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  1. As someone who never went to the forums for a long time, I just enjoyed Hamlet a lot, that's all. I don't feel anything is missing. It's really the difficult DLC, the only one that got me stuck on first season for a long while and where most of the time I know that just one mistake could send me to the grave. I just love how many times that DLC reminded me that everything in it wanted me dead. Telelocator focus!! Purple gems are easy to mass collect so using 3 is no big deal.
  2. When you visite the caves/ruins, the time in the surface is stopped (just the hounds cooldown and day counting continues) So yeah Deerclops can't spawn whie you're in the ruins.
  3. I still have games without RoG and I've seen deerclops only once in one game (had like 10/15 games, 1 with 360 days and another with 200) I think without RoG spawn rate of deerclops might be like... 10%?