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Day 3598, Still No Wrestling in the Main Game

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35 minutes ago, lbphero said:

i could have sworn it was said that pig king wrestling was going to be a thing once yotp was over, just with lowered chances for the belt? why must you starve me of my funny sign game?

Yeah! In my day 1000 world, I had to remove every chest I had in my chest room. (They were all placed near the pig king even the scaled furnaces) and relocate them,so I had empty enough space to interact with the pigking so I could be able to do it! But once I finished, I only played a few games and never got to play it again!

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8 minutes ago, Superwolfkid said:

Not every has the ability to play mods. And we want it too be official and not just have to download a mod to play it. Some games literally don't reward you for playing mods.

The game is unplayablde w/o mods to me. Balance issues, bugs, lack of content from single player DS, lots of things. We all want fixes to be offical, but in reality there are tons of problems devs won't ever do anything about. That's why "mods, duh".

Also DST doesn't have achivements, using mods doesn't change anything, but your gameplay expercience.

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