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So, lunartrees have already proven to be worth farming, and for us masochists out there, we need to have drawbacks. So i present to you: The lunar Treeguard!

The lunar treeguard will travel underground, unable to be attacked (much like Depth worms). Once close enough the treeguard will attack the player with a bite attack. If the player is hit, the treeguard will attempt to swallow the player, stunning the player, while biting down resulting in the player taking damage, before spitting the player out and giving the player the sleepy debuff. This idea was created to make a challenging coop monster, much like the ewecus. The attack pattern is of course only concept, and we'd be happy to even see a lunar treeguard in the game. If you like this concept for a new treeguard, and would, like us, want to see it in the game, be sure to like the post. Who knows, maybe it'll get implemented :)



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21 hours ago, Hornete said:

I'm not sure about the idea of a lunar treeguard. I always saw living logs as associated with nightmare magic so I dont think itd fit well in a lunar environment.

I agree, but if there were to be a lunar treeguard, I'd expect it to be passive or even protect the player possibly based on lunacy. Everything is pretty much backwards or peculiar on the lunar island right?

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As long as this thing can NEVER Spawn on Pearls Island I don’t care..

Pearls Island should be “Safe Haven” of Sorts... But it’s actually not- I’ve had hound waves target me while ON Her Island, And Since there’s nowhere for me to run to on that tiny little island you can go ahead and guess the end results of that encounter.

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I love the concept art and idea! I'm always down for some more monsters that you actually have to fight cooperatively (with other players or simply followers like pigs, merms, etc.)

I'd love it if anything planted on Lunar turf became their lunar counterparts, (i.e: if you planted twigs from the mainland on the lunar island, they'd become their lunar variant.)

Perhaps that could also apply to Evergreens and such? :o



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