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Carnivore could use some tuning.

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Been trying to do this one in a legit way that dose not rely on care packages. IE save scumming/luck. Am I missing something or is it really meant to be this hard. 

Lets try to keep this simple. 100 days to consume 400,000 calories of critter meat. 

Best I have managed is 15 days for a rancher. + 2 days to tame a hatch. It will now take 7 cycles to lay an egg and another 4 to hatch it with an incubator or 20 without. How you get one incubator per hatch by cycle 24 is... not easy. 

Each hatch is worth 3500 calories. It takes 16-32 cycles to breed another egg laying hatch. 7 cycles to lay, 4-20 to hatch, 5 to grow. Each egg laying hatch is worth 500 calories a day if they never go glum. Just takes 4-20 days to get said calories. Pretty simple if times not a factor.

Goal has been 24 hatches by cycle 46. Would need 8 or so starting hatches and 8 incubators by cycle 24, easy... Self hatching would be up by cycle 66. plenty of time for 12 dupes to chow down. Would still run some incubators and kill off the breeding stock at 80ish for some extra lee-way. Even then its a bit of a stretch because I cant keep them from going glum now and again.

 IMO your better off taming shove vole care packages and letting them starve. They will still manage to lay one egg before they die and you only need 25 in total. Would need 2-3 egg care packages or run hatches as well. Just dont feed them... took 3 of the gremlins 20 cycles to eat all of the dirt I had :( You can save scum... I mean get lucky and find them at cycle 25ish.  They wont get overcrowded so make the room tiny. 

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1 hour ago, noric said:

Been trying to do this one in a legit way that dose not rely on care packages. IE save scumming/luck. Am I missing something or is it really meant to be this hard. 

My strategy:

  1. Just dig up most of the starting biome without uprooting wild plants.
  2. If your duplicants are close to starvation, start killing the first critter. (You want your early found critters to reproduce a couple times if it´s possible,)
  3. Dig to the surface to hunt for shove voles.
  4. Slowly increase the number of duplicants. (I preferred bottomless stomach or binge eater to consume more meat in less time.)

[Shove voles provide 16.000kcal and you will most likely find 10-20 of these.]


Rushing an early hatch ranch was my first idea, but if you calculate the time it requires ...

=> Just kill every wild critter you can find (and do it as late as possible, to maybe get them to lay an egg.)

[I have done everything without care packages playing on ravanging hunger without grooming any critter.]

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14 minutes ago, woodenstars said:

Does Pacu Fillet counts as critter meat? And is it exactly meat (raw) required for achievement or does barbeque counts?

Nowadays they do. They didn't when the achievement was first introduced, but nowadays all of those count:



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