just pick Webber or any other character with >=160 health, get a friend, and repeat the following routine:

  1. Craft a Telltale Heart
  2. Die
  3. Let your friend revive you with the Telltale Heart
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Continuously die to something like frog and resurrect at the portal in Endless mode. Afterwards you can restore your max health with 3 booster shots or 1 moon idol (if the portal has been upgraded).

More tricky in Survival but still kinda easy, make a lot of telltale hearts and ask another player to revive you (best done as Wortox, especially since you will drop 0-2 souls depending on the character you play as, allowing Wortox to craft more hearts during the process). Webber will drop 2 souls, which can be dropped on the ground for 40 hp restored, which is exactly the amount needed to craft telltale heart.

Forget about spoiled fish & other sources of bones like deer antlers and tumbleweeds unless you're playing in Wilderness. Those are not very profitable compared to just killing yourself over and over again. Dying in wilderness will leave a skeleton every time you die in exchange for all the progress lost so that's even easier in this game mode - except you will have to memorize the map and places where you died to hammer your skeleton.

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