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Found 7 results

  1. Can't make a Status Update?

    I asked @minespatch about it and they said to their knowledge that I should be able to post status updates. Unless I'm not seeing what they see, I'm apparently unable to post them. Could be my rep/post count still not being enough (despite being a Senior Member), so I'd like to know what's up.
  2. It's the ending frame when an ugly crier finishes crying: this a bug? Or is it just me? I haven't had any other trouble with the game otherwise, aside from this odd graphical quirk. :3
  3. I have had some weird stuff happen with my water storage temperature. im taking the water to my storage from Steam Geysers so the temperature can be 50C+ degrees. i regulate the level with some switches that turn the pumps on and off. often the water in my storage gets warm. but i have a storage compactor filled with ice just above the water with removed foundation and 5 weezeworth on foundations. i have noticed that on a few occasions the temperature of the storage have droped A LOT, sometimes i even have had ice forming under the storage compactor, this without that the ice in the compator have melted it still sit at 20 000kg. the condition that seems to have to be is that water level should be just below the compator. if its too high it warms the compator and the ice inside starts to increase in temperature, but at the right level the water underneath gets really cold.
  4. We need a Horror mod. Put all the scary stuff in one mod.Necromancy is easy.
  5. Wait.. Robots have brains? I never.. oh wait, they don't. Why does WX-78 have sanity? I don't think if they had no emotions they'd start to go insane... Not nagging at the devs to change this, because that would be way to overpowered. So, if WX-78's sanity is removed, you could make it so that as WX-78 loses hp (or in a robot's term, power) the player will do less damage also. This may just all be a waste of time, but I'm just stating this.
  6. any ideas how to fix to run on the game ?
  7. so i dont know if this is a glitch or not has been implenmanted yet but i have fought some hell hounds in my fort to my surprise the tooth traps didnt go off . image of hounds going threw tooth traps with ease