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  1. [Game Update] - 371502

    Was it always like this or is it a ghost of liquid shutoff and conduit flow changes from testing branch? Pumps are getting "pipe blocked" tooltip with a free flow line.
  2. [Testing Branch Update] - 370532

    Teach me how can I get 60, PLEASE
  3. [Testing Branch Update] - 370532

    What's the point to be so edgy when you have 115 fps lol? Everyone else feels improvements, well, sucks to be you.
  4. I've noticed weird liquid shutoff performance. It says "pipe blocked" when outputting into empty pipe. Enabled by automation 100% uptime (you can see hydro sensor at top left on gif) and receiving pipe is also 100% empty. So I guess it's getting jammed by its own released packet of liquid and it works only at 1/2 rate now.
  5. This was an intended change from a while ago.
  6. "Oil floaters" "swamp lily" hmmmmm
  7. Perhaps diagonal digging is fine but you shouldn't be able to sweep items from this sealed space. IMHO.
  8. Does Pacu Fillet counts as critter meat? And is it exactly meat (raw) required for achievement or does barbeque counts?
  9. In his current state wheezewort is more decorative plant than utility.
  10. Can't you pair "none" with NOT-gate? I use "gold" with a not-gate for liquids and gases too.
  11. Wheezewort is kinda plant that likes any gas.
  12. Please add "copy settings" for pedestals. The game lags pretty much whenever you open item selection tab because it calculates every single piece of the map available. And when I have to fill 10-20 of them in a row it becomes annoying. p.s I don't want to know exact number of kg of certain item (thouthands and millions) for that, available/unavailable would be just enough = colored/grey icon.
  13. Sweep Priority Issues

    Perhaps you have "Tidy" errands on low priority and sweeping is "tidy" now (not a "supply" or "storage" for some reason as I was thinking at first).
  14. Duplicant stuck crazy dance

    I had the same issue, but have no screenshots. It happens when dupe walks off the stairs (pretty sure there were no gap to jump too) for a high-priority errand in non-breathable area and turns back to breathe in o2 area.
  15. ^ This. Please, Klei, add Gold Amalgam to printer delivery. There is no way to get use of Cool Steam Vent or Salt Water Geiser without overheating pumps (and boiling your dupes who attempts to repair them) at pre-steel stage. There is also no free PW lakes on Arboria to use it as a coolant whenever you finally research steel. In my playthrough I haven't cooked any of food bars (no water used for kitchen, pickled meal only; maximum wild grown mealwood as possible) and I was lucky to find one additional POI water pool, still I run out of water at cycle 70 and half of my dupes are cooked at Cool Steam Vent.