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  1. Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    As someone who never went to the forums for a long time, I just enjoyed Hamlet a lot, that's all. I don't feel anything is missing. It's really the difficult DLC, the only one that got me stuck on first season for a long while and where most of the time I know that just one mistake could send me to the grave. I just love how many times that DLC reminded me that everything in it wanted me dead. Telelocator focus!! Purple gems are easy to mass collect so using 3 is no big deal.
  2. Unsure if anyone has experienced that, but vampire bats attack aren't happening anymore. Day 74, my last attack was around day 60. I suspect either the apporkalipse or a console command might be responsible (don't think it's the console command though, I just spawned and despawned a few items). Anyway, is there a way to force an attack (hopefully debugging the attack mechanic), or make them happen again? EDIT: Okay, after playing for a bit, I decided I'd stop "waiting" for it and go back to exploring and stuff. I decided I should farm Nightmare fuel, so I went to 0 sanity, very shortly after that, the attack happenned, and it was massive, luckily I had a pan flute and had enough food to regain my sanity but damn. Anyway, There might be a link, or it could be a complete coincidence, it's worth trying that whenever it happens again.
  3. Tips for Humid Season as Wx-78

    1. Umbrella. Really, consider it a top priority purchase from when you find the pig town. Happenned to me that I didn't have it on humid season and struggled a lot because it just didn't want to appear. 2. Football helmet. It gives just enough water resistance to make you 100% immune to rain paired with an umbrella. It's really that simple.
  4. Gatherer Character

    You complitely miss the point that this is not the place for sensitive topics and yes, the whole "gender theory" is a sensitive topic. By the way, yes, we can and should avoid any political/religious topic because it leads to debates which are not welcome here. No, "here's why I think Christianity is the right religion" is not acceptable here either. And of course it's always the same side that pushes more and more that ideology while we're trying to maintain things neutral, even if I am very open to debate in places meant for that. Yes, we know that WX being a robot, he doesn't have a gender. But here's two things. In most content where a fictional character does not have a gender due to a very specific trait (aliens, robots... things like that), that character still does get a gender for representation. (neferpito f.e) Besides, second point, in most language, neutral gender is referred as masculine. It's just he until you know. So yeah, again, we do don't agree with your ideology. That's not the right place to push it and yell at people that they misgender a fictional robot. EDIT: It's obviously my last post on the subject here. Anyone feel free to pm me (If PM are even a thing on Klei forums) if you want to discuss that subject. But not here.
  5. Gatherer Character

    See, that's my problem. In a forum about a video game, you're still pushing your political agenda. And denying that. I don't believe that's the right place to even debate that. My point is, I think you are wrong. You think I am. The best solution is to use words that are not connected to any side of that political debate. That's how we live in a society, same thing for religion. I don't know about yours, you don't know about mine, and that's perfect like this. I don't think it would be appreciated if I started to correct people about their religious beliefs on a video game forum, same here. So, no, not gonna use they/them if "It" works and I'm not gonna use pronouns I don't believe in just because someone thinks his beliefs are in danger on a video game forum. (I'm pretty sure WX-78 doesn't mind being an "it" though). If you do want to use those pronouns, I honestly don't care. I do care about people pushing political or religious beliefs here.
  6. Gatherer Character

    The use of they/them is strongly attached to an ideology we could not agree to though. "It" is gramatically correct in those cases (especially WX-78) and avoids any political stuff.
  7. Playing Wolfgang on hamlet. Chased by the BFB (was planned, was near the pig town), then "I don't feel so good", BFB catches me, I had low hunger and low sanity. Luckily, the caves lead to a place on the main island very close to my base.
  8. Achievements is the thing that I always missed in DS in general. I mean, it does give you some kind of goals, in a game with no goal.
  9. Stop Ruins from Regenerating?

