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  1. I just did it. When I logged in my world, it was even worst than usual with 5 fps constant in my base (it was nighttime, so it makes is worse). I can provide even more information if needed as : my pc config, the current usage of ram / processor when I'm in the world, and so on. Please let me know if that would help. I understand that your priority is on enhancing Hamlet's performance since the release is soon, so I'll be patient.
  2. When you hold the "key to the city" in your inventory, the science machine & co don't work anymore.
  3. Hello, To be honest, the performance issues are not limited to Hamlet. They have been there for quite a while now. I have a 3k day megabase which is basically unplayable. It used to be, but for some reason not anymore, which means that something must have changed in the past few months. There are indeed performance issues as well in hamlet where I sometimes get down to 40fps during nights, rains and so on, but nothing compared to the absurd low fps I get in my megabase (down to 6 when it's night and I'm in a middle of a lot of entities, which means basically anywhere in my base). My point is, DS has something seriously wrong in terms of performance, and I cannot pinpoint what it exactly is. My ram and processor are not even that busy but I still get very low fps at all times (these are not fps drops as in Hamlet). But what bothers me most is it wasnt always that way, I used to be able to play in my megabase (or I would have definitely stopped playing before reaching this number of days) so for some reason something happened recently. Is it linked to the arrival of Hamlet ? I'm not quite sure because the performance issues started quite a while ago but it might still be connected since maybe some Hamlet content has been introduced slowly in the game for a while. Should I post a performance report even in my SW/RoG world ? Is there anything else I can provide to help at least compensate this issue ? I would not mind having like 30 fps in my base, it would still be playable at least. Thanks for reading.
  4. Same for me, had 2-3 for the first 10 days then suddenly around 10 of them attacked me on day 12. Dunno if it's a bug or a feature though.
  5. Same here, I'm unable to start my server after the new update. It fails with the following message : "There was some sort of trouble starting the server. Please try again". And I tried again. A lot of times. With no success at all. A friend of mine has the same issue. This update really screwed things up.
  6. It's been a year now, and hounds are still spawning in the water.
  7. Also, apparently other mobs can spawn in the ocean as well. It just happened to me with Goats.
  8. Dear game developpers, If I happen to be near the shore in RoG when the hounds spawn, some of them will spawn on the ocean. I currently have countless hounds stuck at the seashore (see attached screenshot). I have to admit that it looks neat, but it's still a bug (probably because crocodogs spawn both on land and sea and this behaviour has been transfered to hounds with the beta).
  9. Hi everybody, This issue might not be a major one (and this is probably why nobody ever mentioned it, to my knowledge) but it's still a problem. The snakeskin rug is supposed to have a higher priority than all of the turfs except the carpeted one, and this is indeed the case in the game, however it always appear small on the minimap, while it should also appear a bit on top of other turfs it dominates, as per usual in this case. Thanks for reading.
  10. I "fixed" the problem by loading my savegame on Ubuntu, then loading it again on windows, which worked for some unexplained reason. I can play on this save again, but have no idea what cause the bug nor if it might happen again.
  11. Dear game developpers, I recently joined the beta branch, and kept playing my 2k days game. I jumped from RoG to SW and ended up switching world in SW. I explored the new world, found the seaworthy and eventually used it to go back to my former RoG base. While doing so, the client crashed on the "Loading screen", without any message whatsoever. It just stayed on this screen until the client eventually dissapeared on its own. When I launched back the game, I got a message that the client didn't start correctly last time and that my few mods (Recipe merger, geometric placement, combined status and quick drop) might be the reason for that. I then tried to load my saved game (which appeared as "survival 1 2210", which would mean the world jumping actually happened) but the game crashed again the same way. I tried to disable / enable the mods while switching from the beta version to the regular version, but the game keeps crashing whenever I try to load this savegame. I have no issues loading other savegames. Thanks in advance. PS : I put my log file in attachment, if my saves are needed I can give them too log.txt
  12. I've got the same issue. Apparently hounds have been replaced by croccodogs even with RoG (dunno if that was intended or not), but developpers probably forgot to change the code for the varg, who still try to spawn hounds instead of croccos. It should be an easy fix.
  13. Two of the cave entrances in my world are linked to the same cave. I always go out at the same spot however, regardless of which entrance I took. It's been a while and I'm kind of upset that 1/3rd of the cave/ruins resources won't be available in my word. Is there any way I could tweak some files to connect one of the entrances to "nothing" so that the game regenerates one for me ?