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Stop Ruins from Regenerating?

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SpoonyBardIV    654

We all know about the lucrative "Telportato Ruins Regen" bug. Until now, I absolutely LOVED the fact that renewing the Ruins was actually possible. But now, I actually have an awesome semi-mega base set up in one set of Ruins, and I have completely cleared out all 3 sets. As in, not a SINGLE remaining piece of Thulecite. I want to regenerate the Ruins, but if I do it will destroy my main base that it took a long time to build. Is there a way to regenerate only the OTHER 2 sets of Ruins, but not the one that I currently live in? I just wish the devs would just implement an official way to reset each set of ruins INDIVIDUALLY.

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Roosev    901

I never actually tried this, but maybe this would be possible?

Make a backup copy of all your save games.

Regenerate all 3 ruins.

After that, go back to your save games and replace one of the ruin save files for your game session (there should be 3). That should technically leave you with 2 new ruins whilst keeping one the same.

I don't know, it's risky but it could work.

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