    You're right, I should have developped a bit, since "please stop" doesn't really give much information. "Please stop" was implied to be folled by "hiding behind the opinion excuse while completely arbitrarly what is and what isn't a bug according to your own needs." It's an entirely different subject, but I often read that "it's my opinion" in serious topics like flat earth, vaccines or extremist political stance. You're entitled to have an opinion, you're not entitled not to be criticized. your definition of an opinion is basically "I say that, but you can't argue against, that's an opinion", so don't switch roles here, because this is condescending. Also, stop with that victim card. You have just no basis for your "opinion", just "hum I think it must be intended", which I replied to, no, it's not, and explained why it could not be intended. Why the hell are you talking about jumping worlds? What the freak? Why again are you talking about jumping to a different world? Jumping worlds doesn't make anything renewable. The definition of renewable is within one world. I don't even get what your point is and why you're talking about jumping to a entirely new world...
  10. [Poll] On Mains

    Why do people play wortox? He's so underwhelming ans removes so much that makes Don't starve funny.
  11. Stop Ruins from Regenerating?

    Please stop, it's a bug. It's fine to use one if that makes your experience more enjoyable, I mean that's why the console commands is easy to access, and mods are everywhere, But this is very obviously unintended by the devs. There is absolutely no sense in randomly resetting small parts of a world without creating a new one entirely. Not everything is renewable, that's completely intended that some things are non renewable.
  12. Thoughts on long pig?

    I so so disagree with your way of thinking. I beliieve "flavor" is useful to the game, for example, quote from characters, they add so much. We could change all characters quotes in the game to mattch wilson's quotes and remove all background from all characters, that wouldn't change gameplay, but damn that would be so bad. long pig was this. Flavor. Meat that isn't designed to be eaten. But it's here. And it really adds to actually the spirit of don't starve, just because it's named "long pig", naming it directly "human meat" however would've been out of place. I don't think it's dramatic at all that it's been removed, but it was a small thing that added to the game. But really I don't think a game should 100% focus on gameplay, even when it's not story driven at all.
  13. I was wondering how much time I could expect to get enough wools to weave new characters so I did a bit of maths to find out and decided, eh, why not share? So you can get up to 15 curios a week (7 for logging in, 8 as random timed drop, you can farm them on servers dedicated on afk farming). But then how much do you actually gain from them? You can get 5 from a common, 15 from a classy, 50 from a spiffy, 150 from a distinguished, and 450 from an elegant (note that since I do not own any elegant curio, I had to guess it was, as all other curios, 1/3 of their price you'd get from unweaving) So considering the chances of getting each class, a simple calcul: (5X52.7 + 15X26 + 50X13 + 150X6 + 450X2.3)/100 = 32.385. This is how much you can weave per curio received on average. Now, let's do ((32.385 X 15) X 52) / 12 = 2105 (I know, useless parenthesis just for clarity). Because months don't actually last 4 weeks. So, if you make sure to get EVERY curio you can get, and weave them all, you can obtain on average 2105 wools per month, so basically a character in a month and a week. It actually goes pretty fast and you don't even need to do that much of farming. For anyone wondering if they should spend money for characters, there's no need to. (unless you do it to support klei of course)
  14. I've read people say they don't. I've read people say they do. I've also read the respawn after being mined. Which one is true? I assume they should be otherwise it makes rocks not reliably renewable (aside from earthquakes in caves but I'm not sure if there are ways to cause them after all unimportant pillars are broken)
  15. I don't think food is that much of a problem in Don't Starve games other than DS Vanilla. Keeping your belly full is pretty easy. Food is interesting because you're gonna have to also find foods that also heal or increase your sanity. What I meant is that the perk of that character is completely negated by his downside, leaving only his unique crafts which aren't enough to make up for the rest. And that's without talking about blooming, yet another disadvantage.
  16. Wormwood. What's... his strengh again? Can grow plants but why would you care he can't get hps for it. Healing is damn expansive. ???
  17. Problem with deerclops

    When you visite the caves/ruins, the time in the surface is stopped (just the hounds cooldown and day counting continues) So yeah Deerclops can't spawn whie you're in the ruins.
  18. Problem with deerclops

    I still have games without RoG and I've seen deerclops only once in one game (had like 10/15 games, 1 with 360 days and another with 200) I think without RoG spawn rate of deerclops might be like... 10%?