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Schrödinger's World

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The concep of Schrödinger's cat is so 1930s...


Behold the: Schrödinger's World!!!


The scenario presents a hypothetical cat map that may be simultaneously both alive geoactive and dead geodormant


Here's another successful experiment with both metal poor and metal rich


But which one is it? Who knows... Only after you open the box generate the world you will find out!

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4 hours ago, thewreckedangle said:

i believe that while they may seem to conflict directly, they don't numerically. something like.. geoactive = +30% geysers, geodormant = -20% geysers.. so it's still +10% overall. ??

i possibly imagined all of this, but that would be weird, even for me.

I specifically remember this concept being true, though I can't speak to the numbers.  The positive traits are stronger than the negative ones, so if you have both, the result will be slightly positive.

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