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On a scale from Maxwell to Wes, how excited are you for the Wendy rework? [POLL]

Wes for scale  

65 members have voted

  1. 1. "Literally the same question up above, but I'm too lazy to re-write it. On retrospect, I put more effort into this question than I did the title anyways...."

    • Maxwell ( fun sucks )
    • WX-78 ( fun sucks #2 )
    • Wendy ( fun sucks #3 )
    • Wickerbottom ( sounds ok enough )
    • Wilson ( meh, could go either way )
    • Walani ( kinda cool )
    • Webber ( pretty cool! )
    • Wormwood ( Wow, really cool! )
    • Wes ( ... )

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I am really excited for it because two of my friends always play Wendy.

Also she's a character that really deserved more like Woody, they've been stuck there as one of arguably the weakest characters in the game for such a long time.

I hope they make her more unique and more impactful and useful pick in some situations like they did with Woody that's the least Wendy deserves. Usually it doesn't matter that much what the exact changes are as long as they are fun and interesting, the numbers behind them is the issue as Woody was buffed really fast after his  character refresh because we all discussed the state he was in after the release on the forums.

So we just need to be as vocal as we were with Woody about the state Wendy is in after release, i really want to have a reason to play her more.

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For me - Wendy is the least character im intrested in. Even Webber attract me with his past, or whatever he had before becoming half-spider half-human. Like, come on, Wendy is a 10 years old girl who lost her twin and so she is super mega depressed and always thinking about suiciede... Perhaps, some kids or people with same life can find Wendy intrested to play as, but thats not me. And Im truly intrested about how Wendy can be more popular for DST community  than Maxwell or Wickerbottom? They have intresting and fun abilities just as their persona

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2 hours ago, FuffledBeeQueen said:

Eh, I would have rather had Wes reworked first... Ya know because he's literally a waste of character assets 

Wes and Wilson are pretty much blank canvas at this point.. neither have any set in stone perks, traits or characteristics. 

Wendy is a creepy little girl who enjoys the company of her dead ghost sister and sits around on Tombstones in a graveyard- she NEEDED more Interaction with the Dead & Spirits, and I’m thrilled that Klei listened to us.

I vote that Wilson and Wes should be the last two characters to be refreshed  that way we can look at everyone else’s Refreshes and have a rough idea of the direction Wilson & Wes need to go to be on par with the rest of the games playable cast.

TL:DR- I would hate for Wes to get Reworked now.. and then once everyone else has seen reworks he still feels lacking.

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